Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: Some Blogger Love

The assignment for today is to talk about the blogs we love that did not get short-listed for the BBAW Awards. The awards are really only a small part of what BBAW is about. The week is meant as a celebration of all book bloggers, every single one of us. We each contribute to the community in our own unique way.

Of all the BBAW topics, today's has been the most difficult for me. I am not good at singling out blogs. I read so many fantastic blogs, and it would be impossible to give them all a shout out. Oh, but it's tempting. Do you have a few weeks? I decided against naming a blog for the individual awards like was suggested--I follow so many that could easily fit into each category. Instead, I settled on highlighting five blogs (and narrowing it down was next to impossible, let me tell you!) that I think you should know about.

Here is just a very small taste of some my favorite blog stops:

Meghan of Medieval Bookworm somehow managed to write her dissertation and still read an unfathomable number of books. Her insightful book reviews have only added more weight to my already hefty TBR collection. From the name of her blog, you can guess she is a lover of historical fiction, but her reading tastes are quite broad.

The title of Carrie's blog, Books and Movies, alone was enough to make me sit up and take notice. She combines two of my passions in one place. I first met Carrie on her blog, Mommy Brain. Carrie always has something interesting to say about what she is reading or watching. Sitting down and reading her blog is like visiting with a long-time friend.

I had the opportunity to meet Tracy, aka Gentle Reader, from Shelf Life this past spring at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. We did not get to chat much, but, you know how there are people you know are good souls right from the start? She's definitely a good soul. I've been a follower of Tracy's blog for a couple of years now. Her love for reading comes across in her blog, and I have her to blame for a number of books that have found their way into my home.

What to say about Nicole of Linus's Blanket? She is smart and witty, not to mention has an awesome blog. She reads a wide variety of books, from children's books to adult fiction and nonfiction. She's another source for my ever growing book addiction.

Historical Tapestry is a must visit blog for historical fiction lovers. The blog is a collaborative effort by several bloggers, some you may recognize: there's Alex from Le Canapé, Ana from Aneca's World, Kelly from The Written World, Marg from Reading Adventures, and Teddy Rose from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time. Each of these ladies bring their own unique style to the blog, making it one of my favorite historical fiction resources.

If you want to discover other great blogs, might I suggest your take a look at my blogroll in the sidebar? There are many terrific blogs there worth taking the time to check out.

Message to All Bloggers:

While I may be a little poorer financially, my book collection certainly is all the more richer thanks to all of you. I am a better reader, writer, thinker and person because of you. I have made many wonderful connections through blogging and from that friendships have grown. I am grateful to be a part of this community. Thank you for the dedication and hard work you put into your blogs. Thank you for letting me have a glimpse into your life and share in your passion for books.

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  1. Great post, Wendy!
    I've a hard time writing this post because I've so many favourite blogs that didn't make to the shortlists and I hate to leave anyone out.

    I've to check out these blogs you highlighted! :)

  2. Meghan is one of my favourite bloggers too.

    Thanks so much for spotlight your favourite blogs, and for choosing Historical Tapestry to spotlight as well!

  3. Beautiful post Wendy! Thank you for introducing some of your very favorites! It's all about the blogger love!! x0xx AMY (Park-Avenue Princess)

  4. I love your short list. I too like all those blogs and I truly love your blog. You have introduced me to some wonderful books.

    BBAW: My very own shortlist

  5. Aww...that was such a sweet post Wendy. Thanks for highlighting all the blogs, I know most of them, but some I have to look at.

  6. What an awesome post Wendy! I'm starting to see some of these favorite blogs repeated, and I'm feeling like I've been missing out on some really good ones! I'm off to check them all out!

  7. Thank you so much, Wendy! I'm so flattered that you chose to include me! I love your blog too and I'm so glad I got over my initial intimidation and began commenting.

    And really reading all those books and my dissertation wasn't too hard, I just haven't done anything else for months! =)

    The book blogging world is truly amazing. I'm so glad I got involved. I'm glad you did too!

  8. This is such a wonderful post, Wendy! I'm still getting to know blogs and bloggers but I have found so many enjoyable blogs and wish there were many more hours in a day, days in the week to afford me more time to visit with all of them.
    Thank you for highlighting some that you really enjoy and saying why. I'm going to visit them starting now!

  9. Awesome list of bloggers. I love them all.

  10. You have mentioned several blogs that I am unfamiliar with. I look forward to checking them out this week.

    Enjoy BBAW!

  11. "Do you have a few weeks" to hear about all the bloggers you love?!? LOL!

    Yes, you've mentioned several on my blogroll, but also some new-to-me. Thanks for the gift of introducing us!

  12. Great choices! And a couple new to me. I'd better go check them out!!

  13. You've mentioned several blogs that I also enjoy and a few new ones for me to check out; thanks

    BTW: I like your new header photos.

  14. Wendy - I love the new look! Thank you for the links to these blogs. I recognize a few and but most are new to me This is a wonderful post.

  15. Thank you so much, Wendy - your sweet comments just made my Monday morning! And the feelings are mutual. :)

    (I love your new template!)

  16. This week is going to be so bad on my blog reading... I already read way too many blogs as it is, but you know more will be added!

