Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fill Ins and More 123 Fun

1. Snowdrops are very rare around here. (At first I thought snowdrops had something to do with the white cold stuff that comes down in the mountains. We actually got a tiny bit of snow on Thursday in the city where I work. Everyone scrambled to the windows to see the foreign sight.)
2. I'm going to have a little something for dessert now.
3. The Rose is a song whose lyrics have meaning to me. (This was an especially difficult one because music is so important to me and many songs have special meaning in my life.)
4. Just one sip and I fall flat on my face.
5. Snuggled up under the covers in bed with a book and my husband and animals by my side is where I'm happiest.
6. I believe that making mistakes is a necessary part of life.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on my sleep; tomorrow my plans include skydiving sleeping in and maybe deep sea fishing taking in a movie and lunch out on the town; and Sunday, I want to enjoy the fact that Monday is a holiday!

My friend Aarti over at BookLust tagged me for the 123 Meme. Yes, I did this one last week, but it just happens to be one of those memes you can do over and over again and come up with a different response each time.

This also gives me the opportunity to thank Lynne for sending me a copy of Anita Shreve's All He Ever Wanted, which arrived in today's mail. Thanks, Lynne!

The Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next three sentences

"Perhaps this would be a good day to have the painter in to finish the hallway," Edna said, putting the top of the pen to her chin. "He could work undisturbed through the late afternoon and evening."

"Yes," I said, "that might be wise."


  1. It sounds like your weekend will be very relaxing and a lot like what I'm planning for mine.

    I heart three days.

  2. Three-day weekend for me to - yay! (Not for my husband, though...)

    I've aworn off Anita Shreve. Hope you enjoy your new book!

    Have a great weekend, Wendy!

  3. Nikki - I lead such an unexciting life. Haha

    I'm very much looking forward to this three day weekend. And because next Friday is my Friday off, it'll only be a three day work week. Yay!

    Florinda - My husband doesn't have a 3-day weekend either.

    I've only read one other book by Anita Shreve and I really liked it, so I though I'd give her another shot.

    Janiejane - The are wonderful, aren't they?

  4. I like your answer to #6. It's certainly very true. Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

  5. Tanabata - It really is true--sometimes unfortunately for us. :-)

  6. sky diving...hahaha :-)

    Actually I heard something about sky diving 80 year old woman tried it. She said in her 40s she'd've never considered it...but at 80, what did she have to lose?

    Thanks for playing!

  7. hi literary feline, i love your friday fill-ins :)

  8. Janet - I don't know if I'm brave enough yet to go sky diving. Maybe when I'm 80 like that woman too!

    Cat - Thanks! They are fun to do. :-)

  9. I missed the fill-in this week since I was in Vegas. But reading your answer is just as fun.

    Any activity that involves height (except for flying in commercial jetliner) is not for me. My friend tried to talk me into the plane tour down into the Grand Canyon but he didn't succeed.

  10. Matt - I hope you had a fun time in Vegas. I don't gamble, but I do like taking in the atmosphere there and going to the shows.

    I'm not much for heights either, but I do love to fly. When I was a child, I wanted so much to learn how to fly a helicopter. I have never seen the Grand Canyon by plane, but I bet that would be fun. :-)


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