Monday, September 22, 2008

ARC Challenge Wrap Up

As my husband and I sat down for lunch yesterday, I told him how I failed to complete the easiest challenge I'd entered this year. True to form, he asked, "You mean the Graphic Novels Challenge?" I assured him that I would finish that one. There's still time after all. Even if only three months. It might be the only one I finish at the end of the year. Well, that and the 1st in a Series Challenge, which I am bending the rules to right and left and not at all sticking to my actual list.

Teddy from So Many Precious Books So Little Time created a shoe in of a challenge--perfect for me since I have been on an ARC reading kick lately. It was the easiest challenge out there. With the amount of Advanced Readers' Copies sitting here on my desk bookshelf, there was no way I could fail to read a measly four books for the The ARC Challenge. And yet, I wasn't able to pull it off. I was reading the entire time, and so it wasn't like I didn't open a book during the past three months. I did manage to fit in three ARC's. Given just a couple of more days, I probably could have finished the fourth. Why, oh, why didn't I join the Pub Challenge? I would have had that in the bag within the first few months of the year.

I actually am quite happy with what I have been reading lately, even if not all of the books fall neatly into my challenge categories. And that's really what matters. I don't think anyone would begrudge me that.

What ARC's did I manage to read during the past three months? Here's my list:

  • Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

  • Far World, Book 1: Water Keep by J Scott Savage

  • The Servants by Michael Marshall Smith

  • Interestingly enough, each of these books had elements of the fantastical about them. I liked them each for different reasons and am glad I had the opportunity to read each one. J Scott Savage's book was my favorite of the bunch--and not because he was kind enough to sit through my inquisition of him. All three of the authors were completely new to me and I am definitely interested in reading more by them in the future.

    Many thanks to Teddy for being such a great host and offering me a chance to take part in The ARC Challenge!


    1. I can never take part in reading challenges. Firstly because I am moody. Suddenly I wont read anything for 1-2 weeks. And most of the times, its because of lack of unavailability of books.
      Challenges like Canadian authors challenge, reading from africa challenge, I would have problems gathering even 10 books to read. All the best for the graphics challenge. You'll do it :)

    2. I've decided not to get my knickers in a twist about not finishing challenges. I joined a lot of them this year, mainly to force myself to keep reading, and they've served their purpose. And I think three ARCs in three months sounds like a very admirable accomplishment!

    3. Wendy, at least you participated and three ARCs read is better than two, or one, or none!

      I hope this challenge runs again soon, I'd love to participate next time!

    4. I say well done for completing the three books, Wendy!

      I participated in a few reading challenges this year and did not complete them although I've been reading like mad.

    5. Congratulations on completing the challenge, book! All the books you read sound very enjoyable.

    6. Congratulations. I'll be lucky if I finish either one of the challenges I signed up to do which is disappointing.

    7. I'm not signed up for ANY challenges - too challenging! But I have been reading quite a few ARCs lately, and I'm actually glad to take a break from them and do some more discretionary reading.

      Good luck with the rest of the Graphic Novels challenge!

    8. Eeeks--when I was in grad school I used to dream that I was actually reading my book (usually when I fell asleep during reading). Now that I'm getting better and more regular sleep I don't remember my dreams quite as often.

      3/4s done is not failing!! :) I'm about to say Phhhooooey to all my challenges this year, too.

    9. I hope you're able to finish your challenge but great job almost finishing!

    10. To me, you've done well, Wendy! :)
      I've signed up a few this year and haven't completed them except one I think...

      Keep it up and I'm sure you'll do well in your other challenges.

    11. Oh, you just made my day. Assuming I get ARCs for Farworld book two, you are at the top of the list!

    12. I think as long as you are enjoying your books then that's what matters. I haven't been doing a very good job with the challenges either but it's still fun. It's actually funny that the only challenge I've finished this year so far is the graphic novel challenge - pictures! ha,ha...
      Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the First in a Series as I pick up a lot of mysteries. Oh but I've switched around books left & right so my "original" lists are so different now.

    13. I didn't join the challenge but I did read 14 ARCs during the challenge period. So I guess I could have joined!

    14. Violet - I did really well with last years challenges, but this year my focus has been elsewhere. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to stick to challenge lists last year. My husband will make sure I complete the graphic novels challenge if he has his way.

      Joy - Thank you. I am happy with what I did get read, and I think that's all that really matters.

      Shana - LOL Yes, that's very true! That would be great if Teddy hosted the contest again.

      Alice - Thank you. It's fun just to try, isn't it?

      Nymeth - Thank you!

      Trisha - Thanks. That's how I'm feeling right about now too. :-)

      Florinda - I am glad I decided to take a break from review books while on vacation--and even happier I liked my choices. :-)

      Trish - I definitely have noticed that the more I remember my dreams, the less rested I feel.

      Jen - Thanks!

      Melody - Ah, thanks, Melody! Any progress is good. :-)

      Scott - You're so sweet! Thank you.

      Iliana - Exactly--and I am enjoying my reading so far this year. The graphic novels do tend to be shorter. :-)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been switching books!

      Lenore - Wow! That's wonderful, Lenore!

    15. I'm totally with you. I thought that this would be an easy one, and if I failed I would be without excuse. Well, here it is September 27th and I still haven't quite finished that fourth ARC. Oh well, I guess is three is better than none! =/

    16. Wendy, Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! It has been so exciting to get so many reading interested in my first everchallenge and I hope to host this one again.

      I am amazed at how many ARC's so many of us have at any one time (not that I should be, LOL!)

      Congratulations on finishing 3 ARCs! You almost finished. I have at least 2 challenges that finish at the end of October and I don't think I will be as close to finishing as you were in this challenge. Way to go!

    17. Thank you, Teddy! I am grateful to you for hosting the challenge! Next time I'll do better. :-)


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