Monday, December 15, 2008

Musings Monday & An Early Chirstmas Present Revealed

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading on the go . . .

I always like to have a book with me at all times – call it a nerdy grown-up security blanket – and rarely do I leave the house without slipping one into my bag (even if I KNOW I’m not going to have a chance to read it). Do you take a book with you? Do you take whatever book you’re currently reading, or do you have a special on-the-go book? And do you have a preference for a these types of book (paperback, hardback; short stories; poetry etc)?

I have a little confession to make. When my husband and I went out to run errands yesterday, I did not take a book along. It is rare, however, when I do not have a book with me. I have been stuck at the gas station as my husband fills up the car without a book one too many times. Or stuck waiting in line at the post office. It really is no fun. You can only stare at the new stamp posters for so long before your eyes glaze over. Then there was the time I was at the doctor's office without a book. No magazine in sight! No television. I read posters on the wall. I learned all about viruses and colds, the digestive tract, and contraceptive options. I read those posters over and over until my name was called. It was awful. Never again, I decided. And so, more often than not, you will always find me with a book in hand or at least in my bag which is close at hand.

Any new bag or purse I buy has to be big enough for my book--preferably one that will hold a decent sized hardback just in case. While paperback novels tend to be easier to travel with, I do not limit the book I take with me based on the format since I read just about any size book. I most often take along the book I am reading at the time.

I tried and tried to put off opening my Book Bloggers Christmas Swap gift. You know how that goes. I mean, how long could you have resisted opening something that looks like this?

Look at that cute little kitty face on the card! Underneath that blue wrapping paper was the promise of a book (yes, I felt it up)! It's like putting a box of chocolate in front of me and expecting me to keep my hands off. Yeah right.

So . . .

My Secret Santa sent me the most adorable bookmark with both a dog and cat on it (I collect items that feature both whenever possible, but it's not always easy to find them on the same item) along with a several stickers of dogs and cats that are just too cute. I am sorry that the stickers aren't visible in the photo above. They really are something! And then, of course, you see the book my Secret Santa so kindly gave me. I have wanted a copy of Why We Read What We Read for quite some time now and am looking forward to reading it.

I cannot thank my Secret Santa enough for the wonderful gifts! Thank you also to Nymeth for organizing the gift exchange again this year and to Dewey for her part in it.

My Riley waiting for me to come back to claim my chair.


  1. Lovely, lovely gifts. I'm very glad you participated again this year, dear Wendy.

    It's also rare for me to leave the house without a book. You never know if you'll get stuck somewhere!

    That picture of Riley is adorable :)

  2. Great Secret Santa gift. Precious Riley reminds me of my sweet Milou.

  3. How absolutely cute is Riley?!Awwwww. Love that image. And what wonderful looking packages ;o)

  4. Yeah, there's no way I could wait to open that, either. I keep asking my husband every day if he wants to open a present, and he keeps saying no. I like watching people open presents almost more than I like opening them myself. I can't wait to get my book blogger gift. I don't think my recipient has received hers yet, either. I hope she likes it!

  5. Like you it seems like when I don't have a book is when I need one the most! I usually have mine stashed away in my purse for such occasions. Enjoy the gifts! The book looks especially intriguing!

  6. No way I could have resisted either! What truly wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas!

  7. I don't take a book
    I take books
    Darn near my whole library
    I take my Kindle

  8. Great haul! It is fun reading about all the secret Santa excitement. :)

  9. Ooh I bet that's going to be an interesting read!

    And, yep, I never leave the house without a book.

  10. Such a cute pup! We haven't seen him much lately, since you've posted more kitty pics recently :-).

    I have the same criteria for the size of bags and purses - ideally, they'll fit two trade paperbacks, because I might finish one while I'm out!

    I'll be interested in your impressions of the book you got from your Secret Santa.

  11. I love getting books or any other stuff in the mail! It's always so exciting!

    The gifts are lovely!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book you have received.

    Riley is so adorable! :)
    Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

  12. I currently have three books in my purse!

  13. Looking forward to hearing what you thought about your gift! Aw, Riley so cute

  14. Nymeth - It's always fun to receive a surprise in the mail--and to surprise someone else. I can't decide which I like more. :-)

    Kathy - I thought so too!

