Friday, September 12, 2008

Guest Appearance: Lisa Roe, Publicist

Wendy of Caribousmom pointed me in the direction of Lisa Roe this past spring. Lisa is an online publicist who reaches out to readers who are interested in reviewing books online. She is amazingly approachable and always professional and friendly. She has a listing of books available for review on her website and she encourages blogger inquiries.

Please welcome Lisa Roe!

Lately, I’ve been lost in thought in children’s books. You see, my boyfriend came to me complete with a great smile, amazing sense of humor, mini-van and 3 children. While I have not met them yet, it’s really got me thinking…

It’s no secret that I love books and always have. Looking back, I imagine I had a ‘sick kid at camp’ pallor to my skin as I stayed in the house and read. All the time.

Now, I’m not expecting the same of my boyfriend’s kids. They’re far more active in sports than my gangly limbs ever allowed me to be. But I would love to be a positive book influence to them.

So, I’ve been going through a mental list of my favorite childhood titles and wondering which ones to pawn off on which child. Could one of my old favorites become one of theirs?

Now I had my staples: The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High and a few R.L. Stein thrown in, but I also read a lot of obscure, little heard of titles that I seem to remember best. These titles truly made me the person I am today. I highly encourage you to suggest them to an important little one in your life!

The Bunnicula series by James Howe: An adopted bunny who may or may not have vampire tendencies. Fangs. A cape. Evidence: a veggie drawer stuffed with colorless, shriveled vegetables, the juices seemingly sucked out. A whole cast of family pets join forces to investigate the mysteries surrounding Bunnicula, his cravings, and his late night wanderings.

Bella Arabella by Liza Fosburgh: Arabella is a pampered 10 year-old who finds that her mother’s latest husband has started discussions to have her sent to boarding school. She finds comfort in confiding in her only friend: Miranda, her cat. A few bits of magic later and Arabella is now roaming the grounds of her home on 4 furry legs. Just like Miranda. In this state, she experiences life as never before and has to decide whether to stay in her present form, or risk changing back and being sent away.

Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders: Joe is abused and mutilated as a pup and wonders if life will ever be anything but hardship and cruelty. But when he’s adopted by a loving family, he learns what it truly means to live and love. This book went a long way towards shaping my love for animals.

Lisa Roe is an Online Book Publicist who connects readers with the books she is marketing. You can learn more about Lisa Roe and her current promotions at her website.


  1. I heard of the Bunnicula series for the first time just the other day at Unshelved, and it sounds like so much fun! I have to check it out one of these days. I hope your boyfriend's children enjoy the books as much as you did :)

  2. Great post, Lisa. I think it's wonderful that you are willing to guest post on book blogs! I also enjoyed your posts at The Literate Housewife.

    Those kids are in for a treat with you, as you share your love of reading with them! Let us know how it goes!

  3. Oh man, I was trying to tell someone about Bunnicula sometime in the last month (maybe my husband?) and they just looked at me like I was absolutely crazy. Those books were the best!

  4. I kind of had that pallor too during the winter at least (my mom would throw me and my little brother outside during the summer). I read all of The Babysitter's Club books that I could find until I discoverd the R. L. Stein Fear Street books. I read one of the Bunnicula books (wasn't it also made into an animated TV special?)!

  5. Ahhh!!! The Bunnicula books were some of my favorites. I so rarely hear anyone mention them, though!

  6. Lisa, I can't thank you enough for being a guest on my blog. And thank you to all those who stopped in and commented!

    I had never heard of Bunnicula until recently. The cartoon Unshelved featured the book one Sunday not too long ago, and so I was excited when Lisa mentioned it here as well.

    I've been trying for years to interest my goddaughters in books. Only one of them has really shown an interest in them.

  7. Hi All! I was so thrilled to see so many people who have heard of the Bunnicula series! I've never really found anyone else who is familiar with the series, so it really made my day to read these comments. :-) Wendy: Welcome back and thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to guest post!


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