Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday Tangents on Wednesday: The Like & Dislike Edition

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Dislike ~ People who do not return phone calls in a timely manner, especially when they say they are going to call on a certain day (I'm talking to you Mr. City Man and Miss Lender!).

Like ~ My friends who have passed along their children's baby clothing to us--you don't know what lifesavers you are!

Dislike ~ The innocent question of when I am going out on maternity leave. A question I wouldn't mind at all if I wasn't asked the same thing five to ten times a day, often by the same people who asked the day before.

Like ~ My coworkers. I met with an employee one day last week and found the office in a panic when I got out of the meeting. No one could find me and several people were worried I might have gone into labor. They searched all over (even the restroom with the big yellow caution taped X on door). However, they did not check the area where I actually was. Nor did they call my cell phone. Lesson - Announce over the intercom where I am going whenever I leave my desk: "I'm going to the restroom (again)."

Dislike ~ The canceling of a significant doctor's appointment without notifying me or rescheduling it that same week.

Like ~ Friends with relatives in the right places. I now have that doctor's appointment all because I complained to a friend who then called her sister-in-law who, before I knew what was happening, had me scheduled for the appointment. One less thing for me to do. Whew.

Dislike ~ A certain cat and dog who are always stealing my chair.

Like ~ A certain cat and dog who are always stealing my chair--who can get mad at such lovable and sweet animals?

Dislike ~ The frustration and violence some people take out on their homes before they leave.

Like ~Finding a house we really like.

Dislike ~ Discovering that the house we like is part of a special government program for first time buyers--which we aren't.

Dislike ~ Milk that goes sour before it's time.

Like ~ Just opened ice cold milk.

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  1. Yeah, I can see being asked the same question over and over again a bit annoying! That's great that your co-workers are paying such attention to you. :)

  2. I bet you are tired of people touching your stomach, preaching to you about breast-feeding, lecturing you about animal hair and babies, blah blah!

  3. Are you in the restroom again ?! LOL, I remember those days.

    I like the way every dislike has a corresponding like. Have a great day Wendy!

  4. I love the way "a certain cat and dog" made both like and dislike for the same thing! Very cute!

  5. Also fun: CALL your office at about the time you would normally get to work in the morning to tell them something like, "I had to stop for gas, will be 10 minutes late." And have them freak out after your initial, "Hey, this is Lisa/ Wendy.." that you have a baby.

  6. I think it's sweet that your coworkers all are worried about you every time you make an unscheduled exit. It must be nice to have so many people to care about you.

  7. It's nice to know you've got people looking out for you!

  8. I hope your calls get returned soon! And too bad about that house.

    Nice twist on the "good news/bad news" theme here :-).

  9. The part that I hated the most was when people would tell me how big I was getting. Nothing makes a pregnant women feel better about themselves than hearing how big they are getting. Lovely :) Hope you are well!

  10. Sounds like you have a lot of people worried about when you are going to go into labor! That is sweet .... but I could also see it might be annoying.

  11. I am hoping to hear a future like that says your house situation is completely resolved and you are MOVING!

  12. I was pondering doing a list like this earlier this weekend. Funny how great minds think alike.
    I hope you find a house you like. I know the pain of finding one only to discover for one reason or another it is not to be. Here is wishing you find the perfect house soon. One that comes with an alarm or really big dog!

  13. Co-workers can sometimes be a blessing and a pain can't they?

    Regarding the animals - I get annoyed when I look over my book and the dog is sitting in front of me staring me me the creeps sometimes. lol! But then..she's so darn cute I just have to pet her and give her kisses, which is the point of her staring at me.

  14. Kelly - It gets old fast when you always have to answer the same question over and over.

    Sandy - I haven't had too many people touch my stomach, fortunately. My no touch without asking rule has been a good deterrent to even people asking. The whole c-section vaginal birth has been one of my favorite topics to incite people in the office. I'm such a troublemaker. :-)

    Laura - I practically live there! LOL

    Jill (Rhapsody) - Yes, As annoying as it is to go and sit down and not be able to, they're way too adorable to get annoyed with for long. :-)

    Lisa - I actually sort of did that last Tuesday when I called out so I'd be home for the handyman. LOL When I wasn't there, everyone began assuming I'd had the baby. And now that I think about it, it explains why everyone in the office knew what really had happened by the time I returned Wednesday. I had only mentioned it to two people, but if others had been asking them if I'd had the baby, I'm sure they would have told them about the attempted break in.

    Heather - It is nice to know they are all looking out for me. They're all going to be on pins and needles this next week. I'm constantly being asked how I'm feeling these days.

    Kathy - I work with a great group of people. :-)

  15. Florinda - We finally did hear from the city man, although it took my husband and I a lot of message leaving. The lender never has called back, but we talked with two others so it has worked out.

    Samantha - I have the opposite problem. People don't realize I'm pregnant. I think it's just now finally more noticeable, but even so, I don't really look like I'm as far along as I am.

    Jenners - Yes, there's definitely the two sides to it!

    Kathleen - Me too, Kathleen. Believe me, me too.

    Sari - I hope you will do a list like this. :-)

    I hope we are able to find a house we like too. Hopefully this weekend. I really want to find one before the baby comes so we can get the process rolling and move soon after she's here--well, within reason.

    Kris - So true! I work with a great group of people, but they have their moments--and I'm sure I have mine.

    I know what you mean about that dog stare. I get that too sometimes. LOL Like right now!

  16. The like and dislike of "A certain cat and dog who are always stealing my chair" got me smiling. *Smile*


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