Sunday, May 25, 2008

Words Fail Me

I have started this post several times only to delete it each time. I considered ranting about my recent computer trouble and how it prevented me from keeping up with my blog this past week, much less visiting all of yours, but decided against it. I then began with a whine of sorts, complaining about how my reading is not quite going the way I would like it to, how I am neglecting the reading challenges I signed up for and am not able to squeeze in as much reading as I would like. I wrote about the two boxes of books that sit in my TBR room, one filled with my challenge books and one with my "read now" books, both of which I had carefully filled at the beginning of the year with the intention of structuring my reading--and how little they've been touched since that time. I also mentioned that I have a shelf full of books I committed to reviewing, which is beginning to bulge from the weight. I suddenly have this image of Irina Spalko at the end of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in my head.

Not only was the computer problem resolved, but my husband surprised me by taking me shopping for a new one, a laptop to replace my desktop. We had been talking about it for awhile and I had done a bit of research, and so the purchase was not completely impulsive. I just did not expect that we would be taking the plunge so soon, especially with our big vacation coming up near the end of the summer season. I am thrilled and enjoying my new toy quite a bit.

As for my reading, I would rather be overwhelmed than fretting about having nothing to read at all. I will worry when the spark of joy at seeing a book I want to read disappears and I decide it might be more fun to weed the flower box outside than to open any book regardless of what it is.

In a nutshell, I cannot think of what to write about today. Maybe I will be more inspired next week.


  1. Sometimes an honest post like this is more interesting than just reading a review.

    Congrats on the new laptop. I love mine.

    And I just got in from planting all my flowers.

  2. Hi Wendy :)

    You are right, better to be overwhelmed by books, than apathetic. Also with springtime/summer we all get distracted by the outdoors, the spring air etc...wintertime is such a perfect time to snuggle up and read, spring and summer is not so perfect, to much calls our attention to other activities.

    Congrat on your laptop :D, I like mine a lot. Relax, enjoy what ever comes by, be it the garden, books or a walk, whatever,

    Have a nice week

  3. I did notice that you weren't around the net quite as much as I'm used to seeing you. I'm glad it was just computer problems and nothing more serious.
    Congrats on your new laptop. :)

  4. Sometimes stepping back a little isn't a bad thing.

    I'm glad your computer problems are resolved - and I wouldn't be surprised if playing around on your new laptop gets you back up to speed with your blog activity very quickly - although it may hinder your book-reading time (my personal Catch-22). In any case, don't sweat it and I'm sure your inspiration will be back soon!

    Enjoy your new laptop!

  5. Enjoy your new toy! I just ordered a computer yesterday as I am using a work laptop I have to return next week and I thought it was about time we had our own computer rather than replying on my job. I can't wait for it to get here...

    I am in a bit of a weird reading thing myself. I am finding it hard to sit down and read so I am reading more short fiction. When I do get into the right mood though I will spend the whole day reading if possible. I guess I just feel a bit disjointed.

    It will be good to have you back online again :)

  6. Your new laptop sounds very exciting! How fun to play with it and get all your settings right.

    At the beginning of your post I just kept nodding my head in complete understanding. I know how easily we can sign up for things and get overwhelmed. But challenges are not assignments and everyone understands that there are more books then time.

    I hope you get to relax this long weekend and don't worry, new inspiration is right around the corner!

  7. I agree that challenges are meant to be fun. Who cares if you aren't reading the books you thought you would be? At least you are reading which is more than most people can say...LOL! Congrats on the new computer!

  8. Yeah, yeah, and double yeah about your new laptop! Way to go hubby! If I got a new laptop, that'd be all I'd post! :)

  9. Just when I was beginning to worry...

    Sounds like you're suffering from a bout with life. Unfortunately, I know of no cure.

    I'm glad you're back.


  10. Linda - Thank you on all counts. My laptop and I seem to be getting along fine. It's been a much smoother transition than I thought it would be.

    Sylvie - Is that what I've been feeling? A bit of spring fever? I wouldn't be surprised. :-) I definitely plan to relax for the rest of the weekend.

    Trisha - Thanks! Yes, it could have been much worse, and I'm so glad it wasn't. The computer trouble turned out to be easily fixed once we actually knew what was wrong.

    Florinda - You are right, stepping back isn't a bad thing. I just need to get that through my thick skull. I think I've been complaining too much lately, not only online but off line as well. Got to stop. Too, thinking too much of the "should've dones" instead of just doing. Know what I mean? That's me complaining again. ;-)

    I haven't gotten nearly as much reading done today as I would like because of my computer tinkering and the fact that the book I'm reading is a bit dry at time--therefore, easier to put down than I would like and not as enticing to pick up.

    Rhinoa - Thanks! I am enjoying it. I hope you like your new computer!

    I did a little of that to help me through a rough spot, chose shorter books and short stories. I hope you find your reading groove again soon. Maybe it's just a matter of finding the right book.

