Sunday, December 09, 2007

Series Challenges: 1st and Onward

Not that I need an excuse to begin some of the the unmentionable amount of series books I have started collecting over the years, but joining with others in a common goal sure makes it more fun. Although Joy announced this particular challenge quite a while ago, I am only now deciding to throw my hat in the ring.

The Rules:
The Challenge runs from January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008.
Read 12 books that are the first in any series(new authors not required).
You may read your chosen books any time during the year.

My 1st in the Series Selections:
1. Blood Ties by Lori G. Armstrong - Julie Collins, a secretary in a sheriff’s office and part-time private investigator, in western South Dakota
2. Goodnight, Irene by Jan Burke - Irene Kelly, a newspaper reporter in Southern California
3. Killing Floor by Lee Child – Jack Reacher (ex-military policeman) Suspense/Thriller Series
4. Murder on a Girls' Night Out by Anne George - Patricia Anne "Mouse" Hollowell, housewife and Mary Alice "Sister" Crane, country-western bar owner in Alabama
5. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison – Rachel Morgan Urban Fantasy Series
6. Blood Price by by Tanya Huff - Victoria Nelson, Blood Series
7. Katwalk by Karen Kijewski – Kat Colorado Mystery Series
8. Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon – Guido Brunetti (Police Commissario) Series
9. The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett – Discworld Series
10. Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs - Temperance Brennan (forensic anthropologist) Mystery Series
11. Everywhere that Mary Went by Lisa Scottoline – Rosato & Associates, an all-women law firm in Philadelphia, PA
12. Desert Noir by Betty Webb - Lena Jones of Desert Investigations in Scottsdale, Arizona

Not too long ago, I mentioned that I am participating in Kathrin's Series Challenge, which began the first of the month and will continue through to the end of May, possibly being extended beyond. After much thought and consideration, I am not going to make a list other than to refer you to my Serial Offender: Guilty As Charged List. I will be reading books from that list. I am leaving the number open to whatever I can manage.

The Rules:
1. There is no set number of books you have to read, you just have to read the books in order to be all up-to-date with the series.
2. Post your review of the books on your blog, no matter how long.
3. Post a comment at Kathrin's when you have finished a series, and when you have finished all the series you wanted to finish for the challenge.
4. Always remember this is for fun!


  1. The 1st in a Series challenge sounds really fun. I love reading series' because if you like the first book, there are always more to read.

  2. Wow, another new challenge! Have to dig into my pile and see if there's anything that fits into the theme, hehe...

  3. I really enjoy Lee Child's series. I finally read Deja Dead a few months ago myself and I'm looking forward to continuing with that series. Hope you enjoy both of them

  4. Trisha - I went back and forth on whether to join in on this one, but decided to go ahead. It will be a good match to the TBR challenge and offer me a little lighter reading amongst some of my heavier selections.

    Melody - I do hope you'll join in!

    SuziQ - I've heard such great things about both Child and Reichs, so I figure it's about time I give them a try instead of just talking about it. :-)

  5. err...Melody, there lot of series and you not even picking the series books that *I* recommend LOL

    literary feline - Did you know that Kathy Reichs books have been turn into TV shwo sereis? It became a favorite of mine and my niece Trish. The show is call "Bones". They change the characters but the show is more funnier than the book itself. imo. Please let me know what you think on Kathy's first book.

    Also, let me know how you like Lee Child's Killing Floor. I read it and thought it was good :)

    Good luck with your reading. I'm a HUGE fan of series books

  6. Hey Julia! I do picked up some of your recommendations, you know...LOL! ;P And of course I know you are a HUGE fan of series books, hehe. Thanks again for your recommendations.

  7. Melody - I know you do...on some of books! Just kidding with ya :)

    I made boo boo on the previous post on this comments above...shwo sereis should have been *show series"....

  8. I think I'm going to take a break from challenges for a bit. I get confused who's hosting what and then I forget to check the host's blog so I miss deadlines. Maybe my new year's resolution will be to get my challenges organized and start some new ones.

  9. Hooray and welcome to the 1st in a Series Challenge! It's so nice to see your hat in the ring. :)

    I hope all your choices are winners!

  10. Ooh you've got some on here that I want to read too, especially Dead Witch Walking and Goodnight, Irene.
    I think I'm going to join this challenge too. I love mysteries and always start with the first in the series so I should be able to complete this challenge! Great, I probably just jinxed myself - ha,ha.

  11. Nice choices! I have never heard of Death At La Fenice. I am looking forward to the reviews.

  12. I have got to do this because I just have too many series that I've been wanting/needing to start for too long!

  13. These challenges are great, but it'd be really unwise of me to try and squeeze in any more, even though there are many series out there I really want to read.

