Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Salon: What I Am Reading Today

This will be a short post. I dove back into The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins today. I lost track of when I first started this one, but I know it's been awhile now. It is not that I am not enjoying it. I do like it when I am actually reading it, but then when I set it down, I find myself having trouble picking it up again. Other books catch my attention and it is a while before I get back to Wilkie Collins' book. My goal is to finish The Woman in White this month.

A book that has been calling out my name quite loudly this weekend is Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. My husband's copy has been sitting here on my desk for the past couple of months waiting for me to pick it up and read it. With the movie release less than a week away, I would say it's time, wouldn't you?

What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

I finally got that review written that I was struggling with. Thanks to those of you who offered tips on how to get myself past that rut I was stuck in. I will be posting the review later this week.

Also, tomorrow is the start of the Book Giveaway Carnival week. Be sure and stop in tomorrow to enter my giveaway!

Happy Reading!


  1. Reading slumps are horrible. I hate them. I'm glad you seem to be out of yours.

    I just started reading a Harlequin Presents. It should be a quick read and then I don't know what I'll be reading.

    Have a great week!

  2. I get in slumps now and again. The book isn't necessarily bad, but I'm either distracted by life or another book is sitting on the shelf calling out to me! I just started Gone With the Wind, which Matt (from A Guy's Moleskin Notebook) is hosting a read along for March. Join in!

  3. I haven't read Woman in White but would like to.

    The book I've read most of today is Winter in Madrid. I've got about a quarter of it left and I've really enjoyed it.

  4. I've been in a huge slump this year! I'm JUST finishing my first book of the year, and that's so unlike me.

    It's Lamb by Christopher Moore and I love it! Hopefully will finish Merle's Door soon too.

  5. I know how it is with those books that are great while you're reading them, but are like the opposite of books you can't put down - they're hard to pick back up again. I've ended up enjoying quite a few of those, but they take so long to get through.

    I've actually finished two books this weekend and started a third. One of them was very short, though. I should consider very short books to pick up my reading pace and totals.

    Hope you had a good weekend, Wendy!

  6. I haven't started anything yet but I know I'd like to read Watchmen too :)

  7. I borrowed Watchmen from a friend but haven't gotten to it. I kept thinking I was going to save it right before the movie was out and here it is, the movie is out! Oh well.

    Anyway, can't wait to see what goody you are giving away :)

  8. I'm in the middle of Drood - which is narrated by Wilkie Collins! I'd like to read some of his writings now. And Woman in White may be up next. We match!

  9. I just read Watchmen in preparation for the movie! I feel a little bit like everyone is reading it now for that purpose. I really liked it. It made me think.

  10. I've tried to read "The Woman in White" several times over the years, but just never could stick with it. Think I've finally given up on it. I've got Collins' "Moonstone" on my TBR list for this year, and I'm hoping to fare better with that one.

  11. Good luck getting through The Woman in White this month. I quite enjoyed it when I read it, but I know what you mean about books that you enjoy while you're reading them but don't really feel like picking up again.
    I'm just about to start my first manga. But the last book was The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Tolstoy. It was pretty good although I think I liked the other story included with it a little more.

  12. We should have read The Woman in White together. I read it a long time ago...maybe 15 years. I had the same trouble with it. It would be a good book to bounce off of each other. :)

  13. Yvonne - Thanks, Yvonne. I got about 100 pages read in my book last night, so I'm making progress. I may finish it before the end of the month yet! I hope you have a great week too.

    Sandy - Exactly! I am actually enjoying the book while I'm reading it. I actually hit a point last night where I'm wanting to dive back in again today. That's a good sign! It just took 300 pages. Haha!

    I hope you enjoy Gone With the Wind. That's one book I have never really felt the urge to read, I'm afraid to say. I know a lot of people count it among their favorites though.

    Myckyee - I am looking forward to reading Winter in Madrid. I have a feeling that will go a lot faster for me than The Woman in White, despite it being nearly as long. :-)

    Angela - I feel like I've gotten off to a slow start this year too. Hopefully it will pick up for both of us.

    Florinda - And that's the thing. I am enjoying The Woman in White. I like the writing and am having no trouble following the story. It's just been so slow going and my attention easily strays.

    I need to read a few short books too--it might help in between these long ones!

    Jen - I'm looking forward to reading Watchmen. I didn't get to start on it yesterday, but I hope to tonight.

