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Booking Through Thursday: Seasonal Reading

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Does what you read vary by the season? For instance, Do you read different kinds of books in the summer than the winter?

  2. If so, do you break it down by genre, length of book, or...?

The extent of my seasonal reading is to maybe try and read an eery book around Halloween and a Christmas type book near the end of December. Most of the time, I fail miserably at even that. My reading rarely follows a seasonal pattern. When I began keeping a reading journal, I looked forward to someday seeing patterns like that emerge, but so far no luck.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I live in a climate that does not see the extremes in weather like some other parts of the world do. While the summers frequently reach into the 100's here, the winters rarely bring snow (and if they do, it's front page news!). Or maybe it is simply because so little in my life changes with the seasons other than the types of clothes I wear (to match the weather). When I was a student, especially during my college years, I stuck mostly to academic reading; my holidays and the summer months were filled with the lighter and more entertaining books. I do not know if that counts as a seasonal reading though as it really only had to do with the school schedule and not so much nature's seasons. For the last several years my routine has been more static. I work full-time year round and do not have exams to study for and papers to research, my reading seems to be much less defined in terms of the seasons.

Even taking that into consideration, I do not find myself craving a particular genre at any specific time of year. My craving or desire to read a particular genre usually comes when I have been neglecting that category or I am in need of a change that only that particular genre can offer. Although I do go through my phases, they do not seem to be dictated by the seasons.

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  1. Hi there! :) As usual, I enjoy reading your post. At least you have four seasons over there, while our climate here is usually hot and humid. B-O-R-I-N-G! LOL.

    And yeah, I definitely agree with the reading moods. ;)

  2. And... I'm a 'neighbour' to Melody and we live in neighbouring countries, so we have the same tropical weather throughout. :) And yes, the mood thing... aaaaah... Hehe.

  3. Some would argue that I live in the land of two seasons: green and brown. ;-) Seriously though, the seasonal changes may be more subtle where I live in California, but they do exist. I don't do well in the bitter cold, and so I don't feel I'm missing out on living in a climate where snow is at a distance.

    I have heard that Singapore is beautiful. I once had a roommate who was from there, studying in the U.S. She used to tell us about the humidity back home--something I'm glad isn't too much of a problem here.

    Alice - Tropical sounds so nice. :-)

  4. Hey Wendy, I have always wanted to visit countries where they have 4 seasons since I was younger (just to experience some cold!), and so far I have been to New Zealand and Guangzhou China - It was a good time because my trips coincide with their weather then. And I enjoyed it! (No snow then, but still cold) :)

    I hope you will have the chance to visit us in the near future. ;)

  5. Thanks very much for dropping by and leaving a comment - it's always good to meet another BookCrosser.

  6. I see you finished Chunkster. I'm still wading through mine.
    I think like you I read more by mood or life event than by season.

  7. Where I live there are 4 distinct seasons but I don't know if that affects what I read.

    I know in the summer, when the temperature gets into the 100s, I just like to read horror novels (as I believe I've mentioned before), because it's hard to think when it is so hot out. My brain fries.

    In the winter I like to read Chunksters. I'll dig out the Dickens for winter.

  8. I hadn't thought about it before reading your response, but it probably DOES make a big difference where you live! The cooling of the weather, the changing of the leaves, then the snow, etc. makes a bigger impact on the whole scenario while you are reading. It could make all the difference! lol

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!


  9. After reading through the comments, I figured I had to put in my two cents about the weather where I live (the Northeastern part of the U.S.). Here we have four seasons, they are Winter, Winter, Winter and Summer, in no particular order. haha....

    Seriously though, I definitely don't read according to seasons either. I just tend to go through phases with what I read. I'll go through my scary vampire book phase, then my chick lit phase, then the funny vampire book phase, then Harry Potter, then sci fi stuff, then something completely random and not my usual fare...I read a little bit of everything, so I don't have times when I read certain things, I just read what the mood strikes.

