Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Fun: Weekly Geeks, The Best Kind of Binge & A Meme

Dewey who is hosting the Weekly Geeks Challenge has just announced the second week's theme, which she's borrowed from Darla at Books and Other Thoughts . Darla offers to link bloggers' reviews on her site of books she has also reviewed. I know that others have also adopted the practice as well. It's a great way for readers to quickly find other opinions on books they are considering reading. I like the idea personally and would like to incorporate it here on my blog. So, if you happen to review a book that I have reviewed, please e-mail me or leave me a comment to let me know (and a link to your review), and I will add it to the bottom of my review as time allows. Disclaimer: I am more than willing (and think it would be quite helpful to readers) to post links to reviews with differing and similar opinions to my own, however, I will not post links to reviews that I deem to be offensive.

book bingeMy friend Florinda pointed me in the direction of MaryP's annual Book Binge event which is being held this month. It sounds like a fun idea, and technically not too far off from what I do already. I do not usually post a summary of my monthly reading here on my blog, but I do keep track of what I read. It's an excuse to try and read more, anyway. How could I pass that up?
Here’s how it goes: For the month of May, participants keep track of each and every book you read. At the end of the month, everyone will blog their list of books. Simple, no?

For simplicity’s sake, and to allow people time to hear about it and sign up if they want, we’ll start on Monday, May 5th. We will all publish our lists on June 1.

Other rules:

- You can include books you re-read, so long as you re-read them in between May 5 and 31.
- You may also include books you start but don’t finish, just note the page at which you gave it up. Something like, “Quit, page 47 of 322″.
- You may only include books you read aloud to your children if they are at least 125 pages long.
- Students may include textbooks (if they’re at least 100 pages long).

It's not too late to sign up!

Both Tracee and C.B. James tagged me for the 6 Random Things About Me Meme. I never know what to say when I first sit down to compose my list, much less if anyone will find it interesting.

1. As a child, I always preferred paper dolls to Barbie dolls.
2. I got a flat tire the first time I ever drove a car.
3. My guitar's name is Molly.
4. I hate talking on the phone. I do enough of that at work and tend to avoid doing so at home.
5. I like to sleep all bundled up and I can't leave a window open at night or my allergies will torture me come early morning.
6. I have two favorite poems: Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman and Emily Dickenson's I'm Nobody! Who are you?

I won't tag anyone, but if you want to play along, please do! This is one of those you can do more than once or twice and still find something new to say.


  1. Well, shoot.

    I just posted a weekly geeks thingie saying I'm not going to take part because it sounded too time consuming. Then I come here and you made it so simple... I may have to change my mind.

    The Book Binge sounds like a neat idea, especially since I try to do it anyway. I may have to sign up.

    And I love the meme. I had no idea you even played the guitar and now I knew you've got one named Molly...


  2. I hate talking on the phone too. I'd much rather email or instant message. Of course if it's friends, then meeting in person is best. :)
    I already do a monthly recap of my reads so I don't know if that would be cheating. Cute button!

  3. I didn't know you played guitar either, let alone one that had a name! :-)

    I'm so glad you signed up for Book Binge! In answer to Tanabata's comment, I'm pretty sure that even if anyone already posts a reading recap, they can still join in and count it.

  4. lol, how cool that you named your guitar :)

    I hate talking on the phone too. And I didn't know either of those poems - thank you for sharing.

  5. CJ - I can see it being too time consuming this coming week in particular, if everyone's going through old reviews looking to see if I've reviewed books they've also reviewed. I think once the frenzy dies down, if it happens at all, it won't be so bad time wise. :-)

    I hope you do decide to sign up for the Book Binge!

    It's been awhile since Molly's seen the light of day. I'm really rusty when it comes to playing.

    Tanabata - I definitely prefer e-mail to talking on the phone.

