Friday, September 19, 2008

A BIG BBAW Thank You & A Little Friday Fun

This summer, after book blogging was patronized in the mainstream media, Amy from My Friend Amy made a suggestion that we celebrate book blogging. From that idea, Book Blogger Appreciation Week was born. Many of us have participated in interviews, contests, give-a-ways, and through awards; but this would never have happened were it not for the dream, perseverance, planning, hard work and dedication of Amy. This has been a wonderful week and as members of the Book Blogging community, in one voice we want to thank Amy for all that she has done.

Amy, you are truly the Queen of Book Bloggers and we love you!

1. There is no need for an expensive cat toy when you have an Amazon box handy.

2. Where in the heck did the book I was reading walk off to now?

3. Reading just a couple of chapters is all I managed to do during my lunch break.

4. Prospects for my house are still up in the air.

5. Take time to read a book is the message I have for you today.

6. Simplicity and tranquility are just what I could use right about now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to figuring out where I put that book, tomorrow my plans include a little bit of this and a lot of that and Sunday, I want to watch my kitty attack her brothers' tails!


  1. Congratulations to Amy! :D

    I always have time for reading a book! LOL. Great stuff, Wendy. Love your answers for this week.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me who can't remember where she leaves books :-).

    Has Anya moved on from attacking feet to tails now?

    Have a great weekend, Wendy!

  3. Ooh, I hate it when books walk off. I had to track down my mom's book this morning.

    Too funny about #1! Hezekiah is currently enjoying shredding the Amazon box I got in the mail on Monday.

    #5 is always good advice.

  4. Waahoo! My buttons are circulating! Fun...

    and that is an ADORABLE photo of your cats. You should totally participate in Whiskers on Wednesday with us!

  5. BBAW was great this year! Amy did an amazing job.

  6. Amy really did an amazing job :)

    Anya looks much bigger! They grow up so fast. They are both so cute. Does she often try her brother's patience? When I got my youngest, Calvin, he drove the others crazy for the first 5 or 6 months :P

  7. #1 is soooo true! And Jiro is always playing with or attacking Bailey's tail. It's so funny to watch, as Bailey just sits there with a 'Must you?' look on his face.
    Looks like Anya is growing up fast. :)

  8. *waves at Anya and Parker*

    Awwwww Wendy, look at that two! Thanks for letting me know you added the two furkids photos. Too cute! :D

  9. i'm going to take your advice on #5 - not that i needed you to pass on the message since i would have done it anyway! :)

    enjoy your weekend! did you find your book?

  10. Alison - It really is good advice. I think most of us don't need any prodding. :-) I did find my book, thank goodness! Thank you for asking. Have a great weekend.

    Alice - Anya and Parker send their meows. :-) It's always important to make time for books, don't you think?

    Nat - Parker and Riley are the same way with Anya! They just give her a look. Haha Anya is growing fast. When we got back from our trip, I couldn't believe how much bigger she was.

    Nymeth - Amy's hard work really paid off. She did an amazing job.

    Anya is growing so fast, isn't she? She's about three months old now. And, yes, she does try Parker's patience. She doesn't pick in the dog so much, but Anya adores Parker and chases him all over the house, pouncing on him whenever she gets the chance. Sometimes he's in a playful mood, but other times he gets annoyed with her. I told Parker I could empathize with him--being an older sibling myself. It's getting to the point where Parker really has nowhere to go to get away from her because she's able to jump higher and farther. He still has the window advantage though--I don't know how long that will last.

    Jen - BBAW was fun. I am glad Amy came up with the idea and was able to pull it off so well.

    Monica - I'm glad to see it's getting around! :-) That's one of my favorite photos of my two cats together. :-)

    Carrie K - At least my books don't walk off as often as my glasses seem to. I should be grateful for that. Parker loves boxes. Sometimes he doesn't wait until I've emptied the box before trying to climb in. :-)

    Florinda - I really think sometimes that the books have feet because I know I put them in one place and they somehow end up in another.

    Anya still attacks feet, at least of the human variety. When it comes to the dog and cat, she prefers tails, it seems. :-)

    I hope you have a good weekend too!

  11. I finished one today (Perfume) and started another (Host). How I love Saturdays!

  12. Oh yes, Amazon boxes are the best cat toys! Though Storm prefers to just lay in them. Mocha likes to bite on the corners.

  13. Janet - What did you think of Perfume, Janet? I have heard it's really good. I haven't decided it I want to read Host yet. I'd be curious to know what you think of it when you are done.

    Debi - Parker is like Storm. Boxes are for sitting and laying. Anya likes to bite on them. :-)

  14. I always forget to transfer all the contents whenever I change bags. Then I realize that I have brought the wrong book to read!

  15. Matt - I had to switch wallets temporarily while on vacation and keep forgetting to switch back to my regular one. I never realized how much I used my Borders card until I stopped carrying it. Or maybe it's just because I seem to be going to Borders too often lately . . .

  16. Amy is one amazing blogger, and she has done a fantastic job for the BBAW! :)

    Love the pic! Hope you've a great weekend, Wendy!

  17. Amy is amazing! It's a great photo, isn't it? It's my favorite of Anya and Parker, I think.


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