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Monday At the Movies: Vicky Cristina Barcelona & A Few of My Favorite Work-Related Movies

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Movie: Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
Genre: Drama, Romance
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Directed By: Woody Allen
Writers: Woody Allen
From Netflix:
Javier Bardem stars in this Golden Globe-winning dramedy from legendary director Woody Allen as a flamboyant painter who finds himself in the middle of a unique relationship with Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson), a pair of American tourists. Penélope Cruz earned her first Oscar for her portrayal of Bardem's insanely jealous ex-wife, Maria Elena, whose emotional instability leads her to her former lover's guest room.
Both Vicky and Cristina have entirely definitions of love. Vicky is the more practical minded of the two, while Cristina is much more romantic and spontaneous. Visiting a relative of Vicky's for the summer, the two women come with their own agendas. Vicky is there working on her masters while her friend is looking for love. The two friends fall for the same man, artist Juan Antonio Gonzalo. Vicky, who is engaged to someone else, quickly bows out for her friend, Cristina. Juan Antonio's ex-wife soon happens onto the scene after attempting suicide, adding to the drama. What follows is a rather unconventional romantic tale; but then, what else would one expect from Woody Allen?

Penélope Cruz definitely steals the show in her role as Maria Elena. She was the most interesting of all the characters--the life of the movie, if you will. While I enjoyed this movie on some level, I was not completely taken with it. Woody Allen certainly adds an artistic flare to his movies, and I loved how it began and ended in much the same way, as if the story had come full circle. It was humorous in spots and lackluster in others. In the end, I was left feeling as if I'd missed something.

What movies have you seen lately?

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This week's movie topic is all about the work ...
In honor of the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. we thought we'd focus this week's topic on movies centered around work - finding a job, getting a job, loving a job, hating a job - you get the idea. Here are some that we thought of while being lazy Bumbles enjoying our long weekend away from work. Share on your blog movies all about making a living and then link back at The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

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  1. We loved Vicky Cristina Barcelona! The characters all had their part to play, but you are right, Cruz stole the show. That Woody does love his Scarlet Johansson, doesn't he? Don't know if you've seen Match Point, but that one is excellent as well.

    I love the theme of Monday Movie Meme today...I also had Office Space on the list!

  2. I love Woody Allen, and I can't believe I missed Vicky Cristina Barcelona when it was showing here. I'll get the DVD one of these days, though. I also second Sandy's thoughts on Match Point.

  3. Hee Hee. Ghostbusters! What a job that is :)

  4. I love Woody Allen's movies - well, most of them anyway. Haven't seen this one yet, so I'll have to put it on my Netflix list. Don't think I've seen Office Space, either - so that's another one for the list (thanks!).

  5. I'm definitely in the minority, but I don't really care for Woody Allen's films. I was tempted to see this one, though, just to see the guy from No Country for Old Men play a non-psychotic character!

  6. I love Office Space! When it came out, it just matched my job to a T and was so much fun. I still love it all of these years later!

  7. I quite enjoyed Vicki Christina Barcelona. You're right about Penelope Cruz stealing the show and Javier Bardem IS rather nice to look at. ;)
    I actually watched this on the plane when we went to Canada last winter, and it was a nice distraction. A lot better than most of the other choices available.

  8. I think Office Space is number one for any list regarding movies about work. There are so many days where I too want to unscrew the walls of my cubicle to let in some natural light!

  9. Ghost Busters was an inspired choice. I never would have thought of it as a work movie, but those brave lads certainly were coworkers.

  10. Hahaha! Office Space! DUH. How could we have not thought of that classic? I think of it every time I see a stapler.

  11. I love ghostbusters... thanks for your visit...

  12. I really liked Vicky Christina Barcelona although it wasn't my favorite Woody Allen fan. His older movies are really his best. My husband and I didn't think Penelope Cruz was the star of this movie, either, but we pretty much stand alone in thinking that! lol

    Office Space is a great movie. I watch it frequently when it re-run on TV! There are so many great little lines in it. And Ghostbusters is a classic! But I'm a big Bill Murray fan.

    Great post!
    ~ Amy

  13. Sandy - I'm glad you enjoyed Vicky Cristina Barcelona. My husband really liked it too. I feel as if something is wrong with me--so many of you loved it and I was left feeling a little disappointed.

    Nymeth - I confess that I'm not much of a Woody Allen fan. I was curious about this one though because of all the Oscar buzz. Hopefully you will enjoy this one! I do want to see Match Point.

    Stacy - It would certainly be interesting to be a Ghostbuster, wouldn't it? And maybe a little dangerous. :-)

    JLS - Woody Allen is hit and miss with me, and unfortunately more miss than hit.

    Office Space is a fun movie. I hope you will like it if you do see it.

    Carrie (B&M) - We're in the same club then. I'm not a big fan of his movies either. Javier Bardem was nice to look at in this film. :-)

    Kristie - Office Space is a fun movie--and I know what you mean. Sometimes I still think I can relate. LOL

    Nat - Yes, I completely agree with you about Javier Bardem!

  14. Michelle - Tell me about it! It's a great movie.

    Kaye - I really liked it too.

    The Gal Herself - It would be a messy job, don't you think? All that slime . . .

    The Bumbles - Office Space was the first one that came to mind. I'm the same way about staplers. LOL

    LuLu - It was a fun movie. :-)

    Amy - I think Cruz stood out for me because her performance was the most melodramatic. Everyone else kind of turned into wallflowers when she was around.

    I need to watch Office Space again! All this talk about it is putting me in the mood.

  15. I was just sort of meh about Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I hated Match Point LOL

  16. Amy - I'll probably give Match Point a try, but I don't expect much when I go into a Woody Allen film. LOL

  17. I agree, Cruz definitely stole the show; a wonderful performance!


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