Friday, September 04, 2009

TGIF: Random Fun. Not so Bookish Thoughts. Well, Mostly Not.

I am in the mood for a bit of frivolous blogging so I offer you a couple of memes and a few random thoughts. Read at your own risk.

Graphic courtesy of Tonya!
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1. I feel extremely grateful to all of the fire fighters who are battling the Southern California wildfires.

2. Revisiting old friends in a book is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: my fingers as they hit the keys on the keyboard, my husband drinking the last of his soda, and the traffic outside.

4. Autumn is just over two weeks away, and I'm glad for the coming cool weather.

5. The last time I ate a good ol' fashioned hamburger was in July of 2002.

6. Riley will be get a bath this Labor day weekend. Anjin gets to do the honors since my back is still healing.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing up this blog post and going to bed at a decent hour (I'm beat!); tomorrow my plans include doing a little blog hopping, working on future blog posts, and enjoying the day; and Sunday, I want to spend some quality time with my book!

* * *

I saw this simple meme over at Melody's Reading Corner and thought I would play along.

Share your ABC’s

Available or single? Married
Best Friend? Anjin
Cake or Pie? Pie - There was a time when I would have said cake, but these days I am much more into pie.
Drink of choice? Ice Cold Water
Essential item for every day use? Toothbrush
Favorite color? I do not really have a favorite color. My preference changes quite regularly.
Google? Just about every day.
Hometown? Inland Empire
Indulgences? Books
January or February? September
Kids and their names? No baby billy goats in this house. I do have two cats (Anya and Parker) and a dog (Riley), however.
Life is incomplete without…? Love (of any kind)
Marriage date? July 12th
Number of siblings? Two - a brother and a half-sister
Oranges or apples? Apples
Phobias and fears? Dying in a fire while being mauled by wolves.
Quote for the day? "No two persons ever read the same book." ~ Edmund Wilson
Reason to smile? Just about anything my cats and dog do.
Season? Autumn
Time Travel Destination? Mason City, Iowa, October 15, 1945
Unknown fact about me? If I am going someplace where I will be gone awhile, I count out ten tissues, fold them neatly and put them into a Ziploc bag, which I tuck into my purse before leaving. Otherwise, I just make sure I have at least one tissue in each pocket before going out.
Vegetable you hate? Beets
Worst habit? Procrastination
X-rays you’ve had? Both of my wrists and ankles
Your fave food? Italian
Zodiac sign? Virgo

* * *


I apologize profusely for the delay in announcing the winner of my Wife of the Gods giveaway. I usually am on top of my drawings, but with my recent back problems, Book Blogger Appreciation Week preparations, work and what have you, the time got away from me. The random drawing reveals Melissa from SHHH I'm Reading... as the lucky winner of Kwei Quartey's novel. Congratulations, Melissa!

* * *

Random Thoughts
  • I am laying Short Story Saturday to rest.
  • Don't think that means you will not have to suffer through my short story reviews in the future though.
  • Instead, I will be adding a feature in which I will highlight a short story, essay, article, or graphic novel I have read. Any ideas for a title?
  • There will be no designated day for this new feature. It will be a surprise. For both of us.
  • I am thinking of changing my blog template again. (And no, I have no plans on ditching Blogger.)
  • I seriously have been considering paying someone to create something for me since I lack any sort of creative gene when it comes to stuff like this, and I annoy my husband enough with all my blog related questions (although he would never admit it). But who? And is it worth it?
  • I have mixed feelings about being diagnosed and prescribed medication by telephone.
  • Anjin and I watched the pilot episode of Glee again when it airred earlier this week. Boy, does it bring back memories of my show choir days! I think I'm really going to like that show.
  • I seem to have become more of a lurker lately, reading blog posts but not commenting. I feel guilty. I know I shouldn't, but I do.
  • One of my coworkers suggested today that I buy a copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and loan it to her so she can read it.
  • She said that, in return, she will loan me Hunger Games to read in the meantime.
  • I did not take her up on her offer. It wasn't a lack of interest. I simply do not want to buy a hardback copy of the second book in a series not having yet read the first, much less buy it in hardback.
  • I really should go to bed. The decent hour has come and gone.
  • Are you still reading this post? You brave, tortured soul! Thank you.

