Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Fun

While doing a little blog hopping last night, I came across a post by Danielle over at A Work in Progress titled "Suggestions and Unsuggestions". I thought I would have a little Saturday fun while waiting for the in-laws to arrive and follow her lead. Library Thing has two fun features that offer recommendations and unsuggestions based on a person's library.

LT's top ten recommendations for me:
  1. Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers - I imagine this is in part because of the number of mysteries I own. I may someday read this one, but it's not at the top of must read books.
  2. Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance - Another case of having quite a few similar books in my home library. I have heard good things about Karen Chance and will probably give her a try one of these days.
  3. Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer Series, Book 1) by Karen Chance
  4. The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell - I've actually read this one. I recently gave away all of my Patricia Cornwell books and followed that up by deleting them from my LT library since I no longer own them.
  5. The spy Who Came in From the Cold by John Le Carre - I am hoping to read my first John Le Carre book this year and so was glad to see the author's name come up twice on my top ten recommendation list.
  6. L.A. Confidential by James Ellroy - Both my husband and I want to read this one. We saw the movie years ago and really enjoyed it.
  7. When the Bough Breaks by Mercedes Lackey - I have quite a few Mercedes Lackey books on my shelves, most of which I have read. She was one of the first fantasy authors who drew me into fantasy.
  8. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carre
  9. "G" is for Grafton : the world of Kinsey Millhone by Natalie Hevener Kaufman - Could this be because I'm a Sue Grafton fan? Honestly though, this one is not one I will go searching for. I tend not to read books like this--but you never know!
  10. River, Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke - I am not at all familiar with this book or the author. It sounds like something I might like though.

Now for my top ten unsuggestions (books you are unlikely to find in my home library):
  1. The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country by Neil Gaiman - I thought it was funny that Neil Gaiman's Sandman series made this list. My husband does not actually own any of these, but he's definitely interested in reading them someday as am I.
  2. The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman
  3. The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's House by Neil Gaiman
  4. The Sandman Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections by Neil Gaiman
  5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - Hmm. I looked the book up on to see what it was about and it sounds interesting. Never say never.
  6. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers- Finally--a book I have no interest in reading. I was beginning to wonder about the validity of the Unsuggester.
  7. Directors on Directing: A Source Book of the Modern Theatre by Toby Cole - The title alone tells me I won't be reading this one.
  8. Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist by John Piper - Another one I'm happy to skip.
  9. Bold spirit : Helga Estby's forgotten walk across Victorian America by Linda Lawrence Hunt - This is one I am not likely to read, but you can never tell. It does sound interesting.
  10. Falling off the edge of the world : New Zealand stories by Gwen Gawith - Why wouldn't I want to read this one, I wonder.


  1. lol, I wonder why almost have of your unsuggestions are Sandman books. I'm glad you and your husband would like to read the series, though!

  2. A Christian Hedonist? That one has got to make you wonder.

    I found the unsuggester results for myself rather baffling too.

    I read The Tailor of Panama (LeCarre) and really liked it. In fact, I want to read it again. Parts of it have really stuck with me.

  3. Ha! I'll have to go visit my LibraryThing (never use it) and see what mine are. I'm especially interested in the unsuggestions.

  4. Oh, that's interesting! I'm probably the only blogger not signed up for Library Thing, so I can't do this, but Falling Off the Edge of the World sounds so good! And, really, it does sound like a Wendy book.

    Somewhere, I've got a copy of The Spy Who Came In from the Cold. I hope you read it, soon. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  5. That's interesting Wendy. I hadn't noticed that feature on Library Thing. Now I'll have to go see what mine are!

  6. That is too neat! To show you how far my head is in the sand, I didn't even know about this!

    Thanks! :) Now I have to go try it out.

  7. Le Carre is one of my favourite authors. The two on your list here are quite dated now though. I'd be suggesting some of his later, post-Cold War, titles insted. The Constant Gardener springs to mind....

  8. Nymeth - I wondered that too! I imagine they came up at all because I do have graphic novels logged in, but why it would single out Neil Gaiman when I have several of his books, I don't know. Strange.

    Terri - LOL Yeah, it does make me wonder.

    Of all the authors listed in the recommendations, Le Carre is probably the one I want to read the most.

    Andi - It's an interesting tool although I am not sure how helpful it is. :-)

    Nancy - Falling Off the Edge of the World does sound good. I wonder why the Unsuggester selected that one for me.

    Susan - We'll see if it's more accurate in your case!

    J. Kaye - I kind of knew the feature was there, but I didn't pay much attention to it.

    Julie - I've heard such wonderful things about Le Carre and have been wanting to read something by him for quite a while now. The Constant Gardener is definitely one I want to read. I loved the movie.

  9. Oh Wendy, you've sparked my interest and I'm heading over to LT now. Thank you... :D

  10. The unsuggester is not very accurate for me. I actually have two of the books in my LT library already. Weird.

  11. I didn't realize LA Confidential was a book--really enjoyed the movie!

    What a fun list(s). :)

  12. Alice - I really do enjoy being a part of LT.

    Lenore - It is nice to know that I am not the only one who questions the accuracy of the tool. It was interesting to try out though.

    Trish - I really liked the movie too. I should try and read the book.


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