Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meme Saturday

Nyssaneala tagged me for this particular gem. I remember hearing an author talk about how her characters crowd around her wherever she goes, demanding to be heard and written about; the stories always pushing her around and wanting out. I know exactly what she means. The difference though is that she in much more gifted at channeling her energies into her writing. I am more likely to flail around without much direction, all those ideas swimming in my head but without the focus to give them a proper home on paper. While I do believe that everyone has a book inside them, I do not believe that just anyone can write a good book.

10 Signs a Book Has Been Written by Me

1. The novel would be an epic fantasy. No, maybe a mystery. Nah. Better to just stick to straight fiction for now.

2. My lead character would be a sad sort of person. She has had a difficult life, but one that has made her stronger. She can hold her own in any given situation.

3. Set in a city. One I have been to. Maybe even one I have lived in. Probably on the West Coast.

4. There will be a kitchen with a window above the sink.

5. The reader will be moved to tears.

6. My lead character would have to use the restroom at least once. It's only natural.

7. The reader will chuckle.

8. My main character will stop in a bookstore and browse the shelves, looking for the perfect book. Someone will have to help her reach a book on the highest shelf.

9. There will be a sleepless night.

10. The novel will be published under a pseudonym.

I was tagged by both CJ and Melody for Gautami's Nonfiction Meme. Although I tend to gravitate more towards fiction, I do enjoy reading nonfiction as well. My tastes in both fiction and nonfiction are very similar.

1) What issues/topics interest you most?

I am most drawn to human interest stories, the types of stories that let the reader into the life of a particular person and experience life walking alongside them, sharing in their experiences whether it be a story about his or her childhood, an addiction, war, a spiritual journey, or a look into a particular part of his or her life. Such stories can be inspirational, informative, and life-changing. Some are sad and horrifying, while others are uplifting. I tend to shy away from books about celebrities. I prefer to read about everyday people more often than not. Those are the types of people I can more easily relate to.

I also have an interest in exploring other cultures as well as taking a walk into history, including religious history, which sometimes means stepping outside of my comfort zone. Then, of course, there are books that deal with forensic science, sociology and psychology that often capture my interest, although not so much self-help or how-to books.

2) Would you like to review books concerning these?

Oh, absolutely! And I have. I review all of the books I read on my blog and have received a nonfiction book here and there to review as part of an early review program. The most recent being The Translator by Daoud Hari, which I reviewed earlier this week for LibraryThing's Early Review Program.

3) Would you like to be paid or do it as an interest or hobby? Why?

I certainly wouldn't mind being paid, but truth be told, I doubt anyone would pay me for my thoughts on his or her book, fiction or nonfiction. Reviewing books is more of a hobby for me and a natural part of my reading process. My reviews are not really reviews when it comes right down to it. I am just throwing my thoughts together in hopes that I can coherently express how I feel about what I am reading.

There would certainly be more pressure if I wrote reviews for money, and I worry that my freedom to choose what I read might be constricted. I do not want my reading to feel too much like work. I do sometimes receive free books to review, which is always a great treat. And in a way, this is a form of payment. Regardless, I prefer to read and review books that I want to read and that I think I will enjoy. I hate to have to offer up a review on a book I did not like--it's a waste of my time and probably the author's.

4) Would you recommend those to your friends?

If I read a book that is worthwhile, I will certainly recommend it. Some books I know are better suited for one type of individual than another. Not everyone shares the same interests and tastes, after all.

5) If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.

All of my nonfiction reviews can be found under my nonfiction tag.


  1. Great answers! I love the window over my kitchen sink but I wonder what you need it for. Is it for her to daydream out of?

  2. I want to read your book! I already like the heroine and can relate to needing help to reach the books up high and sleepless nights :)

  3. I'd read your book in a heart beat and love the idea of strange fiction. Is that a real genre?

    I also like that you're willing to step outside your comfort zone when reading non-fiction. I need to do more of that.


  4. Iliana - I am glad to hear it! Haha

    Jen - Thanks!

    CJ - LOL I am not sure, but there are so many crossover books out there that I'm sure my book would fit in somewhere. :-)

  5. I love the little details in your book like the window over the sink and needing help to get a book from a high shelf. So when can we expect to read it? :P

  6. You'd write a book under another name? That's interesting to me.

  7. hmmm - i think i may be the main character in your novel...gazing out the kitchen window, sleepless nights, frequent trips to the rest room, and needing help to reach the tall shelves...yep, that's me!

    can't wait to read the book :)

  8. Tanabata - Give me about twenty years. Maybe 30. ;-)

    Nikki - I have two reasons for that, one being professional (the need to disassociate myself from my job so that I can write what I want in a truthful manner) and the other being complete insecurity.

    Ravenousreader - Maybe I did have you in mind! Haha I must be off to a good start since so many people are already relating to my main character.

  9. Great answers, Wendy! I'd be the first to read your book if you get your book published! ;)

  10. I loved your answers on the nonfiction meme. Looking back at your nonfiction reads I'm getting a death, dying, and Africa vibe. You must read How Starbucks Saved My Life and get out of this subconscious rut. ;D

  11. Melody - Thanks!

    Maggie - Yes, I seem to go toward the dark side an awful lot. LOL

  12. Good answers.

    I don't read much non-fiction but when I do I also enjoy those with human interest, strong in the lives of others. I'm starting to get into biographies, probably for that reason.

  13. A book can be simply awful, but if it can still move me to tears (because of something touching/emotional...not because it's so bad!), the book will be totally redeemed in my eyes. :) Fun information about "your book"!

  14. Great answers, Wendy. I'm a person deeply moved by the things I read too. I've bawled over books many times, an countless movies. Titanic was at one time causing me to sob non-stop even when I was asleep.

  15. Erin - Thanks! I really like the human interest stories too. I imagine that it coincides with my fiction reading in a way too. :-)

    Trish - I can see that being true for me too sometimes. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, do you think? ;-)

    Alice - We aren't so different in the way! Titanic had me in tears too. I can be such a cry baby sometimes when it comes to books and movies an TV.


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