Saturday, September 20, 2008

BBAW: Over So Soon?

It has been a whirlwind week with plenty of blogging activities all over the blogosphere. For those of you participating or just following along with the Book Blogger Appreciation Week events, you know exactly what I mean. I enjoyed so many different aspects of this week, especially the coming together of bloggers from around the world to celebrate each other. I made new friends, picked up a few great tips, added book titles and authors names to my reading wish list, and feel a renewed sense of pride in what I am doing here at Musings of a Bookish Kitty. I am not sure I would have stuck to blogging as long as I have without the many wonderful friends I have made since I began, not to mention the opportunities and doors blogging has opened up for me. I am especially grateful to you all, my dear readers, as well as my fellow bloggers who have made this such a great community to be a part of.

I had not intended to have a giveaway this week, but it turned out I had extra copies of a couple of books sitting on my shelf. I figured this was as good a time as any to find good homes for them. I was excited to see so much interest in them. I only wish I could offer a copy to everyone who entered the drawings. The winners were chosen randomly through

The winner of Sweet Mandarin by Helen Tse is

The winner of When A Crocodile Eats the Sun: A Memoir of Africa by Peter Goodwin is

Jen Devourer of Books

Congratulations to Alice and Jen!

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I have a stack of books I need to get back to, and so I will sign off for now. Remember to take time out each day to read, even if only a little something. Happy reading!


  1. Congrats to Alice and Jen!

    This was such a fun week.

  2. It has been a fun week. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other bloggers out there. Thank you for stopping by, Serena, Jen an Nymeth!

  3. I have never heard of Sweet Mandarin so that's one more on my watch list. Thanks for mentioning it! :)

  4. I am reading Sweet Mandarin right now, Matt, and enjoying it--in particular the historical cultural aspects.

  5. I'm very thrilled to find that I won a copy of the Sweet Mandarin! Thank you so, so much, Wendy! :)

    Thanks Serena, Jen and Nymeth too!


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