  10. I go more for phases than weather myself. Although lately my reading seems a lot less random (although I'm sure it still is).

    I always thought we had fall here in the Bay Area, until I was in PA in Oct. Pales in comparison.

  11. I find this interesting, since I've never even thought about choosing books by season, and if it's winter here in New England, I might want to read about sunny L.A.! And as a writer, I do set my books in different seasons, but they're usually in the opposite season in which I'm writing. I wrote my second book, which takes place during a snowstorm, in the middle of July. And this winter I started my fourth book and set it in an unusually hot June. (I'll probably finish it in June, giving it a complete circle...)

    I discovered your blog recently and enjoy the diversity of your reading list on your bio.

  12. I think I came over and said congrats when you finished the Chunksters, but now I can't remember. Some days are like that. LOL If not, congrats!

    I like this set of questions. I'm like you; my reading habits don't seem to have anything to do with seasons, although I really enjoyed reading "atmospheric" books for Carl's RIP challenge in the fall and I'm hoping he'll do a repeat.

  13. Melody - I would love to see the fall season in the northeastern part of the U.S. I've heard it's quite beautiful. I don't live too far from the mountains and so I'm sure I could get a taste of a white winter if I wanted. I prefer to see the snow capped mountains at a distance though. :-)

    Someday I would like to visit your part of the world. That would be very nice!

    Old Fashioned Girl - And thank you for dropping in here! BookCrossing has such a great concept and I do like to recommend it to friends when I get the chance. :-)

    Sarala - Yes, it is such a relief to check the Chunksters off my list. I did enjoy the books very much.

    Kookie - I remember when our air conditioner was broken during a heatwave last summer--oh, that was torture. I've become quite attached to modern technology, as you can see. :-) It is hard to concentrate when uncomfortable, whether it be from the heat of the cold.

    Sherry - Thank you for stopping in! I do know that rainy days make perfect reading days! I love a good rainy day or two. We don't get them often enough here though.

    Karina - LOL I like that . . . "Winter, Winter, Winter and Summer". I have my phases like you described too, and not really one that matches the seasons. I read what sounds good at that particular moment.

    Carrie K - I remember the arguments I had with my cousins back east about the very subject of fall. I spent a good number of years in Northern California and each season was quite distinct. But compared to someplace like Pennsylvania, it seems so much less so, I agree.

    Karen - Thank you for visiting my blog, and I am glad you are finding it enjoyable. I think it's interesting how you find yourself writing about almost the opposite type of weather you are having. I wonder if other writers experience that too. I've always been fascinated by the writing process for authors.

    Nancy - You did stop in before to congratulate me, but I will take all the congratulations I can get! I have days like that too. Just yesterday I was reviewing one of my employee's documents and I came up to a word that seemed like a typo to me. It was the word all, but for some reason my brain registered it as the letter "a" and the number eleven. It was a weird moment that didn't last too long thankfully. I think I was just tired. LOL

    I hope Carl will do his RIP challenge again too. That would be fun.

  14. I try to ignore the warmer seasons on Long Island because my brain feels sticky if the temperature goes above 75 degrees (and that's pushing it). Between heat and air conditioning, I don't have to really experience seasons at all -except when I'm reading. Remember the Woody Allen line about being at two with nature? C'est moi! But I do love reading about seasons, even if I don't select my reading based on them.

  15. Teabird - That is true. The air conditioner and the heater make it equally pleasant any time of the year (as long as it's working properly). Maybe that's what it is! I do enjoy reading about seasons, just as you do. It can be important for creating a sense of time and place.

  16. I definitely do alot of seasonal reading. For some unknown reason, immediately after Christmas I am literally compelled to read science fiction. Spring generally brings a desire to read travelogues--Under the Tuscan Sun-type stuff. Summer is a toss up but young adult fiction, Anne of Green Gables etc. September brings with it the desire for the gothic that usually runs through November (and Yes, R.I.P. II will be happening).

  17. Great news, Carl! I look forward to the RIP Challenge. :-)


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