Thursday, August 31, 2006

Summary of August's Adventures

I spent less time amongst the pages of books this month than I have in the last couple of months, but my August adventures were no less worthwhile. I traveled the world and through time, ducked a few physical and magical blows, tracked down the bad guys, and breathed in the ocean air. August found me in the middle of Manhattan's drug scene, trying to uncover the motive of the suspicious deaths of two teenagers. I got an inside look into a sexual assualt and murder investigation on the campus of the Air Force Academy. I walked the streets of Washington D.C., in hopes of catching a serial killer that preys on the young. As the middle of the month approached, I took time out to reflect on life and what it offers: the love and the loss, spending time with a grieving family, a man who nearly faced death, and a young woman who is stricking out on her own. I then traveled to the 14th century where I joined up with a group of God's chosen as they began the journey to discover and carry out their divine purpose. I ended the day in the present time, visiting old friends, as we fought black magic side by side. I had planned to visit a little town in Lake District in England this month, but that wasn't to be. Over all, I would say I was busy enough!

I think next I'll travel to Minnesota and visit my old friends, the Monkeewrench gang and their friends in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Happy Reading!

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