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  1. I read your post from beginning to end! But now I can't remember what I was going to comment on - haha! I get bored with the look of my blog, but have no technical expertise whatsoever, and no money, so everyone is stuck with looking at the same old thing. I love yours though, and is still a fairly new look!

    Fall dates approaching or not, Florida has horrible heat and threat of hurricanes for another two months. Ugh. And I love that meme...tells us more about Wendy!

  2. This gave us a nice update on where you have been and what you are doing and thinking! Thanks Wendy. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the snuggly kitties at the end. I've been guilty lately of lurking, too. My busted toe is really no excuse.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't read Hunger Games yet!

  4. Toothbrush is a great answer - I wish I'd thought of that! I'm a fellow beet hater!

  5. I used Goofy Girl Designs to re-design my blog. She charged me $20 or so, and was really easy to work with. Her blog has examples of her work and you can also look at my blog:

    Here's a link to her blog:

  6. What was the significance of Mason City, Iowa, October 15, 1945?

    I found it funny that you didn't want to buy a book for your coworker to read. Interestingly, I very seldom buy hard cover books, more like rarely, but those are two books I've bought - Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It helps that they are as much for my son as for me.

    Hope your back feels better, and that you have a great September. Fall is such a wonderful time.

  7. I enjoyed your update. Randomness is a GOOD thing :-)!

    I just changed my blog layout, and I like it a lot. It's a free template, but it allows for a lot of customization. (You can find the info about it at the very bottom of my blog screen, if you're interested.) And My Husband the Graphic Designer does a great blog header, so I don't mind volunteering his services :-).

    I broke down and bought both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire this week. Nothing like getting caught in a wave of book-blogger enthusiasm!

    I'm sorry your back is still bothering you, Wendy. Hope it makes some recovery this weekend!

  8. What a fun post! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  9. No burgers for seven years?? Now I want to go out for a great burger (notice I do not want to cook it myself!)

    I almost bought myself Hunger Games last night, but went with a new nightgown instead (at Target.)

    I've been lurking a lot lately too, but I noticed that comments are down at MY blog and I can't expect everyone else to do what I'm not so: Hi!

    I owe you a reply, actually, I think.

    I think I want a new fallish header for mine.

  10. I totally enjoyed your off the wall post. Nothing wrong with a little deviation from the norm.

    Not only have I become a blog lurker but I've also become a lacking blogger. Times change I guess.

    That being said, I think I'm going to steal your ABC meme for my blog, lol.

    Have fun with the rest of your weekend!!

  11. No worries about lurking... I've been in a funk the past couple of weeks as well! I hope your back is healing nicely and have a fantastic long weekend!

  12. I hope you and your family are ok, I see those fires on tv, it is awful.

    Have a nice week-end Wendy :D

  13. Beets? What about okra? Now there's a vegetable I love to hate! Lovely random post and I like the short story/essay/graphic novel idea. Sorry, no name suggestions.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. I think we are all lurkers at times. There's just not enough time. I like Hunger Games even though I found it disturbing at the same time. I hope to start Catching Fire tonight. Have a good weekend.

  15. I don't like beets either.

    And I find that very cheeky of your co-worker!

  16. I just had a good ol' fashioned hamburger Friday night and it was sooo good. I think I could go vegetarian if I could have one hamburger a month ;)

  17. I taped Glee but haven't watched it yet. Is it really that good? I hope so. And hopefully I'll find time to watch it very very soon! :)

  18. Why didn't I think of toothbrush, LOL. Great answers, Wendy!

    Everyone seems to be reading Catching Fire these days, and here I am, still waiting for my copy to arrive! *sniff*

    I hope you've a great week ahead! Happy reading! :)

  19. I read everything, Wendy. I did! LOL! You should do more frivolous postings. You made me sound bad because I do post quite a bit of frivolous stuff there. I should do more bookish things on my blog...

