Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st in the Series Wrap Up

What was the goal of the 1st in the Series Challenge 2008? How did you do?

The goal for this particular challenge was to read 12 books that were the first in a series. I took several liberties with this challenge to make it look like I completed it successfully. At least for my piece of mind. Whether anyone else counts it as a success is another matter entirely.

I managed to read one book from my original list. That being Murder on a Girls' Night Out by Anne George. This year was just not a challenge year for me. I started the year with good intentions, but, well, my reading took off in another direction and the reading challenges suffered for it as a result. I am not sad about that and neither should you be on my behalf.

And yet, here I am, summing up a challenge I bent all the rules to just to make it look like I finished it. Go figure.

All of the books I read for this challenge are first in a series, save for one. I am counting Sun and Shadow as a first, however, because it is the first in the series to be published in English in the U.S.A. The true first in the Erik Winter series has yet to be translated into a language I can actually read, and therefore, does not count as the first book in the series at this point in time. At least by my rules.

I also played loosely with the term "series". All of the books I read for the challenge are in fact, by my definition, first in a series. It's just that in many cases, the second book has yet to be published. I suppose you could argue that a 1st in a series can only be a part of a series if there are books that come after it already available. I chose to ignore that technicality and took the authors at their word that there would be later books in the series to follow.

In one case (The House on Tradd Street), I am not really sure the book counts as a first in a series per say. It is the first of two at least.

So, did I really complete this challenge? Probably not. And if there were prizes being offered (which as far as I know there are not), I would definitely not count myself among those qualified to win any. Still, it's fun to say I did finish this one for the sake of this summary. And for my ego.

What books did you read for the challenge?

What was the best book you read for this challenge? Your least favorite?

I enjoyed each of the books I read for this challenge and would be hard pressed to name one I did not like. Craig Johnson's Sheriff Longmire Series is by far my favorite new find of the year. Cold Dish was the starting point of what has become a fruitful relationship.

Did you try any new-to-you authors? Will you seek out other books by these authors?

Every author for this challenge was new-to-me. I definitely am looking forward to continuing on with the many series I began reading for this challenge. Fortunately for me, a few of the authors have books in the series I have yet to read available already, including Åke Edwardson, Robert Fate, Anne George, Craig Johnson, Stephanie Meyer and EJ Rand.

Many thanks to Joy for hosting the 1st in the Series Challenge this year. I apologize for taking such liberties with your wonderful challenge and will try to do better at sticking to the actual rules in future challenges.


  1. Congrats! I plan on doing this next year!

  2. Jen - Just don't follow my example and bend all the rules. LOL

  3. Congratulations! I think it's perfectly acceptable to bend a rule or two to suit your personal reading goals. Especially if you 'fess up to the change/interpretation of the rules. Unless there is a prize involved that you're going to try to win. Then I think a person should stick to the rules as written. Just my humble opinion. :-) Man, I got on a weird little soapbox there for a minute. Sorry! :-)


  4. Wendy, great job with this, even though you claim to have bent the rules! I'm glad you found some great new authors!

  5. Congrats, Wendy!

    I'm not sure if I could bend mine for the TBR challenge because I still have three left unread and one half way through... and it's 4 more days before end of 2008... I did read a few others that are not on the original list... Can I?

  6. Lezlie - Thanks! That's pretty much how I feel too, Lezlie. :-)

    Shana - Thank you! I love finding new authors.

    Alice - Thanks! LOL Yes, I'm not sure you could get away with bending the rules for the TBR Challenge. Jenn was pretty strict about making sure to cover most of the bases. :-) You did very well with the TBR Challenge just the same. Much better than I did!

  7. Congrats, Wendy! No matter if you've bent the rules or not, you still read a lot of books! ;P

  8. Wendy, I love how you bent the rules. I wish I would have thought of this.

  9. Melody - Yes, I did manage that much. :-)

    Heidi - Haha! Thanks! You can keep it in mind for next year. ;-)

  10. I switched out a few books too!
    I say congrats on finishing your challenge. I know I want to read Cold Dish after you mentioned it. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

  11. Iliana - I'm glad I'm not the only one. :-) And thank you! I think you'd like the Sheriff Longmire series. I hope you'll give it a try. I know how many books there are out there to read though, so get to it when you can. :-)


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