Saturday, October 04, 2008

Six Random or Weird Things About Me

I was recently tagged by Laura, Jen and Dynamic Uno for the Six Random or Weird Things About Me memes. I always have trouble with lists like this. Some of the weirder stuff, I would rather keep you in the dark about. Here's some safe ones though:

1. Just this year, I figured out how to swallow gel capsule pills. I take a swig of water, hold my head forward so the pill floats to the back of my mouth, and swallow. (Pill swallowing of any kind has been difficult for me all my life, so this was quite an accomplishment for me who could never seem to swallow those pesky floating pills.)

2. I often tell solicitors I am not home when they ask to speak with me.

3. It is second nature for me to lock unlocked doors leading out of the house. I have locked my husband out a few times when he's just throwing away the trash or starting up the sprinklers in the yard as a result.

4. I have to put on lip balm before I go to bed at night or else I cannot go to sleep.

5. I decided the other day that I am going to give up reading. Then I came to my senses.

6. My first response when anyone asks me if he or she can ask me a question often is, "No."

I will not be tagging anyone specifically, but if you are feeling especially brave, please do play along!


  1. re #3 - It's force of habit for me to lock the door after myself, no matter what - which has only led to me locking myself out once (without shoes and with only a third of my book left to read!) but did lead to me locking my roommate out in college while she was in the shower... leading to her rushing out to the bus stop in a towel and flip-flops to get my keys. :)

  2. Before we got rid of our landline I used to tell solicitors I wasn't available all the time. Some of them are relentless, though!!

  3. I have to put Vaseline on my lips before I go to bed, so I'm with you there.

  4. My boys always get onto me because I'm so fast getting out of the van that sometimes I lock them in on accident. I could have put that as well!

    That's funny you've locked your husband out of the house. (When it's unintentional!)

  5. Nicki - You mean I'm not the only one? That does make me feel better. It drove my father crazy when I'd do while living at home--he preferred to keep the doors unlocked for some reason (and I never locked him out by accident). That's really funny about your roommate, but I imagine it wasn't so funny for her at the time! :-)

    Trish - Yes, AT&T is the one that is frequently calling these days. Them and our cable company. Ugh. I've thought about going strictly cell, but some services we couldn't have without the landline and I like having a reliable back up in case the power goes out and I have no way of recharging the cell phone. I'm a must-have-back-up-plan sort of person.

    Kathy - You too? I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    Michelle - That's too funny--you locking your boys in the car. :-) Yeah, I haven't yet locked my husband out intentionally. He isn't too thrilled when I do lock him out--or turn the lights out on him. That's another bad habit I have.

  6. I think we were separated at birth.

    1) I have to let pills float down my throat on water.

    2) I don't tell them anything. I don't answer, or I hang up. I love caller ID - if you're "unknown" or "unidentified," I don't have to talk to you!

    3) I do that - AND turn off the lights, as you just mentioned in comments.

    4) I do that too.

    5) OK, you have to be kidding about this one :-).

    6) Mine is, "I think you just did. Got another one?"

    I have trouble with these random lists too, but I think you did fine, Wendy!

  7. Okay, number three is funny. My husband does that to me all the time.

    I'm a chaptick addict - Burt's Bees.

    Give up reading?!?! Wendy, you can't. We'd miss you!

  8. Florinda - That thought has crossed my mind. :-)

    I've often thought about picking up the phone and not saying anything at all, maybe even setting the phone down and walking away . . . I usually don't answer at all, but when the same number calls over and over again, I get curious.

    The turning off the lights thing drives my husband nuts. When we lived in our apartment, the light switch to the bathroom was on the outside of the room (not sure why) and I would often flip the switch not realizing he was in there. Oops.

    Shana - Does he? Oh no! I bet he apologizes profusely afterward. :-)

    I haven't tried Burt's Bees, but I've been thinking that will be my next choice when my current lip balm runs out.

    I was having a bad day when I decided I should give up reading. I told my husband and he laughed. He knows I could never do it--even if I tried.

