Thursday, April 19, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: 'Fess Up!

Booking Through Thursday

Okay, there must be something you read that's a guilty pleasure . . . a Harlequin romance stashed under the mattress. A cheesy sci-fi book tucked in the back of the freezer. A celebrity biography, a phoned-in Western . . . something that you'd really rather not be spotted reading. Even just a novel if you're a die-hard non-fiction fan. Come on, confess. We won't hold it against you!

I often use the term "guilty pleasure" to describe my enthusiasm over my lighter reading fare, most often a paranormal or urban fantasy novel, a comical or cozy mystery, or a suspenseful thriller that keeps me up all night.

Truth be told, however, referring to my enjoyment of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Carrie Vaughn's Kitty series, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, or the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels by Alexander McCall Smith, for example, as guilty pleasures is a misnomer. Certainly there is pleasure, and often times with a capital "P", but there is definitely no guilt. I am not ashamed, afraid or embarrassed by my interest in these types of books. I find them entertaining, fun and not at all bad for me. "Guilty pleasure" is more a term of endearment for me, as is my sometimes referring to a book as fluff. I do not mean it as an insult or to insinuate it is less than any other type of novel. I am drawn to many different types of books and each serve their own purpose in my life.

So, I suppose my answer to this Thursday's question is that I do not have any truly guilty pleasures when it comes to reading. I think my book buying is more of an actual guilty pleasure. I do not like to admit just how big my TBR collection is (and just how often it grows bigger) . . .


  1. I always enjoyed reading your answers, my friend. :) You always answer well and in a thought provoking ways. I should learn it from you. Happy BTT!

  2. I copy Melody. Your answers always rock! :D Happy BTT!

  3. Good answer! I'm trying to read through at least 1/3 of my TBR pile this year.

    Here's my answer for this question.

  4. IMHO, reading is for enjoyment. I can recall all the "wall-bangers" I was forced to read in school. Stuff like that can put a person off reading forever, and wouldn't that be a shame? Look at all the fun stuff we'd miss!

    Mine's up here.

  5. Wonderful answer! (Especially loved that part about the "buying"!)

  6. That's how I feel too. I like my fluff and I don't think I'd hide it from anyone. "Guilty"- not so much but big on "Pleasure."

  7. I use the term 'guilty pleasure' as a term of endearment as well. Also the terms 'geek, geeky, nerd'...I'm not at all ashamed of the things I love.

  8. The photo made me chuckle. The TBR stack often feels that overwhelming, doesn't it?

  9. Great picture. It seems I am always buying more books than I read!

  10. Yeah I'm guilty of buying too many books myself. Some of these Video Book Reviews tempt you to buy silly.

  11. I agree with all you said! As long as I get pleasure from reading, it shouldn't make me feel guilty!! I've tried reading some of the "heavier" fare. You know the Booker Award winners and such. Banville's The Sea.....would have rather watched paint dry!! So, I read what I want!

  12. Well said. I love Alexander McCall Smith. His books are easy reads, but I alway learn something, so I don't count them as guilty pleasure.

  13. Buying books really does feel like my guilty pleasure, especially since my text books are supposed to dominate my precious reading time. I couldn't have said it better!

  14. Har! I'd put my TBR stack up against yours any day!

    The Anita Blake series is fun, but I don't like it when my husband tries to read them over my shoulder. The sexy parts are embarrassing.

    My non-guilty guilty pleasure is horror novels. I usually spend the entire summer out by the pool reading Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, or anything with a really gruesome cover. I don't know why summer brings that out in me. C'est la vie.

  15. I also read a bit of everything, depending on mood. I'm reading the latest Alexander McCall Smith right now, actually. And I love this photo - we have a big poster with this image in our basement, among all the real books...

  16. good answer! you know, i don't really feel much guilt over any of my "guilty pleasures"! :o)

  17. Very well put! like the way you think

    Happy Booking Through Thursday

  18. What a truly spectacular photograph! I really like it.

  19. Thank you, Melody and Alice Teh! I had a lot more to say on the subject but decided it was best to stop while I was ahead. :-)

    Pussreboots - Thanks! I think it would take me about four years or so to work through 1/3 of my TBR collection. Haha

    I keep meaning to try a Clive Cussler novel but haven't yet managed to. One of these days . . .

    Marianne - I was fortunate enough to be one of those oddballs who didn't mind the required reading and enjoyed most of what I was "forced" to read. Like with taste in food, I suppose, there is quite a variety of books out there to meet all our different tastes--and thank goodness a lot to chose from!

    Debi - Thank you! Yeah, that buying thing. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

    Chris - Yes!! There isn't any reason to hide our reading choices from anyone, especially if its something that brings us pleasure. :-)

    Carl V - I am glad I am not the only one! I always forget about the term "geek"--definitely another term I use affectionately.

    JaneFan - It is gorgeous, isn't it? If you click on the photo, it will take you to the Trinity College website where the library is located. Maybe someday I'll be able to visit there.

    Ebony - It can feel overwhelming and yet at other times, quite comforting.

    Daphne - Oh, yes. That's me too. I buy books faster than I read them. LOL

    Rob - I can see why the Video Book Reviews would be tempting!

    Stephanie - Thanks! I think a person should read what they want to, regardless and whatever the reason. :-)

    Kristy - Thank you! WOuld you believe I walked out of the bookstore tonight without picking up a copy of Smith's latest? It was sooo hard! I wonder how long I'll resist . . .

    tNb - Oooh, yes. You should study, study, study! Of course, I think you need to add in some pleasure reading just to keep you sane. :-)

    Kookie - Our TBR stacks would cover a lot of ground! Haha

    My husband is enjoying the Anita Blake comic books. I once wanted him to try the books, but with the direction they've been going, I'm not sure he'd appreciate it. Not his cup of tea. LOL

    I don't read a lot of horror, but I've been wanting to explore more of that genre--especially King and Koontz. I keep hearing about Jack Ketchum and I'm sure I'll be trying him one of these days.

    Melanie - You sound like me! I like to read a bit of everything too. How is the new Alexander McCall Smith book? I really should have gotten a copy while I was out this evening . . .

    Alisonwonderland - I'm sure there's no reason to feel guilty about them either! LOL

    Julia - Thank you!

    Bellezza - If only that was my personal library . . .

  20. Some day, I would like to borrow your pic...I LOVE it!!!!

  21. Beautifully put, Wendy! And, so true. I don't feel guilty at all when I read fluff - I need the occasional "fluff break". And, buying is definitely a guilty pleasure. :)

  22. Melody - It is beautiful, isn't it?

    Nancy - Why thank you! Yes, fluff breaks are a must now and then. I'm glad I'm not the only one who shares the guilty pleasure of book buying.


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