    I think you should join the Book Binge too. I almost felt like I was cheating too, but I don't believe MaryP or anyone else will look at it that way. :-)

    Florinda - I was into naming everything at one time. LOL

    Thanks for encouraging me to sign up for the Book Binge. I'm looking forward to it!

    Nymeth - I even wrote a poem about Molly when I was in high school. :-)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like talking on the phone.

    The first time I heard Maya Angelou's poem, I got goose bumps. It's such an inspirational poem. The Emily Dickenson poem has been my favorite for as long I can remember--I love it for its simplicity and message.

  6. I've never had a Barbie doll in my life. I think I'm thankful for that. I don't like talking on the phone either - prefer to take pictures of mine :)

  7. PS. Glad you like my clock photos. Thanks for commenting :)

  8. Julie - You didn't miss much by not having a Barbie doll. :-)

    I really like looking at your photos. You are very talented.

  9. I tend to name things too. My guitar's name is Madeleine (too bad I don't play her more often) and my car's name is Sophie (unlike the guitar, the car gets out every day).

  10. I *love* Phenomenal Woman! I'm glad I'm not the only one who names "things". My car's name is Lola Sunshine. My last one was Mrs. Sheila Bubbles. Yikes about the flat tire--I'm sure that was frightening your first day of driving!

  11. Paper dolls!!! I played that during my primary school days... it was so much fun.

    Oh no, to change a flat tire even if you're an expert is considered a headache, I couldn't imagine it if you drove a car for the first time!!

  12. I was not allowed to have a Barbie doll. My mother didn't approve of the tramp. (Although now she really wishes she'd bought one and saved it.)

    The book binge sounds like fun! I keep track of my books read anyway.

    The Weekly Geek book review linkage looked really time comsuming. I was intending to Grasshopper enjoy all the lovely Ants hard work setting it up. Bad me.

  13. Terri - Such a pretty name for a guitar! Mine doesn't get out much either, I'm afraid.

    Trish - It's such an inspiring poem, isn't it? I love the names you've given your cars!

    The flat tire my first time behind the wheel became an ongoing family joke. I wasn't too happy about it at the time though.

    Melody - I used to love making clothes for my paper dolls. :-)

    The flat tire experience was scary as a new driver, but my mom and brother were with me--and we weren't too far from home at the time. We ended up walking home and my dad came back with us and showed me how to change the tire.

  14. Carrie K - My mom let me play with a couple of her Barbie dolls that were made in the 50's. I remember they had heavy eye make up.

    I think the review linking won't be so time consuming once the initial rush is over of people requesting the links. I could be wrong though. :-)

  15. Family jokes, I guess that happens. My step-sister just turned 16 and on her second day driving she was in the school parking lot with her driver door open and another kid ran into it and bent the door back. She can still drive the car, but she has to crawl in the passenger door. We had a couple good laughs at her expense and I hope that soon she can laugh at it as well. Well, probably not soon, but eventually. ;)

  16. Trish - Your poor sister! I can see how that would be funny in hindsight, especially since no one was hurt, but I imagine it might take her a a little while to laugh about it too.

  17. Thanks for posting about the Book Binge challenge. My schedule has finally calmed down so I am signing up!

    Oh, and I completely agree about talking on the phone! Even worse is having to call someone I don't know. Shudder.

  18. Jennyellen - I am glad you are joining the Book Binge too! It's going to be fun. :-)

    I don't like having to call someone I don't know either.

  19. Wendy, I've found some books which we had read so here's the link for the WG:

    Fahrenheit 451
    The Memory Keeper's Daughter
    Exit Strategy
    Sacred Cows

    Happy linking! :)

  20. I love Emily Dickinson's poem too, and often quote it in apropos moments (since it is one of the poems I've memorized!).

    The Book Binge is an interesting idea. I post most of the books I read on my blog, but occasionally skip one in cases such as when it is for someone's upcoming birthday and I don't want to alert them, or if it is personally embarrassing or intimate.

  21. Shonna - I have the Emily Dickenson poem memorized also! It helps that it's short. :-)


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