  9. I miss Burt's Bees! Good stuff.

    Giving up reading! Aaagghh!

  10. LOL on quitting reading. Your answers are really quirky!

    I played too in July this year...

  11. I am sooooo glad you didn't decide to not read - how awful :)

    I do lip balm before I go to sleep too - this is not weird - this is normal!!!!!

    Or does this mean I am weird too LOL!!!

  12. I was SO bad at swallowing pills until a couple of years ago and now I take at least 20 every day (hubby and I aren't the healthiest of eaters so we take tons of vitamins).

    I think I might have tagged you for this too. Not sure.

  13. I too have locked out my mother many a times!!

  14. Okay, I'll admit it; I'm a lip balm junkie! I have to have a tube with me at all times. And not just any tube, either; it has to be Blistex's Mint one. I've even mastered the one-handed application.

    Is there a twelve-step program for this?

  15. You gotta try the Burt's Bees, it's THE BEST.

    I do #6 too. It's a reflex, I can't help myself.

    Maybe some time this week I'll give this one a shot, today I'm gonna do my first ever Sunday Salon.

  16. I do #6. And if I'm having a bad day and really don't want to start a conversation, I answer "What are you reading?" with "A book".

    I'm trying to gather the courage to do this meme too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it hard.

  17. I do the lip balm thing too! And I've also told phone solicitors that they have the wrong no, it is not me who they are speaking to! *laughs*

  18. I never answer our landline. I figure if it's important enough they'll leave a message but 99% of the time it's someone trying to sell us something. Everyone we know either calls our cell phones or emails.

    As for #4, I have to put on lip gloss and put in eye drops before I go to bed or I can't sleep! :P

  19. I love telling solicitors you're not at home. I usually just hang up but I like this one and will have to give it a try. I have the lip balm one too and can't swallow a big pill if my life depended on it. Give up reading-yeh right. lol.

  20. Bybee - It would be a sad state of affairs the day I give up reading, or any of us for that matter.

    Alice - Thanks! :-) I think we all have a bit of quirkiness in us.

    Sally - I'm beginning to realize the lip balm thing is common--at least reading all these responses. And here I thought I was really strange! :-)

    Jen - You too? I've always had trouble with pills. This past year, I have had to take more and more, and so I'm becoming better at it through practice, but I still have my bad moments. And I always look funny taking pills. My husband is sure to point it out whenever he sees me. :-S

    I thought I had been tagged by someone else, but I couldn't remember who. I added in your name just in case!

    Gautami - Haha! You're poor mom and my poor husband. The things they have to deal with.

    Linda - Blistex Mint is a good one. That's my husband's favorite.

    Lisa - I am going to have to try Burt's Bees! When my current balm runs out (which will be soon), I'll be giving that one a try. :-)

    It is a reflex for me too, to say no.

    Nymeth - Haha! I sometimes will answer that way to the reading question too, especially when I know the person asking doesn't really care.

    Wendy - The wrong number . . . I'll have to try that one too. :-)

    Nat - Even the unimportant callers are leaving messages these days. Mostly election related calls--ads from the politicians. It'll be nice when election is over and I'm not receiving those types of calls anymore.

    Another lip gloss/balm person! I've never been able to put in eye drops (although I did wear contacts for a number of years). I always blink and miss.

  21. Dar - Big pills are the worst. I have to cut those in half or even smaller in some instances. And even then it's not a guarantee it will work.

    I realize those poor solicitors are just doing their job, but it can be fun to play with them a little. I'm terrible, I know.

  22. Wendy- I tell solicitors that I am not home too.

    My daughter is one who locks the doors all the time. She has locked us out in the middle of bringing in groceries before.

  23. Amy - I wonder what would happen if I actually said, "I'm not home right now" instead of "She's not home right now." Do you think they'd notice? :-)

    Oh no! I'm sorry you were on the receiving end of being locked out. I locked myself out before and had to climb in through the window. Luckily I'd left it open.


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