Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Salon: This & That

The holiday cards and gifts are finally in the mail. The Christmas tree is up and the decorations set in their places. I have holiday music playing in the background. I am ready! Almost. I have yet to get to the bookstore to buy Mouse's books for Christmas. Likely it won't happen until next weekend at this rate. There's still time . . . I just hope I can find parking.

How have you all been? Are you ready for the holidays? Mouse, Anjin and I had plans to travel north to visit our families this past week but it fell through because of our recent illnesses. We hated to disappoint the grandparents and extended family--many of which have yet to meet Mouse. There will be other opportunities, I am sure.

As for reading, I am in the middle of a great fantasy novel called Witchlanders by Lena Coakley. It puts many of the young adult fantasy novels I've read in recent years to shame. I love the writing and the characters, not to mention the story. It's about two young men, one a Witchlander who sets out to find an assassin in mountains and a Baen who was sent to the mountains to offer prayers for his twin brother's death. The Witchlanders and Baens had once fought a vicious war and there are many hard feelings to this day. The book is full of music and magic, internal struggle, and grief. I hope it continues to enthrall me the way the first half of the book has.

I have been eying the reading challenges starting this coming January. So many sound good. And as much as I would like to dive in and join several, I am trying to be realistic. I don't anticipate my reading increasing back to what it was pre-baby for a while yet. Still, I decided to take the plunge and am hosting my own challenge this year. It's called the Merely Mystery Reading Challenge and the goal is to explore a variety of the crime fiction genre's sub-genres. If you are interested in, I hope you will sign up!

Also, now is the time to run--not walk--over to the Independent Literary Awards website to nominate your favorite books published this year. The following categories are being considered:

Select a genre to view and complete the 2011 nomination form!

Biography/ Memoir


Lit Fiction




Speculative Fiction

Nominations are open until December 31st. Time is running out so nominate now! And please, please, please spread the word! The more nominations, the better!

That is it for my news. Do drop me a note and let me know what you're reading lately! Happy Reading!

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  1. It's too bad your travel plans fell through but it's great that you are ready for the holidays!

  2. Hope everyone gets to meet Mouse soon! I am reading Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler, Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen and An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor. The last 2 are actually audios.

  3. Hello! WHat fun it will be buying books for Mouse! Do you know what you want to get her?

    I'm sorry your travel plans fell through. I admit, though, that being home for Christmas has always been my favorite!

    I'm glad you're reading something you are enjoying so much. I finished The Night Circus was great!

  4. That's too bad your travel plans fell through!

    I am now curious about the fantasy novel you mentioned...

  5. Hello Literary,
    I'm in between books at the moment. I love your blog! I always enjoy staying home for Christmas.

  6. I'm not ready for the holidays, but that's because I just can't believe how fast the time has passed by...

    Witchlanders sounds like a good read! I'll have to check it out. I'm currently reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and it's sooo good!

  7. Witchlanders sounds like a promising read! I hope it ends as well as it's begun.

    I'm reading YA right now, too. I'm way late to the party, but I'm finally reading The Hunger Games series. Can't believe I waited this long!

  8. I can't wait to hear your final thoughts on Witchlander!! I had it checked out from the library but sadly it when back unread. I'm hoping to pick it up again at a later date :) Hope you have a great week!

  9. I'm glad you are all starting to see the end of the icky sickness! I know what you mean about challenges - I signed up for a lot this year that really weren't challenges - they were books I would be reading anyway. This year, I'm going to stick to challenges that actually stretch my reading horizons.

  10. Oh, I am sorry that you won't get the chance to travel this year to the family, but I can understand with everyone having been so sick. I am not really in the mood to travel either, but I will be doing it! It's only a car trip, but it means hanging out in the car for 6 hours on Christmas with people who are currently not getting along. :( I hope that they start to behave before Christmas or Santa is NOT coming!

  11. I am not 100% done with what I need to do for the holidays but I decided yesterday that I am calling it quits. I just don't want to spend anymore money or time. Seriously. It gets to be a bit much.

  12. I'm addicted to challenges. I can't stop joining. I joined yours too :)

  13. I'm so sorry that your travel plans didn't pan out this season. Hopefully too much time doesn't pass before your next visit (or I guess first in some cases).

    If I don't make it back this week, I hope that you, Anjin, and Mouse have a wonderful wonderful Christmas holiday. Please just one picture of Mouse??? ;)

  14. Amy (My Friend Amy) - It worked out for the best, I think. Mouse ended up with yet another cold. :-S

    Elisabeth - Oo! Those sound good! I hope you are enjoying them.

    Amy (Seven Tails) - I do enjoy picking out books for her. :) I usually just end up browsing the shelves and picking whatever catches my eye.

    Our trip was for the first week in December so we would have been home for Christmas anyway. I know we disappointed a lot of people--and I feel bad about that--but it really was going to be too much.

    I am glad you enjoyed The Night Circus. It does sound good!

    Kelly - Hubby and I got a date day out of it so it worked out okay in the end. :-)

    Emeraldfire - Thanks! I like being home for the holidays too. That was one thing hubby wanted to do this year--have Christmas in our new home with our new baby. :-)

    Melody - The holidays sure did creep up on us at a fast clip, didn't they? I can't believe Christmas is coming up this next weekend.

    I need to read Rebecca. I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Megan - I really enjoyed it, Megan. Now to right my review, which I almost forgot about. Ugh.

    I hope you are enjoying The Hunger Games!

  15. Samantha - I hope you do get a chance to read it later, Samantha. It was so good!

    Carrie - That really is the meaning of a challenge, isn't it? To stretch yourself. I will probably take the easy way out this year and join challenges that aren't quite so challenging.

    Heather - I hope the drive goes good and everyone gets along. We would have been driving too--8 hours one way. We had planned to be gone a week early in December since that's the only time my husband could get off work. There will be other opportunities, I'm sure. :-)

    Ti - I don't blame you. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. I'm at that point too, I think.

    Yvonne - I'm so glad you did, Yvonne! Thank you. I plan to join a couple more too.

    Trish - Unfortunately, I don't imagine we will be making the trip north any time soon. Maybe at least to my in-laws.

    I hope you have a great Christmas holiday too!

  16. Yes, I'm not sure the pre-baby reading will return til they start school :) I feel like I've been working hard to read a lot this year and was amazed that at the end of November I'd only read 60! That's okay, we have important things to take care of :)

  17. I look forward to hearing more about the books you have chosen for your daughter. I have some nieces and nephews that will most likely benefit from your recommendations!

  18. Stacy - Sixty is amazing! LOL. To me anyway since I am lucky to read 70-80 books a year pre-baby. I made the mid-30's mark this past year. I am happy with that though. It is more than I expected.

    Kathleen - I am not sure I am the best judge of picture books. LOL. I wasn't able to make it to the bookstore like I hoped and so Mouse had to be satisfied with the books she got from other family members.


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