    Jaimie - It is fun getting it all set up just the way I want it. :-)

    It wasn't too long ago you posted something in a similar vein, although you were much more eloquent.

    And thank you for the encouragement!

    Samantha - You are so right! Challenges are meant to be fun. And if I am not reading my challenge books, that is okay. I am enjoying what I am reading--and that's what is important.

    J. Kaye - My usually conservative husband actually initiated the plunge! Usually it's me pulling his arm into the store. LOL

    CJ - Haha Very true! Would I really want a cure if there was one? I guess it would depend on what that would mean exactly . . .

  11. Ah, I've been wondering about your 'disappearance', hehe...

    Glad to hear about your new laptop; I find it a convenience as compared to the desktop, and I think it's about time I should upgrade ours too, haha.

  12. Yay on your new laptop! I changed from a desktop (circa 1999 or so) to a laptop last summer and I've not regretted it. I drag it all over the house and love that I can take it with me when I go somewhere. Glad to hear it was a computer issue that made you scarce rather than illness, etc.

  13. You know I was thinking recently about how my reading has changed through the years and also thinking about how I spend my spare time. Years ago, I would go to the library and scan the shelves and pick out something or a bunch of somethings to read. I'd take them home, read them, go back and get more. I didn't know nearly as much about authors, what was coming out next, reading a series in order or what the heck an "arc" was.

    The internet has changed my life in so many ways, good and bad. I spend way (and I mean wayyyyyy) too much time on the computer. I am much more knowledgeable about books and authors and boy do I know what an arc is. My house overflows with books (not a bad thing). My TBR pile is endless. However, my spare time is almost nil and sometimes I feel or rather most times lately I feel completely overwhelmed. What happened do you think?

    Well, I guess technology happened. I don't know a real solution unless I just unplug and stay away from my computer. Even blogging sometimes feels overwhelming. Sort of like an assignment and I worry when it has been too long since I wrote an entry or read others blogs.

    I didn't mean this to be a complete blog entry. I should probably erase and put this on my blog, but I won't. I just wanted to say that I hear you and maybe we all need to take a summer break occasionally from what? Computers, books read in order, arcs and get back to a simpler way?

    Congrats on the new computer. I got a new one last year and it has been lots of fun.

  14. Well, despite not having anything to say you certainly managed to make a whole post out of it!!! Just teasing!

    I know what you mean though, which is why I think that I will set up a little notebook for myself and jot down ideas for the blog when I think of them as by the time I come to sit at the pc my brain goes blank! (not to mention that when I have a brilliant idea I am nowhere near a computer!!)

  15. How cool on the laptop! I love you gadets. I agree that the occasional non-bookish post is fun, too. It's nice to mix it up.

  16. Sometimes I think readers put too much pressure on their selves. We need to enjoy ourselves a bit more and challenge ourselves a bit less. Sometimes reading should be like when we were kids.

    Congrats on the new laptop. My computer is 6 years old and I'm trying to get one more year out of it. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. LOL.

  17. "As for my reading, I would rather be overwhelmed than fretting about having nothing to read at all. "

    A good point, and one I keep having to remind myself of.

    It's good to see you around again. You were missed! I'm sorry to hear you had computer problems...those can be infuriating. But a new laptop! Enjoy it :)

  18. Melody - Thanks! I like that I can take it anywhere in the house and am not stuck in one place. :-)

    Terri - It'll be nice to be able to take it with me when we go on vacation. I have to look and see if our hotels have internet hook up . . .

    Kay - You can write as much as you like! I think you make a very good point about us being more aware of our reading options, not to mention other distractions that come with technology, thanks to the internet.

    Blogging definitely can be time consuming.

    I think there is actually a challenge for reading books for no reason at all. ;-)

    Sam - I did, didn't I? Haha I need to do that too, jot blog ideas down when I'm away from the computer so that I have ready ideas during the slow times.

    Nikki - I like new gadgets too! My life isn't all about books and so it's nice to stray now and then, I agree.

    Kristy - I hope you are able to squeeze out another year on your computer. They can be so expensive and then they go out of date or breakdown too quickly.

    I naturally put pressure on myself for just about everything. I think it's a genetic trait I inherited from my parents. It's a hard habit to break, especially because I do have fun with challenging myself more times than not. I'm like Pavlov's dog, salivating at every ring of the bell, knowing that I may get a reward--just maybe not this time. :-) I just realized I went from hereditary to behavioral all in the same paragraph . . .

    Nymeth - Thank you! I'm having fun with it. My husband's been hinting that he wants to get it a whirl, but I haven't given him a chance yet. He has his own computer to play with. LOL

  19. I've been reading (really enjoying Kafka on the Shore) but there are so many things I need to do I'm feeling stretched a bit thin at the moment. Nothing getting done and no time to do it, that kind of thing.
    And I just told my husband that I think I may need a new computer after all. The fix he did a couple months ago helped but it's getting slow and frustrating again and just not working well. I have been using this laptop for 5 or 6 years which is ancient for computers these days but I wanted to hang on as long as I could since it is a nice one. He got excited though about looking at various ones and deciding which to get! LOL.
    Hope this week is a better one for you.

