Saturday, December 15, 2007

And What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear ?

My husband and I went to see the early showing of The Golden Compass, which we both loved, and followed that up with a delicious lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Much to my glee, I came home to find my Secret Santa gift waiting for me. Many thanks to Rhinoa! She somehow figured out that I like cats and sent me a set of silly cat note cards (they're so cute!) and a cat tote in a little matching pouch. Purrfect!

Thank you to Rhinoa for the wonderful gifts and to Nymeth for hosting the Blogger Christmas Exchange!


  1. Very cute gift! And glad to hear that you liked The Golden Compass - we've been on the fence about seeing it, since we've read mixed reviews.

  2. What a cute idea for a gift! I really need to get a picture of what my secret Santa sent me. It is absolutely perfect!


  3. Now, how did she ever figure out that you liked cats??

    Cute gifts and very useful too. Enjoy!

  4. How fun! What cute gifts! I am glad to hear that you liked The Golden Compass. I am torn about it. I will probably read the book and then perhaps check the movie out after. Never know, lol.

  5. How cute! I'm so glad you got a gift you love. I want a nice tote. Maybe a cat one is in order.

  6. I have a tea towel with those cats on it.

  7. Florinda - Thank you! I think it's all so cute.

    I thought The Golden Compass was very well done--it looked great on the big screen and everyone put on a great performance.

    CJ - Isn't it? Rhinoa did a good job in selecting a gift. I hope you will post a photo of your gift. I'm enjoying seeing what everyone's getting. :-)

    Lynne - Haha I wonder! They are very useful and ones I will definitely put to good use. :-)

    April - Thanks!

    I haven't read Pullman's books and I really debated doing so before seeing the movie, but that wasn't going to happen since I don't have time for the books right now, and I wanted to see the movie on the big screen. I knew I wanted to see the movie the first I saw a trailer for it.

    Nikki - Thank you! I hope you are able to find one.

    Pussreboots - It must be a popular pattern then. :-)

  8. Wow that got there much quicker than I expected. I am glad you like it, I thought I would try something not book related but then saw everyone else sent books so I was a bit worried.

    We hope to see The Golden Compass soon but we are both a little worried about what they have done to it...

  9. What a fun gift. :)

    And I've never heard of The Golden Compass. Have I just had my head buried in the sand?

  10. What a cute gift!
    We haven't watched The Golden Compass yet, hopefully we will do so before the end of the year!!! LOL.

  11. Rhinoa - I remember you being worried because you mailed the package a day late. :-) I don't mind at all that the gift was not book related. What you sent is just perfect. Besides reading, I love writing and that includes letters and notecards. And I can always use a tote bag, especially one as cute as this one.

    As for The Golden Compass, I have heard it's watered down and that the movie ending is equivalent to leaving off the last 70 pages of the book. I can see why that might make some fans of the books unhappy. Hopefully it won't be too disappointing overall though.

    Trisha - Very fun! I really like my Secret Santa gift. :-) I hope I am so lucky at my lunch on Tuesday when my workmates and I exchange our Secret Santa gifts. Haha

    Melody - Thanks! I hope you do get to see The Golden Compass, Melody!

  12. Those are so cute! Lovely!

    I still haven't seen The Golden Compass. Like Rhinoa I'm a bit worried, but I think I'll at least enjoy it just for the visual aspect. The trailer looks gorgeous!

  13. Nymeth - Aren't they? I am so pleased with my gifts!

    I've heard that some fans aren't happy with the sacrifices the movie makers made. I understand the reasoning behind it though. Hopefully you will like it if you do see it!


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