Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday is Finally Here

1. You know you're old when going to bed early sounds like the sensible thing to do.

2. My heart is divided between reading another chapter in my book and giving in to sleep.

3. A kitty kiss is what I need RIGHT NOW!

4. I have felt the shadows of doubt creeping in; I have known the depths of hope.

5. Gah, won't these people let me have a little peace and quiet! (thought today during my lunch break)

6. Leave me a comment as soon as you can. (I would love to know you stopped by.)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, tomorrow my plans include a visit to the optometrist and Sunday, I want to catch up on the laundry and fit in a bit of reading!


  1. I'm wavering with #2 as well. I think I'll go to bed with my book and hope it doesn't hit the floor after a few pages!

  2. #5 I always agree.
    #1 Oh...I go to bed before 10 every night!

  3. I'm up too late to go to bed early...sigh ;-)

    Thanks for playing!

  4. Leaving a comment. I am watching the Olympics coverage but I am thinking a little nap on the couch won't go astray.

  5. So, what'd you think of the opening ceremonies? Kinda cool in places but I'm still having problems with China being the host.

    Have a good weekend!


  6. I'm torn between those in #2 as well. Time to get back to my book I think. :)

  7. I'm almost old: I know that going to bed early sounds like the sensible thing to do, but I still don't do it.

    Loved the opening ceremonies - did you see those fireworks at the end? (Did NBC show them?) wow. I watched it live on CBC in the morning and it was incredible.
    Have a nice quiet weekend.

  8. We share the same answer for #6!
    Hope you've a great weekend, Wendy! :)

  9. Hmmm. I go to bed around 10 every night--hate to think about what happens when I get older. :( Ha ha! Have a great weekend. I hope to do a little kitty cuddling/reading this weekend, too.

  10. Amen to #1! I never thought the day would come for me!

  11. Cathy - That sounds like the perfect compromise. :-)

    Matt - I discovered a spot in the office I can go and read during my lunch break without interruption, all except on Fridays. :-( I should go to bed before 10 every night, but usually I last until about 10:30 on weeknights. Barely.

    Janet - I would be too if I didn't have to be up so early for work. :-S

    Marg - Admittedly, that's exactly what I did too. I dozed a little during the opening ceremony. I didn't realize it would be on so late!

    CJ - I enjoyed the opening ceremonies quite a bit. I love seeing the historical production best in any ceremony--getting a taste of the culture. I also like to see the themes and messages the different countries decide to emphasize. I take issue with China's government and political choices too (and how they've treated the people while preparing for the games), but I also see the Olympics as a celebration of the people and culture, and I think the Chinese people could use a boost right now, considering all they've been through recently. I have mixed feelings about it, really.

    I hope you have a good weekend too!

    Nat - I hope that sleep didn't overtake you!

    Nikki - I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Celebrate your husband being home!

    Elizabeth - LOL I know what you mean. I am on the edge too, I think. Sometimes I do the more sensible thing, but most of the time I am still fighting it.

    I did get to see the fireworks at the end--it was such a spectacular show. I thought the footprint idea was so cool! I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

    Amanda - Aren't kitty kisses the best?

    Melody - Haha Great minds think a like. :-) I hope you have a good weekend too!

    Trish - You're starting to show signs of aging! Better watch out! ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

    Andi - Who would have thought? One of the things I most looked forward to as a child about growing up was being able to stay up as late as I wanted and not have to suffer any repercussions.

  12. #2 is the story of every night of my life. Sigh. And I agree with #3, except I'd make that "doggy" instead of "kitty." (Gypsy is at the groomer's right now, so she will soon be much more pleasant to be around!)

    Have a great weekend, Wendy!

  13. Number 3! Number 3! My kitty can be very affectionate, but sometimes her kisses can turn into biting. Especially at night when my foot happens to be sticking out from underneath the blankets!

  14. So, did you get your kitty kiss? I'm curious because my 'gift' from one of my kitties yesterday was a bird's head left on my kitchen floor!

    Oh, yeah. That's why I'm more of a dog person. I'd forgotten this part of cats.


  15. All those could be about me as well, especially the kitty kisses - I currently have 6!

  16. Florinda - Doggy kisses are just as wonderful! I've been getting an awful lot of kitty kisses lately though. Anya thinks I'm her mother and is trying to nurse from my arm. I feel so badly for her. :-( I hope you are enjoying your weekend1

    LK - I know exactly what you mean! My kitty's kisses sometimes turn into biting too. She's still so small that it doesn't hurt much, but I know it's probably not a habit I want to encourage.

    CJ - Oh, yes! I got lots of kitty kisses last night and today. :-) Both of my cats are strictly indoor cats and so if anyone brings me any gifts from outdoors, it will be my dog. He did bring me a dead mouse once that he'd found outside. That was really pleasant. :-S

    Bobbi - Six kitties! I don't know if my house is big enough. (My heart is though.)

  17. I also love kitty kisses & some doggie kisses, also:) Love your blog!

  18. One can never get enough of kitty kisses, Wendy! LOL. Have a great weekend! :)

  19. Julie - Thank you! I've been getting extra doggie kisses this morning. :-)

    Alice - I agree! There can never be enough kitty kisses! I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.

  20. I completely forgot about the Olympics (not that I was going to watch it anyway).

    I used to have a cat that gave kitty kisses. I'd had him since I was 15, and he died about 7 years ago. I miss hims so much! He was my baby. :`(

  21. Lisa - LOL Thank you for stopping by.

    Alisha - My older cat isn't a big kisser, but every now and then he'll offer me a kiss or two on my arm or hand. The baby kitten though loves to throw around her kisses. I hope she doesn't out grow it too much.

  22. I am 100% with you on numbers 1 & 2! I still remember back in the days when the nights just began at 10 pm and now if I am not in bed by then, I am tucked happily on the couch reading, lol. I feel soooo old!

  23. April - I've been watching the Olympic games in the evening and wish they weren't on quite so late. At times like this, I wish I had a TV in my bedroom.


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