  14. Iliana - I had planned to read Watchmen a lot sooner than now too. Ah well. The best laid plans. :-)

    Lana - I really want to read Drood. Maybe I should enter a few of the contests this week that are offering free copies . . . I told my husband I would probably be waiting for the paperback version to come out before getting my own though since it's so thick and heavy in hardback.

    I think you will like The Woman in White, Lana!

    Meghan - Haha! Yes, I know I'm reading it because of the movie. Well, that and I've heard it's a pivotal novel in the history of graphic novels. I want to see what all the fuss is about.

    Joy - I wonder if you'll take to Moonstone better. I think I finally hit a decent stride in The Woman in White, but that could just be because I devoted so much time to it yesterday. We'll see.

    Nat - Thank you! I got over the halfway mark last night, and so there is hope yet!

    I hope you enjoy your first manga. I look forward to hearing what you think of it after you are done.

    Wisteria - I actually started reading The Woman in White with a group of others in one of my online groups. Those who didn't drop out, flew through it. Maybe if we'd read it in pieces instead of at our own rates . . . It certainly would be an interesting one to discuss as I go though and might hold my attention better.

  15. I really loved "Winter in Madrid," McKcyee, so glad to hear you are, too.

    Wendy - I think the most common cause of reading slumps is boring (or not right for you right now) books! I prescribe picking up something fun. Just finished "A Reliable Wife," which I LOVED -- sensual, mysterious, beautiful. Am now diving back into Tim Geautreaux's "The Missing" and also reading the copy edits of my own "Shades oF Grey." Very full life right now!

  16. Yes, I would indeed say it's time! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Watchmen :)

  17. I just grabbed The Woman In White the other day at the library! Honestly, I had never even heard of Wilkie Collins before reading Drood, now I am biting at the bit to read all I can about and by him!!

  18. I've heard so many good things about The Woman in White lately, but I guess I'm a little intimidated by the volumn thus that explains why I'm still debating whether I should pick it up for my next read or not...

    I'm currently reading The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee. This book has been on my wishlist for a while so when I saw it at the bookstore yesterday, I just had to grab a copy! :)

  19. I just finished To Siberia by Per Petterson and loved it. I hope you enjoy The Woman In White!

  20. I've been hearing a lot about The Watchmen and apparently I am out of the loop as I didn't even realize that there is a movie coming out. Guess I should look into this one :) Have a great week!

  21. My husband's copy of Watchmen was calling my name as well! Here is my review:

    I hope you read and enjoy it!

  22. I was going to request The Watchmen from the library!! My son wants to go see the movie but I want to read the graphic novel first because I have absolutely no idea who all these characters are!!! Right now I'm reading Gone With the Wind...Love and Other Natural Disasters. I just finished a heart breaking book Still Alice. That is one that I totally recommend!!

  23. Clea - I am looking forward to reading Winter in Madrid.

    You raise a good point about reading slumps. Now that the story has gotten more interesting for me, I'm making my way through the second half of the novel at a much quicker pace.

    Nymeth - If I get to see the movie this weekend, maybe I'll have a joint book/movie review ready for Monday. :-)

    April - I look forward to reading your thoughts on The Woman in White. I bet you read it faster than I did! Haha!

    I only heard about Wilkie Collins a couple of years ago when I read The Thirteenth Tale. For the longest time, I thought Wilkie Collins was a woman.

    Melody - It is a long novel and it is not a quick read--at least for me--but I am enjoying it. It's worth reading. You just have to figure out if you want to dive in now or wait until a better time. :-)

    I am looking forward to reading The Piano Teacher. It sounds like a really good one.

    Gavin - I am glad to hear you enjoyed To Siberia. I really want to read that one. I am finally really enjoying The Woman in White. It took a while, but I may actually finish it this week.

    Samantha - Having a husband who is really into graphic novels, it's been impossible to avoid the news about the Watchmen movie in my house. :-) I hope you have a great week too.

    S. Krishna - Thanks for the link to your review of Watchmen. I still haven't started it. I finally got into The Woman in White and have been reading that every chance I get. I better hurry though since we'll probably see the movie this weekend. Maybe.

    Staci - I don't blame you for wanting to reading the graphic novel is first. How old is your son? I believe the movie is rated R, which I'm sure will disappoint a lot of kids who are hoping to see it, but whose parents will end up saying no.

    I do hope to read Still Alice. I just have to work up the courage. :-)


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