Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Salon: Bookish Ramblings

  • Did you know that there is a movie coming out of Marley and Me? I haven't read the book. Swore I never would. Not yet anyway. It isn't because of the hype or buzz (I now know the difference thanks to Stephen King: hype is paid for; buzz is free, word of mouth type thing), but because I know it will touch me on a level I am not yet willing to go. It is too personal, too close to home. Seeing the brief trailer, which reveals nothing at all, I feel the urge to read it after all. Maybe I will.

  • My in-laws are in town for my husband's birthday. They have not been to our house in awhile and I think the sight of all my books scared them. I do have a lot, I suppose. My TBR room especially can be daunting to the unprepared. One of the reasons I keep the door closed.

  • My father-in-law is taking a couple of books home with him, mysteries by Arnaldur IndriÄ‘ason, to try. I hope he likes them as much as I did.

  • I was lucky enough to come from a family of readers and even luckier to marry into one.

  • I took a break from review books this past week and read one a coworker had loaned me, The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. She had asked me to read it so that I could tell her whether she liked it or not. When I see her at work tomorrow, I will be sure to tell her that she, in fact, did like it. I will be posting my review later this week.

  • I am now afraid of conceptual fish who eat memories and cause confusion. Thank goodness I live in a house full of books. I'm safe for now.

  • This past week I posted my review of Steven Pressfield's Killing Rommel. It was one of the best books I have read so far this year.

  • I am now reading Cecilia Samartin's Tarnished Beauty. So far so good.

  • I have been suffering from a nasty sore throat since yesterday that won't seem to go away. I think I will come home after sending the in-laws off and curl up under a blanket and read for the rest of the day. I probably would have done that anyway.

I hope you all have a great week! Happy Reading!


  1. I totally understand. Marley and Me wasn't as sad as I thought it would be. I love the author's writing style, but won't watch the movie. It's not something I wish to experience again.

  2. Happy birthday to your husband.

    And there can't be too many books..:D

    I gave up a lot of books when I moved house and even now I am trying to unload myself. More space create, I will get NEW books! Vicious circle, this!


    My Salon moments

  3. I got Marley and Me at a discount recently. I'd been avoiding it for years, but I'm about ready to take the jump. Yep, those TBR rooms can raise a few eyebrows!

  4. LOL, I love that your friend wanted you to read a book so you could tell her whether or not she enjoyed it. Sounds like something my reading buddies and I would've done in grad school. I miss real life reading friends. Good thing I have so many great online reading comrades!

  5. They filmed the movie around here (in the Philadelphia suburbs), and every night on the news there was someone who caught a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston. I'm not a fan of hers, so I have another reason not to see the movie ...

    Hope your throat feels better soon. Summer sore throats are the worst.

  6. "I was lucky enough to come from a family of readers and even luckier to marry into one."
    I just wrote practically the same thing on my TSS post today!

  7. I didn't know about the difference between hype and buzz. Only that "hype" often seems to be given a negative connotation.

    I hope your throat gets better soon!

  8. J. Kaye - If I do see the movie, I think I'd rather rent it once it's out on DVD. That way, if I cry, I won't be so embarrassed. Books and movies like that touch me on a deeper level--I start thinking about my own animals.

    Gautami - Thanks for the birthday wishes for my husband!

    I imagine if we end up having to move in another three or so years, I will have to take a hard look at what to keep and what to pass along. I'm trying not to think about it yet. :-)

    Kristy - Another person who hasn't yet read it! I'm glad I am not the only one. Be careful. I hear it's really good.

    Andi - Anything to help a friend. :-) I'm hoping someone else I know will read the book so I can hear what he or she thinks. I keep asking myself if I'm crazy for liking it.

    Bridget - How neat! The preview only showed a puppy running along the beach with Jennifer Aniston an Owen Wilson running behind him. And then the title comes up--both my husband and I choked up just from that little bit. And neither of us read the book! I can't believe my husband teared up. He never does that, especially over a dog.

    SmallWorld - Great minds think alike. :-) I love that your eldest son went on a Steinbeck marathon.

