Monday, December 06, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading & A Mailbox Surprise

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This past week I finished reading Starvation Lake by Bryan Gruley and began reading Tami Hoag's Deeper Than the Dead. Both books fall into the crime fiction category and so are filling that crime fiction craving I've been having the last few months.

I made the mistake of choosing sleep over review writing the night I finished Starvation Lake. I had all these ideas and discussion points I wanted to bring up, which I should have jotted down. Since then, I seem to be suffering from review writer's block. Hopefully I can whip something up for you for later this week.

Next up on the agenda is the sequel to Deeper Than the Dead novel, Secrets to the Grave, another crime fiction novel I can't wait to dive into. Those two will no doubt get me through the week.

What are you reading at the moment?

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We share what books that we found
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My mailbox has been full of books lately, although none meant for me. Books make the best gifts, don't you think? Especially this time of year. So, it was with much surprise and delight that I discovered a package waiting for me at my mailbox on Saturday that was meant just for me (and the baby). Inside was a book and two beautiful and intricately handcrafted snowflake ornaments, gifts from Kris from Not Enough Books (thank you, Kris!).

The Bookish Kitten's first book, Baby Einstein's Cats. And how fitting that it is about cats!

What books have received in the mail recently?

This year I took part in the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange hosted by Anastasia of Birdbrain[ed] Book Blog, in which book bloggers/readers are partnered with other book bloggers/readers to exchange holiday cards. The only stipulation was that each card sender had to include a little bookish note. I had a lot of fun coming up with what to write to the three people I sent cards to. And it is proving to be just as fun to read what others have to say!

So far, I have received cards from Megan of write meg! who wrote about her reading year, including her favorites (books I definitely hope to one day read); and Lisa A., who is both a reader and an up and coming writer. Lisa shared quite a few book recommendations with me, many of which I am looking forward to reading as well. My wish list continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks to both Megan and Lisa for the cards!

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  1. I look forward to reading your review, Wendy!

    It's always fun to receive mails; the kind of joy and experience is totally different as compared from receiving them through emails. :)

  2. I'm new on your blog, Wendy. I love crime fiction every now and then. I think for Christmas I will be reading a few as it's nice and relaxing.

    I know what you mean about leaving reviews until later. I make that mistake too. Sometimes I write down notes on little post-its while I read the book, but I don't do that often enough.

    Have a good week!

  3. I think we all go through a bit of review lapse from time to time. I actually do some of my best writing while lying in bed. Have a great week!

  4. A lot of good crime fiction lately; looking forward to your reviews.

  5. What a great surprise!

    Last week I read only one novel, Remedies by Kate Ledger. And in whole of November, you know, I read only three books. 2 Tintin albums. One crime fiction carried over from October. Let us hope December is better.

    Here is my Monday: Mailbox/Whereabouts post!

  6. I really like the quote you have on your header. It's so true! Sounds like you have some fun mysteries lined up. Winters are perfect for snuggling up with a mystery by the fire. :)

  7. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I'm sure your baby will love the book!

  8. What a great gift for you and the baby! Also, thanks so much for the great Christmas card that you sent. It was the bright spot in an otherwise dreary day!

  9. I love Little Einstein stuff! Even when my niece was an infant, a Little Einstein video would calm her right down! And it was so stimulating, I liked to watch right along with her! (except after about the 800th time...)

  10. So, did you enjoy Starvation Lake? I thought it was okay. Not outstanding but not bad, either. Liked the characters. I'll look forward to your review.


  11. What a cute blog you have! Love your mailbox kitty.

    I haven't read a Tami Hoag book in a long while...must correct that!

    Here's my Monday:

    (click my name)

  12. I just started Secrets to the Grave. Hope you are enjoying Deeper Than Dead. Have a great reading week.

  13. Yay! So glad my card made to it to you safely. I just got yours this morning -- thank you so much! And thank you for the bookmark -- I love it. Hoping you have a very happy holiday!

  14. I received for review Out of Touch by Brandon Tietz from the author.

    Twenty-four-year-old Aidin, a wealthy socialite and self-proclaimed "club god," lives a magazine life based on decadence and excess that includes drugs, sex, and gourmet food. It's a life based on surfaces in a place where the surface is all that matters. His therapist later describes him as a materialistic drug addict bent on promiscuity with self-esteem and identity issues.One morning, after a night of heavy partying, Aidin awakes completely vacant of any sensation. He can't feel temperature. He can't feel pressure. He can't feel anything. After a near-fatal stint in denial, he seeks the help of Dr. Paradies, a therapist whose methods are far from conventional. She provides him with a new addiction in the form of a life list--a litany of activities to accomplish. As Aidin completes his list, he discovers talents he never knew he possessed, such as the ability to quickly learn new languages, an IQ off the charts, and amazing physical stamina.With these new discoveries, he questions his doctor's intentions. When Aidin digs for the truth, will he slip back into his addictive habits? Or is there truly a conspiracy underway, as he suspects? The answer forces him to make a life-altering decision.

  15. What a sweet gift for you and baby. It's always nice to get things in the snail mail in these days of the internet.

  16. I'm so glad you enjoyed the gift! Thanks for linking to my etsy shop too! I just knew the little one would need that book. lol!

    Thanks for your Christmas fun to receive Christmas cards from fellow book bloggers, it definitely made my day.

  17. Sounds like you're enjoying your current reads - which is the best thing during the holiday season!

    I'm reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - not very far in, and really not liking the main character. I'll plug ahead for a bit longer, though. I'm also reading The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor for a buddy read with my real-life best friend.

    Hope you're doing well!

  18. The children's books are adorable!! I'm sure your mailbox will be overflowing with them once the baby arrives!!

  19. What a thoughtful gift! I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it with the baby.

  20. Hi Wendy
    Today I recieved your lovely Christmas card via the exchange and the fabulous bookmark. I wanted to thank you for your holiday wishes and your recommendations. The Tatoo shop series has been added to my TBR list and I bought Defending Angels only last week.
    I wish you and your family happiness this season.


  21. I think you going to have some good reading to do if you kept up with reading Tami Hoag's books. I've read her a long time ago. Some of her older favorite books of her I like was: DUST TO DUST, ASHES TO ASHES, A THIN DARK LINE, NIGHT SINS and DARK PARADISE. I have not try her newest crime books yet. Eventually I will.

    P.S. Yes I do need to update my blog teehe!

    What I'm reading now, isn't the norm you would read LOL! I find myself the odd one out, since most of my good friends in blog community are reading YA or fiction books. I'm currently reading erotic contmeporary romance, LAID BARE by Lauren Dane.

    It's always fun to get an unexpected surprise in the mails, right? I love it too :) Enjoy your surprise gifts and have yourself a Happy Holidays! :)

  22. Yes, books do make the best gifts!! Sorry it's taken me so long to visit, it's been a busy week! Thank you for participating in Mailbox Monday! Happy reading!

  23. I just love the cover on that Baby Einstein book. I know my niece has bought numerous of these books her kids so I'm sure your little one will enjoy it when the time comes!


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