Friday, December 29, 2006

Reading Goals for 2007

The New Year is fast approaching and the promise of a new start. I suppose it's really more of a continuation of life, each year just building on the last, but somehow it always feels like a new start and a great time to set new goals, and, if a person dares, resolutions he or she may or may not intend to keep.

I know better than to beat myself up if I don't quite meet a particular goal (think of how black and blue I'd be if I did that!). I enjoy the challenge and feel an extra sense of pride if I succeed, but the fun and real reward is in the process.

First, let's review my 2006 Reading Goals:
1) Buy less, read more of the books I already own ~ A goal I strive to achieve every year and have yet to meet. Maybe in 2007.
2) Get caught up in the series I have already started ~ I made good progress and am satisfied with what I did accomplish. I definitely plan to continue with this goal into the next year.
3) Read more books than I read last year ~ The goal I did achieve, and then some. Last year I read 78 books. This year I managed to fit in 114 (closing in on 115 hopefully by the end of the year). I'm still not sure how I did it. I'm in shock. And I don't anticipate doing it again any time soon.

My 2007 Reading Goals:
1) Buy less, read more of the books I already own (you really didn't think I'd leave this one off, did you? I can do it this time, I know I can!)
2) Catch up on my series reading. (This could go one for years . . . )
3) Successfully complete the Winter Classics Challenge, The Chunkster Challenge, and the 2007 TBR Challenge (and any other challenges I decide to undertake this year).

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting to see my Top Ten list? It's coming soon!


  1. I'm looking forward to that list! I'll be back. :)

  2. Those are some good goals. I try every year to buy less books and I keep telling my hubby that I won't buy anymore but see I already have this list of new releases in my purse for next year and I just know that'll I'll have to at least go look at them...ahhh the temptation :)

  3. Buy less, read more of what we have. It's just so hard!

  4. Buying less books was one of my goals too... and what did I do today? Got 6 new books. Well actually they aren't new, but from the UBS and the thrift store, but new to me. I also went to the library. This with also 250 plus books on the TBR. Does it ever end?

  5. Yes, it is VERY hard not to buy books! I'm going to try to think of my TBR room whenever I need a bookstore fix. Maybe I can have my husband set up a little cash register at the door and he can ring me up after I've made my selections. Nah, that won't fool anyone.

  6. Wow, I love your great new look! The new page is beautiful and lends itself wonderfully to chatter about books!

    Great reading goals! I haven't consciously striven to buy fewer books, but I have found that since starting my blog I am less of a book collector and more of a reader....guess recording my observations on books read has helped make me a more discerning reader...hope it lasts! :)

    Good luck with goal#3, that's my goal, too!

  7. Lotus ~ Thank you so much! I couldn't resist kitty template. A new look for the new year. :-)

  8. That's alot of books!!! Good goals for '07!!!

  9. Your reading tastes are similar to my own. Also your need to take control of your book buying. I'm hoping the reading challenges will keep me reading what I already own.
    I'll keep coming by to check on your latest.

  10. Thank you, Sarala! I think your plan to read 52 books off your TBR shelves is ideal. I wish you luck with that.

    Carl - Yeah, it sure was a lot of books. LOL A lot for me. It probably won't happen again any time soon. I asked my dad what his average was this past year and he said a book a day. I can't even imagine! He is allowed to read at work, and since he works the graveyard shift, he has an entire night of reading he can get in. I sometimes envy him that!


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