Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fill Ins: Traveling & News

1. Exploring new sights is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good cozy blanket, warm pair of socks and a mug of hot chocolate when I'm cold.
3. I often use the internet to keep abreast of the news.
4. I'm reading Fangland by John Marks right now; I am not too far into it.
5. The Periodic Table is something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited Colorado I most looked forward to seeing the Air Force Academy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on Lost and going to bed early to read, tomorrow my plans include going to see No Country For Old Men and Sunday, I want to remember where I put that box!


  1. The Air Force Academy! That's where I live. hehe-end of geeky reaction. :)

    My feet are always cold, so I was really into those poofy socks. But I got a pair of slippers for Christmas, so the socks have been neglected lately.

  2. Agh, the periodic table brings up bad memories of high school chem class. My teacher was nice but clueless. She'd often lose her book and once came in to class wearing two different shoes of different heels! How do you not notice that? :)
    Enjoy Country for Old Men. I don't think I'll be going to the movies this weekend but I'm going to try and catch the Oscars.

  3. Ohhhh, No Country for Old Men. I read this book a few months ago and saw the movie with my dad (couldn't get hubby to go!). I'll be interested in hearing what you have to say. It's certainly an interesting one!

  4. Eva - How neat! Too bad I didn't know you back then. We spent a few days in Colorado Springs doing the tourist thing. I was ready to move there, but my husband reminded us we had jobs to get back to.

    I have to be so careful with slippers because my dog likes to steal them. :-)

    Iliana - I'm not sure where that response came from, but it was the first thing that sprang to mind when I read the fill in. LOL

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I did what your teacher did once--wore two different shoes to work one day. A black shoe and a blue shoe. I put them on in the dark and so the color mix up wasn't such a surprise, but the fact that the heels were slightly different, was. I should have noticed much sooner than I did. I ended up making a quick trip home during lunch to correct my mistake. No one noticed, until I mentioned it to one coworker. LOL

    Trish - I haven't yet read the book, but I figure it will be far enough into the future that it won't matter much. My husband wasn't too thrilled about seeing it, but when I offered to go alone, he changed his mind and we decided to wait until this weekend.

  5. Do you get to discuss the Periodic Table often? Hehehe, thanks for the laugh with that one.
    Hope you find that box!

  6. Haha...I quit talking about the periodic table when I made a big change in my academic career. I was a chemistry major in undergrad. :)

  7. i'm so with you on #2! enjoy your weekend plans. good luck on finding the box!

  8. The periodic table? Really? Do you get asked to discuss it often?

    As always, thanks for the laugh.


  9. Julie - LOL No, actually I don't thank goodness. It was the first thing that popped into my mind though and so I went with that. :-)

    Matt - I think the last time I talked about it was in college too. My husband was a chemistry major like you. He went in another direction as well. :-)

    Alison - It's important to warm the outside and the inside. :-) I hope you have a great weekend too.

    CJ - I can't explain it. LOL It actually has come up in conversation recently because I was trying to figure out what one of the symbols meant that I'd come across in my reading, and so I asked hubby about it. I find discussion of the periodic table boring more than tension building, I admit. :-)

  10. LOL on the periodic table! Hope you have a great weekend and that you find the box you're looking for. :)

  11. The periodic table? I never talk about it anymore, since I am no longer married to a chemist - hopefully it won't come up again until my stepkids take high-school chem.

    My #2 answer was almost the same as yours, but I forgot my socks!

    I can't watch Lost till Sunday night this weekend, so don't tell me anything! :-)

  12. Wendy, I'm going to see No Country for Old Men Sunday. Finally! I can't wait to hear wait you think of it. My boss just saw it. He liked it, but said it makes us Texans look really dumb. LOL. We're used to that;-)

    Don't you love Lost? I think it's getting better and better.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Tanabata - Thanks. I hope you have a good one too! :-)

    Florinda - Sometimes it comes up in my reading, once anyway. :-)

    We didn't get to Lost last night, so I'm still behind too. :-S I'm anxious to catch up!

    Kristy - I'll be curious to hear what you think of the movie. My dad said I won't like it. He isn't too up on my movie likes and dislikes so I take that with a grain of salt. LOL

    I do love Lost. Now if only I can catch up! I hope you have a great weekend too.

  14. I just caught up with Lost. Wow, you are in for a shocker!

  15. Hope your weekend is going as planned - lots of reading, sleep, movies, etc.

    How can you think the periodic table is boring? That question from a science teacher. LOL

  16. The Periodic Table is a pretty bad topic, imho. I was going to say science, but then I realized there are some aspects of science I do enjoy. But with a doctor as a husband, I get pretty tired of medical science. :)

    Have a happy weekend! And thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. I always love coming over here to see what you have to say, too!

  17. Bookgal - I think now we're going to be catching up tomorrow. That's the plan anyway. :-)

    Booklogged - Lots of sleep and the movie was good. I haven't had much time to read just yet. I hope tomorrow at least.

    Science can be very interesting and I do enjoy many topics related to the field, but when it comes to the periodic table, not so much. LOL

    Alisia - Thank you! I can understand your wanting a break from the medical science since you're married to a doctor. :-)

  18. I've read No Country for Old Men. I hope you'll enjoy the movie.

    BTW, I have an award for you. :D

  19. Hmmm, nothing like a nice mug of hot chocolate. Good luck finding that box!

  20. Alice - I hope to read the book one of these days. I really liked the movie. Thank you for the award!

    Nymeth - Thanks! I think I could use a mug of hot chocolate right now. :-)

  21. LOL one of my friends that I saw this weekend up in Jamestown NY has her PhD in Chemistry. Drunken Periodic Tables ... what fun!

    Thanks for playing; I really enjoyed your answers, as always!

    Did you attend the AF Academy?

  22. Janet - Science was never my strong suit, but luckily my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was a chemistry major and could help me study. :-)

    I didn't attend the AF Academy, no, but being a military brat (even if if the Air Force), it was something I couldn't pass up while in that area.

  23. Neither here nor there, but tomorrow I am going to go and see the adaptation of the Phillippa Gregory book, The Other Boleyn Girl.
    Reviews thus far, are fabulous for this movie!

  24. Cipriano - That is good to hear (about the reviews being good). I've heard rumors that one of the reasons the movie's release was delayed was because it wasn't that good, but the trailers sure argue that point. I am looking forward to seeing The Other Boleyn Girl also. I wasn't quite as enamored with the book as so many others were, but I did like the story quite a bit.


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