  20. Sometimes a shiny new toy is just the thing to chase worries away :)

  21. Yep. I know what you mean. And my computer is about to bite the dust, too, and I'm hoping for a new one soon.

  22. I was also nodding my head in agreement. I am finding that challenges are initially fun and then it starts to feel like pressure. I read for pleasure so I'm not joining any new challenges and have given myself permission to leave current challenges behind. I do tend to read more in the summer because I spend so much of it on a beach with my kid.

  23. Nat - I know the feeling! There just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done we want to, reading and otherwise.

    It sounds like you may need a new computer soon. I'm so glad for external hard drives--they make transferring important documents and files from one computer to another so much easier. I remember when it wasn't quite so simple. My husband is the same as yours, I think. He loves technology and was excited about finding me a decent laptop. :-)

    Kathleen - It certainly helps!

    Tara - I just wish they weren't so expensive. :-(

    Bookgal - That's pretty much what I've done. I am not dropping out of my current challenges, but I've given myself permission to not worry about finishing them. If I do, wonderful. If I don't, no big deal.

    Hopefully you will get in lots of reading time this summer!

  24. Hurrah for the new computer! And, I know how you feel about falling behind on the challenges. I had been doing so well. Ah, as long as I am still having fun with them, that's what counts. Oh and where are you going on vacation? Hopefully you'll get a lot of reading done then! :)

  25. Congrats on the new laptop! I know how much fun that can be!

    Remember that you can always decide not to do a challenge after all, or take a break from blogging and reading blogs for a day, two days, a week, whatever, and the world won't end. We'll still be here. :)

  26. Woo Hoo for you ... a new toy!

    As for reading, we all have highs and lows whether it's dealing with time, choice of books, desire, availability, etc. The good news is that when you're low, the high will be coming soon because nothing stays the same forever. :)

  27. Yay for the new computer! I think mine is about to die on me so I periodically wipe everything of importance off my harddrive onto a backup. Stinks! I hope you get out of the reading slump. Screw those challenges! And blame the TBR on bookbloggers. Ok, it's not that easy, but I know I've made reading a chore in the past and I don't want to spend my little time reading feeling obligated and yucky.

  28. Wendy - as I was reading this post, I kept nodding at the stuff you said about the problem you've with reading lately. And then I was hoping maybe you had some ideas that causes the problem for your reading problem for me to find answers for my reading slump. I still haven't find a clue.

    Every now and then, I think stepping back for awhile isn't bad thing. It will help. Go out and plant flowers or something. Or take advendage of the nice warm summer outside. I'm sure in due times you will have your inspiration back and post again. Always enjoy your blog and hope you don't stay away too long :)

    Congrats on your new laptop! Isn't it the cooliest thing?! *G*...I love mine too :)

  29. Other than the computer woes, I feel the same way. Too many books (which is really a good thing!) and not enough time to read/blog/read blogs. But I'm working at not feeling overwhelmed, but rather lucky to have so many sources of entertainment. :)

  30. Iliana - Exactly! The challenges are meant to be fun. :-) I'm going to Hawaii. It's a combination 10th wedding anniversary/birthday trip. I can't wait!

    Heather - Thanks! I haven't really taken my computer out of the computer room yet other than to test the wireless router connection, but I imagine it will get to travel with me soon.

    Joy - It's certainly a toy that will not go to waste. :-)

    It's always nice to know I'm not alone in my ups and downs. And you are right, there's always a high to look forward to after a low!

    Trish - Oh no! I'm sorry you are having major computer problems. It's good that you are backing everything up periodically. I know from experience what a loss that can be if you don't. :-(

    LOL I do blame my TBR on bookbloggers. Most definitely! I'm actually doing a little better reading wise than I did last month, I'm happy to say.

    Julia - I wish I had answers. I have had a lot on my plate lately with work and my health. That took a lot out of me and I still haven't quite recovered. The internet hasn't been my best of friend either--taking away from my reading time. I'm working on getting back to the reading and away from the computer. I think too that I let myself get overwhelmed with must read books, and I've almost got myself convinced that I can only do so much being one person.

    I have been making more time for other interests as well. I think I will take a week off from blogging next month.

    Les - I am working on not feeling overwhelmed too. And you are right! We're very lucky to have such a variety of entertainment at our fingertips. :-) I'm feeling better already!

  31. Nooooooooo! You can take a week off from blogging hehehe. I'm always interested in reading your blog entries :)

    I agree, computer can take you away from reading times, as that what it done to me lately too. That and including TV show lol Good luck with getting back your reading groove again *grin*

  32. OOPSIE!...I meant to say you CAN NOT take a week off from your blogging....

  33. Julia - Thank you so much! I'll try to make my absence as painless as possible. :-)

    I'm always glad when the TV season ends because that means more reading. It's a shame that the TV people created shows for the off season to tempt us though!


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