  20. In the spirit of your post, some random responses:

    Mmm.... pie!

    My colour preference changes regularly too. Recently we've got an orange and green theme going on in our living room. Perfect for autumn.

    Reason to smile? Just about anything our two cats do.

    I like beets, especially in borscht. It's the Ukrainian in me.

    We're all lurkers sometimes.

    I've been tempted lately to buy the Hunger Games. Nothing like a bunch of blogger buzz to encourage consumption.

    Florinda's new template came from the same place I got mine and I'd definitely recommend them. Like she said, they're very customizable.

  21. Sandy - LOL It was rather long, wasn't it? I have no technical expertise either, which is why I'm considering paying someone to do it for me. My poor husband is probably getting tired of always having to do most of the work for me whenever I do switch over. The money is an issue, especially right now though, so we'll see.

    Diane - I hope you had a good weekend too, Diane. Enjoy your week!

    Jeane - I am sorry about your toe. That's definitely no fun.

    You definitely aren't the only one who hasn't yet read Hunger Games!

    Kathy - I couldn't go without a toothbrush! Hooray for beet haters! :-)

    Susan - Thanks for the suggestion, Susan! I'll have to check Goofy Girl Designs out.

  22. Elizabeth - My grandparents were married on that day in Iowa. Insignificant to almost everyone else, but important to me. :-)

    Under certain circumstances, I might jump at the chance to buy a book for someone, but not in this case. I'm not even sure I'll like Hunger Games when and if I get to it. I'd rather not buy Catching Fire until I know for sure.

    Thanks for the well wishes! My back is healing, slowly but surely.

    Florinda - I like your blog layout too. And Nat's. My husband's thinking of trying it out to see how I like it. If we can make it work, I might try that before taking that final leap into hiring someone to do it for me.

    My back is healing slowly but surely. Sometimes I think it's all better and then I go and do something that makes me realize it's not. When the doctor said a few weeks, he meant it!

    Ingrid - Thanks! I hope you are enjoying your week.

    Lisa (Books. Lists. Life.) - And before that, it'd been 11 years since I'd eaten a hamburger. I haven't missed them at all, to be honest. The one I ate in 2002 was only because it was that or a hot dog. LOL

    A new nightgown is good. I need to invest in one of those. I wear mine until they are rags. You probably didn't want to know that. :-)

    A fallish header would be good. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Trisha - Thanks! Yes, times certainly do change--not to mention it seems to be that time of year. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  23. Kristie - Thanks, Kristie! I hope things go well for you this week!

    Sylvie - The fires are awful. They aren't close to us, thank goodness, but I do feel for those who are directly impacted by them. The fire season is still young and I'm worried it will be a bad one.

    Gavin - I don't think I've ever had okra. I probably wouldn't like that either. LOL

    Kristy - Very true! There really isn't enough time to stay on top of everything, no matter how hard we may try. I hope you enjoy Catching Fire.

    Carrie (B&M) - She means well and I'm sure she's only half serious. :-)

  24. Stacy - I'm glad you enjoyed your hamburger. :-) I'm not sure I could ever go vegetarian. I suppose if I had to. :-)

    Suey - I really like Glee. At least what I've seen of it so far. I hope you will too!

    Melody - I can't go without a toothbrush. :-) I hope your copy of Catching Fire arrives soon for your sake, Melody. Maybe someday I'll try the series.

    Alice - I believe you! LOL Your blog is perfect. Post what you want and don't worry if you don't post more bookish things.

    Nat - You're making me hungry for lunch now that you mention pie. :-)

    Animals are so wonderful. Mine always can make me smile.

    I really like yours and Florinda's template. I talked it over with my husband and we may give that a try. He's the one who would have to do all the work. LOL

  25. Sorry for being so slow...but thanks again for the book win!

    I also love the ABCs meme. Its a fun one that I've enjoyed reading on blogs.

  26. Melissa - No need to apologize, Melissa. I'm pretty slow too. Look how long it took me to hold the drawing. :-) I hope you enjoy the book!


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