Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret Santa Strikes Again & Friday Fill In Fun

On my way home from work yesterday I had time to stop by my mailbox to see what I might find. My mother recently had gone through my grandparents' old photos and decided to split what she found between my brother and I. I haven't yet gone through them all, but what I have seen are sure bringing back memories! I don't have too many photos of me growing up--my mom doesn't want to part with her copies--and so I consider this an extra special boon.

Along with the package from my parents was another one, nestled snug in my box. I participated in the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa exchange this year, and my Secret Santa couldn't have picked a better book for me. I've only had the opportunity to read one Fannie Flagg book so far but have long wanted to read her other books. Can't Wait to Get to Heaven sounds like a great place to pick up again. I wish my Secret Santa, Jennifer of Soy Chai Bookshelf, could have seen the smile on my face when I unwrapped the book! She included the perfect bookmark for a cat and lover like me. I can't thank you enough, Jennifer! Thank you also to the Broke and Bookish Team for hosting such a great giveaway!

Graphic courtesy of Tonya!
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1. What in the world will I do tomorrow when I am stuck at the hospital for several hours? Why, read, of course! Now to just decide what books to take with me . . .

2. My cat Anya is certainly well fed. I'm not sure her diet is having the desired effect . . .

3. Go read a book. Yes, you. Right now. I don't care if you have other things to do.

4. I've sent out all the Holiday cards and Christmas gifts. Whew!

5. I keep a book with me at just about all times. Being stranded without a book is one of my worst nightmares.

6. I may go to bed early tonight . . . or not. I have been staying up a little too late lately and it's starting to have an effect on me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cuddling on the couch with my husband and animals. We're finally getting caught up on last season's Supernatural. Tomorrow my plans include spending the day with my in-laws for an early Christmas visit and Sunday, I want to kick up my feet, read and mentally prepare for the week ahead (with so many people on vacation, I'll be extra busy at work)!

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  1. That's a wonderful gift you have received!
    Enjoy your weekend, Wendy!

  2. What a nice secret santa gift. I really like Fannie Flagg's books. Enjoy :-)

  3. Your mailman was good to you yesterday! Enjoy your new book and your old photos.

  4. You got some great goodies in the mail. I love that your grandmother split the photos between you. Wonderful.

  5. I love Fanny Flagg as well and just know you are going to adore that book! I got the chance to hear her speak at a conference this year, and she was so amazingly funny and witty. Just a great lady. I am looking forward to reading her new book as well.

  6. I recently got a bunch of old photos from my aunt. They are so wonderful and evocative! If you get a chance to scan some in, I know I'm not the only one who would love to see them.

    Have a restful weekend - catch up on your sleep!

  7. The gifts are so nice!! I love old photos and have most of my family's (both sides) in photo boxes as I am considered the family historian. Treat yourself to a photo scanner. They're just a bar and you can scan the photos right to a SD computer needed!! That way your mom wouldn't have to part with her originals but you would still have a copy that you could print out if wanted. The nice advantage of this is if anything ever happened to the original you would always have a copy. That is one of the tasks I want to complete in 2011.

    Enjoy your weekend sweetie and make sure you put those feet up and relax!!

  8. Thoughtful gift!

    I was just reading your review of the Tammy Hoag books. I haven't read her for quite some time, either, but your writing makes me want to download both of these. Keeping my fingers crossed I get some Amazon gift cards for X-mas!

    Hope you and the baby have an easy week in spite of being busy!

  9. The last time I came across Supernatural while channel-surfing, I think Paris Hilton got sliced in half or something. I've never seen the show, so I don't know what that was about.

  10. How sad is it that I can't remember if I've read Can't Wait to Get to Heaven or not. I have a handful of books in Flagg's series and not sure about that one. :-/

    Enjoy the gifts--I think I'm the lone blogger who asked for no books this year. I just can't keep up with what I have!

    I'm sorry to read about your carpal tunnel in some previous posts. Though, it is nice to take a break huh? I find myself doing much of the same more and more these days. (PS--love me some Law and Order SVU marathons...could go for one right now!).

  11. What an awesome secret Santa! I love Fannie Flagg!

  12. What a great gift Wendy. You are really lucking out this year!

  13. Enjoy the Secret Santa gifts and going through the family photos!

  14. I'm so glad you were excited about it! When mine came, it totally made my day. Enjoy!


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