    Riley is a love--it's rare he's as quiet as he is in the photo. Usually he's bouncing off the walls. :-)

    Bogsider - I think he's pretty adorable, but then, I am biased. :-)

    Lisa - I was trying to be nice for my husband's sake but then I realized that if I waited, I'd have an extra gift to open that he wouldn't have. It seemed only fair that I open it early so as not to make him feel left out on Christmas Day. ;-)

    Trish - Isn't it the worst, being stuck without a book?

    I'd heard mixed reviews about the book before I put it on my wish list. I have been told it's a book best not taken too seriously and with a sense of humor. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    Debi - Thank you! I think my Secret Santa had me pegged!

    Tomlin - Lucky you to have a Kindle! Someday I might invest in an electronic reading device--but right now I have quite a few actual paper books that take precedent, at least that's what my husband keeps reminding me. :-)

    Kelly - I agree! I love reading about what everyone's getting. :-)

    Iliana - It sure sounds good, doesn't it?

    It really is best to keep a book with you at all times. :-)

    Florinda - Riley isn't always the most photogenic in that he doesn't like to sit for pictures. :-) I have felt like he's been neglected lately and so I couldn't resist trying to get one of him to post.

    I'm with you on the bag and purse that can fit two trade paperbacks--that means the purse can hold my book plus my reading journal should I decide to take that along too.

    Chris - You wouldn't know it, but he had been up and running around the house like a mad dog just before settling into the chair.

    Melody - It is fun to find a package waiting for you when you come home from work, isn't it?

    I hope you have a great day too!

    Vickie - You must have a good sized purse! :-)

    Jen - I'm looking forward to reading it!

    Riley's sitting in the cat bed on top of my filing cabinet right now, looking out the window. He must know it's almost time for my husband to come home from work. :-)

  15. I almost always have a book with me too. If my bag really is too full and heavy with textbooks and stuff, then I'll at least have a magazine in there. Being stuck with nothing to read is awful!
    Lovely gift. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.
    Adorable photo of Riley! :)

  16. Can't wait to hear about Why We Read What We Read! Great gifts!

  17. you mean your secret santa didn't reveal themselves? Odd. LOL

    That book looks great! I can't wait to see what you have to say about it.

    I also like watching people open gifts...its fun.

  18. I enjoy reading your bookless anecdote, and I share that experience. I've gone to the dog grooming parlor without a book and there weren't any engaging reading materials nearby.

    Why We Read What We Read seems like a great starting point of non-fiction for the new year. I'm marking it down.

  19. That's a fabulous gift from your Secret Santa and one that is very thoughtful of your love for cats too! Beautiful, beautiful gift, Wendy. Happy reading!

    I think I should also open up my gift and start submitting the link to Mr Linky's Secret Santa... What do you think? Hehee...

    I also must bring along a book with me everywhere I go except for some rare occassions...

  20. I carry a book and knitting wherever I go and have for eons. You never know! Which means I favor ginormous purses.

    Nifty gifts! I hadn't heard of that book before. Dogs AND cats? You just have to have it all, don't you Wendy? :)

  21. I carry emergency books in the car, just in case I forget to stick one in my purse.

    Ooooh, treasures! That looks like a really fun book!

    Riley is adorable. :)

  22. I hate, hate, hate when I forget a book and have time on my hands. It drives me nuts not to have something to read. Your dog is so cute btw!

  23. Nice gifts Wendy! Riley is so sweet-makes me want to give him a hug.

  24. Nat - It really is awful. I hate it when I forget to take something to read with me.

    Riley's liking all this praise. ;-)

    Jenclair - Thank you!

    Serena - It's still a mystery! :-)

    Matt - Oh no! It's terrible to be stuck without a book or decent reading material.

    I may just have to start off my year with Why We Read What We Read. What a great idea!

    Alice - Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading my new book!

    Carrie K - And you have a choice! You can either knit or read. :-)

    I keep telling my husband we need another dog to balance things out, but he's not buying it. LOL

    Nancy - That's a good idea. I would probably get too interested in the car book and take it with me when I get out. LOL

    Samantha - It's such a horrible predicament to be in, stuck without a book. And Riley thanks you for the compliment. ;-)

    Dar - Thank you. :-) Riley is very huggable--and he definitely gets a lot of them from me. LOL


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