Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Fill In & Having a Little Friday Fun

1. I'm looking forward to figuring out which book I am going to read next and diving right in. (It shouldn't be this hard! This is what comes from having too many choices . . . )
2. Alaska in the summertime is a place I always wanted to visit and haven't made it there yet.
3. I've fallen in love with my husband over and over again through the years. I do not know how I got so lucky (and no, I'm not saying this because I want to go to the bookstore this weekend).
4. Six of one just is not enough when it comes to fresh out of the oven tortilla chips.
5. Addiction to books, you say? I have an addiction to books? Me? Nah!
6. The dry weather and wind crack me up! (and not in a good way--thank you to whoever invented lotion.)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cozying up with a good book; tomorrow my plans include taking in a movie and dragging my husband to the pet store to buy food for the dog and Sunday, I want to watch Lost and Chuck and get in some more reading time!

Alice tagged me for the Page 123 meme that has been floating around, and I thought this would be the perfect time to play.

Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people.

It just so happens that the book nearest me has more than 123 pages, but page 123 happens to be the end of a chapter, and so not a full page. Thankfully, there are enough sentences to fit the criteria of this meme. Only just.

"That'll warm ya."

Warm me? My God, it suffused me, it seeped into my bones in ways I'd never felt before.

--page 123 of Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland

If you want to play along and have not already, consider yourself tagged!

Dancin' Fool convinced me to offer up a glimpse of what I might look like. It turned out to be quite accurate (not really, no), and it was fun to put together (this, at least, is true!).


  1. Bibliobibuli is a word that reminds me of you ;-) Thanks for playing!

    I'll join in on the book one:

    And how dared he say such a thing?

    Did he think that since she'd seen and experienced so much more than other women that her sensibilities weren't as delicate?

    "At least Vioget can recognized your faults," Max continued in that steady voice, as though he hadn't just insulted her.

  2. LOL I imagine there are times I fall into that category.

    Thanks for doing the book meme! What book is that from, Janet?

  3. I had to go and build one of those avatars too. What fun! I'll post it once I have one I really like.

    Your Sunday plan sounds good to me, but we won't be able to watch Lost till the kids go back to their mom's house.

  4. Have a great weekend! Are you doing the Sunday Salon? Hopefully I'll get around to it this time :)

  5. I do hope you like Moonlight Downs - I have exchanged quite a bit of e-mail correspondence with the author - a nice bloke. I had a lot to do with Aboriginal communities in the Alice area - he writes spot on!!

  6. Think I'll join on the fill-in questions, sounds very fun. By the way, I still don't know what avatars are.

    The weekend plan is a winner! :)

  7. Florinda - I can't way to see what you come up with! :-)

    Oh! I do hope you get to watch Lost soon though. I'm anxious to see what this week's episode was about.

    Iliana - Thank you! I hope you have a good weekend too. I am planning on doing Sunday Salon, although I haven't a clue what I'll write about yet. I hope you can join in too!

    Sally - Oh! I'm so glad you said that. I was drawn to this book in part because of the setting and am looking forward to reading it. You've just made up my mind what my next book will be!

    Matt - I'm so glad you're going to do the meme this week.

    An avatar in this context is basically a graphic identity people use to represent themselves. Mine is the photo of the cat under the books. I had to ask my husband to explain it because I wasn't sure. You aren't the only one who wasn't sure. :-)

  8. Lost is on my weekend list too! Enjoy your reading time.

  9. Lost is my absolute favorite show! I close the bedroom door and lock it when it's on because I must not be disturbed. I would love to move to Alaska, but I don't think I'll ever convince my husband.

    Susan L.

  10. Oh, I just tagged you on that meme! Fun to see your response :-)

  11. I think I might tag myself for that meme - choosing a book won't be hard, there are about 40 or 50 on the desk at the moment!
    Love the "self-portrait" :)

  12. BookGal - Lost sure keeps getting more convoluted, doesn't it? I'm curious to see where the show ends up going.

    Susan - It's definitely one of the better shows out there right now. :-)

    I'm not sure I would like to live in Alaska because of the snow and cold, but I would like to visit someday at least. My husband doesn't seem all that interested in visiting Alaska right now, but I'm going to keep working on him.

    Aarti - One good thing about this particular meme is that I can do it again with another book. ;-) Thank you for the tag!

    Julie - I don't have quite that many on my desk, but I did have a wide selection to choose from. :-)

  13. What a great Avatar! They are so much fun and I figure that through them, I can look any way I feel like, lol!
    What a wonderfully sweet answer you have for #3 and falling in love with your hubby!

  14. There are certainly worse things to be addicted to! So did you figure out which book to read next?
    Lotion is definitely an essential in winter. My favourite at the moment is L'Occitane's Almond Milk Concentrate. Mmm..

  15. I enjoyed reading your answers, Wendy. :) I am sure we could never get rid of our book addictions eh? ;P

    That's a fun avatar...perhaps one of these days I will explore it. ;)

  16. April - It was fun figuring out what she should wear. :-)

    Tanabata - Yes, there are worse things to be addicted to. :-) I did decide what to read next. The meme above put me in the mood to travel to Australia and so that's where I am now.

    I don't know what I would do without lotion. My hands are in such bad shape this time of year. It doesn't help that I'm a frequent hand washer either.

    Melody - I am not sure I want to get rid of my book addiction. Haha

  17. You look fabulous!! I really like that image creator! Ok so we might not recognise eachother in the street from them but they give a small idea of some of the key features people would like known about them!

    By the way I love that all of your links have a paw print, nice touch. I am a dog person myself but in between dogs at the moment. Although lastnight I dreamed I got a beautiful fluffy brown alsation cross that kept licking the tip of my nose!

    While I am here I should let you have been awarded the Treasured Blogger badge, follow this link:


  18. I haven't yet decided what I'm going to read either. I just finished Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and now would be a perfect time to re-read Tithe by Holly Black and the rest of that trilogy that I haven't read yet but first I'd have to talk hubby into taking me over to the library again... not seeing it happen lol! Hope you get some good stuff from the bookstore!

    Cute photo!

  19. Dancin' Fool - I really struggled over whether to put the cat or the dog in the picture, but I thought the dog as a little cuter. If I could have, I would have had both, I think.

    Your dream sounds wonderful! I almost took in a couple of new kittens, but it didn't work out. Probably for the best.

    Thank you so much for the Treasured Blogger Award! You've made my day. :-)

    Jen - I'm not sure I'll make it to the bookstore this weekend. Probably best I don't. Haha You should make your husband take you to the library though. You need those books!

  20. sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you; I had no connection up in NH where I was.

    The excerpt is from Colleen Gleason's new book, "Bleeding Dusk".

  21. Ah, too many good books to read... isn't it lovely to have so many choices?

  22. Thanks, Janet! I plan to read that one once I get around to reading the second in the series. I'm a little behind. Story of my life. Haha

    Kate - Oh, yes! I wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

  23. Now I know how you look like... haha. I have always imagine how Wendy looks like, how she sounds like, (I hope I don't spook you) LOL.

    Thanks for playing the Page 123 meme!

  24. Alice - When my husband saw the picture he wondered why I was dressed all in black. Haha I told him I thought it looked very stylish. :-)


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