    I'm glad you're reading Discworld! I hope you enjoy it! The first 2 or 3 books in the series are probably my least favourite, but they are fun all the same. So if you don't like The Colour of Magic all that much, remember it gets MUCH better later on :P

  14. Hey! Just stopped by and wanted to leave a comment to say hello! This sounds like an interesting challenge. I look forward to your reviews.

    I have had a spell away from recreational reading which I never like but sometimes have for one reason or another however I am now rareing to get back into it and have some good books to start with. Your reviews are always full of passion about the books you have enjoyed, there really is no better way to explore a story than by reading it in the pages of a book is there.

    Hope you are very well, bye for now!

  15. This sounds like fun! I think I might join this one. I have several series I've been thinking about starting (or at least reading #1). I notice you've got Desert Noir on the list. I picked up a signed copy at a bookstore in AZ and have yet to read it. I like to read series set in the Southwest (I'm from AZ). My husband has wanted me to read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and I know I'll love it. Great list you've got!

    BTW, did you catch any of that snow this weekend? We went out to Beaumont and then to Cabazon (at the foot of San Gorgonio (sp?) and just about froze. On the way home we suddenly found ourselves driving on snow on the I-10 somewhere before the 10 meets the 60.

  16. You're going to love Lori Armstrong's books! They are fantastic (and I would say that even if she hasn't become a good friend).

    Also the Lee Child books are super, and it's so great to see Karen Kijewski on your list! She wrote a great series and then just disappeared. I've loved her books!

  17. Yay, I'm in that challenge, too! I started early, though, this week, instead of waiting until January.

  18. Julia - I love reading series as well. :-) I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into these "new" series. :-)

    I do know about the show Bones and have seen it a couple of times. I'm afraid I didn't care for the episodes I watched.:-(

    Nikki - I understand. :-) That was my plan too, at least to limit my challenge participation considerably, but I caved with the 1st in the Series Challenge and one other one I haven't yet formally announced my participation in. I had always planned to do the TBR Challenge again though. That's the list I'm struggling with the most.

    Subscribing to blogs has helped me stay on top of the hosts' blogs more or less. Thank goodness for Google Reader! The ones that offer extra credit though tend to be my downfall.

    Iliana - I hope you will join in! I've been seeing Jan Burke's name everywhere lately and so bumped another series so that I could start on hers. And I've been trying to get to Harrison's books for quite a while, but never seem to manage it.

    Jaimie - Thanks! I have a friend who loves Donna Leon's series and she's been getting on me to read it.

    Ladytink - That's about where I stand too!

    Nymeth - Too much of a good thing can take away some of the fun.

    Thank you for the warning about the Discworld books. :-)

    Dancin' Fool - Hey back at you! And thank you so much for the kind words!

    Sometimes we get drawn in other directions though and reading takes a backseat. I hope you are able to find some great books to get you back in the reading mood.

    Terri - A friend recommended Betty Webb's series to me quite a while ago. I also like the Arizona setting. :-)

    I missed the snow! When I left my office this afternoon, I noticed there was snow on the mountains, but I didn't see any snow this weekend.

    Karen - I had hoped to get started on Lori Armstrong's series this past summer but couldn't fit her in. I'm determined to do so this next year though. Even without your recommendation, her books sound right up my alley. I'm looking forward to reading her books.

    I've had Karen Kijewski's books on my shelf forever. I was initially drawn to her books because of the setting. Your mention of her in your blog post reminded me that I needed to dust her books off and read them.

    Dewey - Haha It's hard not to start early with this one!

  19. I read your mention of the Series challenge yesterday, and it looks doable. I didn't think I had many series ongoing, but I think I have more than I thought.:P And the rules are pretty lax, in a good way.
    I love your post Guilty as charged post.
    I'm definitely staying away from the 1st challenge.

  20. I have already signed up for the second of the series challenges which I have just started by finishing Foxmask. I forgot I need to post on her site that I finished that series now so thanks for the reminder! Might sign up for the other one as well as I have a bunch of new series I am looking forward to getting into including Rachel Morgan and Vicky Nelson series (I love Blood Ties, they are showing the first series over here at the moment).

  21. Elizabeth - I'm very grateful for the flexibility of the series challenge! I think it takes some of the pressure off. :-)

    Rhinoa - I have quite a few new series I want to read too. I'm excited to finally be making time for Harrison and Huff's series. I've heard such great things about them. I haven't yet seen the TV show, Blood Ties, but I want to.


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