    Nymeth - It very well could be King's interpretation of the two words. I think that was what he was getting at though--"hype" is less reliable since it is something that's paid for, whereas buzz is much more desirable.

    I'm pretty sure I have a little cold now. Darn it.

  9. Having married a reader the second time around - in fact, he's become more of a reader thanks to me :-) - I very much agree with your fourth point. I've always appreciated coming from a reading family, and it's nice to be in another one!

    Sorry you're not feeling well, Wendy - take care of yourself and get better soon!

  10. I liked Marley and Me. I had no idea there was a movie being made of it! I hope it's mostly funny and they don't over-dramatize the ending, that would make it too difficult to watch.

  11. I didn't know there'll be a movie on Marley and Me until I read it from a fellow blogger. I read the book and it's so touching! I can't wait to watch the movie...

    I hope your throat gets better soon!

  12. Florinda - At least they can appreciate that I'm a little book crazy, understanding the pleasure that can come from reading. :-)

    I'm taking lots of vitamin C and finall caved in and took some cold medicine. It doesn't feel like a bad cold now that the sore throat has eased some. More of an annoyance than anything.

    Jeane - I don't think I've come across anyone yet who hasn't liked Marley and Me. :-) It'll be interesting to see how the movie turns out. I hope they focus on the comedy moments too.

    Melody - It looks good--at least the tiny bit I saw. It's really nothing to go on though. :-)

    Thanks for the get well wishes. My throat is starting to feel better, thank goodness. Other cold symptoms have taken it's place, but I can live with those as long as I don't have the sore throat.

  13. I recently bought Marley and Me, but haven't read it yet (I'm still not sure how it jumped from the table into my stack of puchases, but somehow it happened). I know how it ends, but I'm curious to see how it all plays out.

    I too read the Stephen King column in EW about buzz vs. hype and found it interesting. It will make me a little more conscious about who is saying things about the things I read to determine whether it's buzz or hype.


  14. I really liked Marley and Me. I hope you will too! Happy reading.

  15. Shauna - I'd probably feel the same way about Marley and Me if I didn't take the ending so personally. Kind of like the mother who can't read about children dying or being abused (some mothers, anyway).

    I always look forward to seeing what King has to say in EW. I'll probably be consciously separating hype from buzz for a little while longer.

    Jen - I've heard nothing but good things about it.

    Nikki - Thanks. I hope so too!

  16. LOL about your co-worker. So was she glad to hear that after all she liked it?
    Sorry to hear you've caught a cold. Hope you feel better soon.

  17. I'm with you ... glad I came from a family of readers. I'm also very glad my husband is a reader. I can't imagine being married to someone who didn't understand my obsession!

    Hope you are feeling better today and the throat isn't bothering you.

  18. Nat - My coworker was pleased to learn that she liked the book. :-) Thank you for the get well wishes. I'm going to go to bed early tonight in hopes that will help my immune system fight it off more quickly.

    Terri - I have friends who are happily married to non-readers, but I do think it's an added bonus to be married to one myself. It's such an important part of my life and my husband, being my best friend, is someone I want to share that with.

    The sore throat's coming and going. The runny nose, sniffles and headache seem to be here to stay for the duration. :-( Thank you for the well wishes!

  19. I thought the book was too much "Me" and not enough "Marley", but I'd be willing to take a chance on a movie based on the book.

  20. I cried buckets reading Marley and Me...

  21. I hope your throat gets to feeling better! Colds should be existant in the summer--isn't there a rule about that?

    You are blessed to come from a family of readers. My family reads casually, so my more than casual reading is a little strange to them--they don't quite know how to respond to it, which is strange in itself. Hubby doesn't read at all, although I think he's read more books this year than any other year (he's dyslexic--have I said that here before?). We compromise and I read to him (in the car).

  22. Bybee - The more I think about it, the more I am leaning towards just watching the movie and skipping the book.

    Alice - I probably would too.

    Trish - I wish there was a rule against colds in the summer. The cold got worse before it got better this week, I'm afraid. :-( Now I've got laryngitis.

    My husband doesn't read nearly as much as I do--and his reading material is often much different than my own. He still listens to me ramble about my books though. :-)


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