Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fill In Fun

1. My favorite food seasoning is teriyaki sauce.
2. My kitties' purring is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is the name of my neighbor's dog.
4. Taking care of my cats and dog is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people in the United States will be voting on Tuesday, November 4th.
6. A book was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a double feature: Coming to America and Lady in the Water; tomorrow my plans include setting my clock back an hour early before I head off to bed; and Sunday, I want to spend the day reading and catching up on this past week's television shows!


  1. I love the sound of cats purring also--very comforting to me. Have a great weekend! And enjoy Coming to America--I laugh just thinking about that movie. :)

  2. Hi, Trish! I had a purring cat nestled up under my chin this morning when I woke up. :-) A very nice way to start the day. It's such a fun movie! It's one of those I can watch over and over again. Have a great weekend too!

  3. Let me know what you think of LADY IN THE WATER I did see it. Enjoy your double feature. yes I believe there might be more voters this time around. It certainly will be exciting to watch.
    I sopke to a republican this morning and he looked very depressed, this might be a good sign for Obama. My friend feels that we are all going to suffer regret if Obama wins.

    Anyway i am for Obama. These days the whole world looks towards the United States and is going to be watching.

    Have a very nice week-end dear Wendy

  4. Lady in the Water wasn't really what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it. And I think "Lucky" is the person who wakes up with a purring cat nestled under her chin!

  5. purring cats are the best sound ever...little happiness generators :)

  6. Sylvie - I enjoyed it. It was slow going at first, but that's not unusual for that particular director and writer's movies.

    I had an interesting political discussion at work Thursday with two women who I don't see eye to eye with. It was interesting to hear where they were coming from. I hope you have a good weekend too!

    Joy - I didn't really know what to expect going into Lady in the Water, but like you, I enjoyed it.

    And you are right! I feel very lucky to wake up to the sound of a purring cat. :-)

    Reads All Night - It is a wonderful sound. :-)

  7. A purring cat always makes me smile! :)
    So what book did you buy?
    Hope you're having the relaxing weekend you planned.

  8. Nat - I have enjoyed a nice quiet weekend so far. :-) I picked up a copy of Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas the other day while out. I've heard good things about it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. I hope you had a great weekend, Wendy! I love teriyaki sauce too! :)

  10. Melody - Teriyaki sauce is the best! Have a great week!

  11. Oh Wendy, I'd love to hear your furkids purr. Maybe one of these days you could post a YouTube video featuring Parker and Anya meowing. That'd be fun!

    I wish I could say books were the last thing I bought from the store but it was a long hippy dress. (Did I just said a dress?!) I know it's weird because I don't wear skirts or dresses... Wait, actually I did buy something that resembles a book. I bought 3 magazines! Haha...

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Alice - They both can get pretty loud when they want to. :-)

    I am still in shock about the idea of you buying a dress! Not our Alice?! ;-) I hope you have a great weekend too.


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