    Thanks for mentioning Historical Tapestry!

  17. I completely agree with your message to all bloggers, Wendy!

    Also, I LOVE your new header - especially the two pictures on the right :D

  18. Wonderful post - now I have more blogs to read!

    It is true, book bloggers are the new ... oh, I don't know, town criers? Enthusiasts? At any rate, as an author and a reader, I can't imagine life being so rich without you. For all you do, thank you!

  19. Ooh, I see a few new-to-me blogs on your list. I'm looking forward to checking them out!

    Also, I love your new design! It looks great.

  20. I've really enjoyed reading all these posts on everybody's blogs. I've found quite a few new ones to add to my reader!

  21. I'm having so much fun reading everyone's short lists. I love your sweet thank you note at the end of your post.

  22. Oh, I love what you've done with the place, Wendy - great new template :-D! Awesome new header too, with two bookish kitties AND a bookish pup.

    I like your list, and I especially agree with you about Tracy and Nicole. Neither of them has been blogging enough lately, though :-).

  23. I've got a little BBAW love for you here:

    By the way--LOVE the new header!

  24. Great post, Wendy! I'm finding it next to impossible to write this post, but think you did a great job with yours. :-)

  25. Love the new the layout- and what a great list. this is the 3rd blog I've seen so far today to mention Meghan's. Wow!

  26. Love it!!! Can't wait to explore these links. I've missed you, Wendy! I hope to be back on the scene a little more these days.

  27. What a sweet post, Wendy! You mentioned a lot of wonderful blogs I already know but I think I need to go do a bit more visiting soon and discover more new bookish friends! :)

  28. Excellent list! I'm privileged to read many of these already, but there's definitely a couple more I need to check out!

    P.S. Love the new look!

  29. Wendy, this is so funny - our lists are (almost, well, 50%, anyway!) identical! And you mentioned Carrie's Mommy Brain too. :) I had a hard time picking blogs out too, and wish I could mention everyone in my feedreader.

  30. More blogs for me to check out! BTW, I love the new look of your blog!

  31. What a sweet message to your readers :)

  32. Such a great post and such great leads for my ever growing Google Reader. I especially love what you say at the very end of your post. We're darn lucky to be alive and well in this world today.

  33. Great post, Wendy! I see some familiar names. And now I know Kailana is Kelly!

  34. Melody - Thank you, Melody! I had such a hard time too. There are so many blogs (like yours) that are among my favorites.

    Marg - Isn't Meghan great? I rarely comment on Historical Tapestry, but I really enjoy the blog.

    Amy (Princess) - Thank you! I can't resist all this blogger love either. I've discovered so many blogs thanks to BBAW.

    Gautami - Thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog too. :-)

    Trupti - Thank you!

    Sandy - Thanks! I noticed a few repeats too as I've been looking around. I don't know how I'll keep up with all these new blogs I'm adding to my Google Reader.

    Meghan - You're welcome. :-) I'm so glad to count you among my favorite blogs--and bloggers.

  35. Amy (Seven Tails) - Thank you! The book blogging community is so big. I'm constantly discovering new blogs. I'm definitely with you--I could use more hours in a day too.

    Beth - I think so too! :-)

    Molly & Lezlie - I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

    Dawn - It definitely would be a long list. ;-)

    Diane - Thanks! I thought it was time I showed off my own babies. :-)

    Gavin - Thank you! I'm still getting used to the lighter colors, but I definitely like it.

  36. Carrie (B&M) - I love your blog and I'm happy to share you with the blogging community. :-)

    Kelly - I know what you mean. I'm already majorly behind. LOL

    Nymeth - Aren't they adorable? I'm glad you like the header. :-)

    Clea - Thank you so much, Clea! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a great community.

    Memory - Thank you. My husband gets all the blame for the new look. I'm so proud of him. :-)

    Melissa & Kathy - Me too! There are so many great blogs out there, including both of yours. :-)

  37. Florinda - Thanks, Florinda! I appreciate the tip on the blog template. :-) I couldn't leave my Riley out even with my blog's name.

    Trish - Ah! Thanks so much, Trish!

    Lisa (OnePublicist) - Thank you! You ended up doing a great job with your post too. :-)

    Marie - Thanks! Meghan's definitely is a popular one these days. Well deserved too. :-)

    Andi - I miss you too, Andi! I've noticed you've been spending more time blogging again. :-)

    Iliana & Megan - Definitely do visit the ones you aren't familiar with. They're all great.

  38. Belle - What a great coincidence! We have good taste. :-)

    Yvonne - We'll be up for days checking out all these new blogs. LOL Thank you!

    Stacy - Thanks, Stacy. I really do feel that way about all of you.

    Jennifer - Thank you! And I so agree--we really are lucky.

    Elizabeth & Natasha - I think so too. :-)

    Alice - Isn't Kailana a great name? She borrowed the name from her cat. :-)

  39. Thanks so much on behalf of Historical Tapestry. It was so sweet of you to mention us. We are so glad we are a favorite of yours!

  40. Teddy - You're welcome! Historical Tapestry is such a great blog.

  41. Excellent list of blogs to highlight. All are well worth reading.

  42. Suzi - Thanks! Of course, you have a pretty excellent blog yourself. :-)


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