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Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

Something in my soul had been hurt by what surrounded me, but I was not physically hurt.
[excerpt from Nightwalker]

Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake
Harper, August 2008 (ARE)
Fantasy; 370 pgs

It has been too long since last read a fantasy novel about vampires. I was thrilled when I learned that I was selected to receive a copy of Jocelynn Drake’s Nightwalker through Harper Collins First Look Program. It sounded like a promising start to a new series. A series reader can never have enough series to read, right? And what could be more fun than a tale of magic, vampires, lycanthropes, great battles, and a little flicker of romance?

Nightwalker introduces readers to Mira, a vampire with a special talent of being able to start fires. She is greatly feared and admired by those in the magic realm. Mira is content with her life in Savannah, Georgia, watching over her domain and protecting the secret of her people, keeping the knowledge of the dark forces hidden from the humans. When a powerful vampire hunter comes to town bearing an unexpected gift, Mira finds herself face to face with an enemy she long believed to be dead.

Danaus, the mysterious hunter, is not out to kill her just yet. He needs her help. The naturi were one of biggest threats to both nightwalkers and humanity centuries ago, and there are signs that they are returning to the world. Mira still has nightmares of her time in captivity when she was kidnapped and held prisoner by the naturi. She must decide whether to join forces with the hunter in fighting their common foe. One thing she knows for sure, however. She must seek out the triad that created the seal that had blocked the naturi from returning. Only they will be able to stop the naturi from growing in strength and ushering their queen across the barrier. If that were to happen, humans and nightwalkers would face certain death and destruction.

Although the book got off to a slow start, it wasn’t long before I was drawn into the story. I especially found myself curious about Danaus. He is human and yet holds his own special powers. He has a strong sense of justice and is not sure what to think of Mira and her kind. He was taught all his life that vampires were evil and that they killed out of blood lust. Mira has her own code. She does not kill indiscriminately and cares about the humans as well as her own people. She will do what she must to protect the secrets that she keeps just the same, and if that means spilling blood, then so be it.

It took me a little while to warm up to Mira. She seemed cold and calculating at first, using her wiles to get what she wanted. She was not above using force to prove her point and could just as quickly use her sensuality to get what she wanted. Jocelynn Drake did a good job, however, of bringing out the more human side of Mira as the story unfolded. And as her character often reminded the vampire hunter, humans are themselves a violent race—even more so in some ways than the nightwalkers.

The novel takes readers from the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia to Africa and on to England where the isle is rich in magic. I felt like I was wandering the streets right alongside Mira and Danaus as they went about their business. I wouldn’t have minded lingering a bit longer.

The biggest disadvantage to reading this book is that it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. It is obvious there is much more to Mira’s story, and, of course, now I have to wait before I will be able to see where Jocelynn Drake will take me next. Jocelynn Drake has created an intriguing and magical world that I cannot wait to visit again.

Rating: * (Good +)

Be sure and check out the author’s blog and website for more information about the author and her book.


  1. I was selected to receive this but haven't gotten it yet. Oh well. ;)

  2. Well that's a new one! A pyrokinetic vampire? Interesting. I've only been to Savannah once but I really hope to go again. It's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. I might have to give this a try once a few more in the series have come out.

  3. I love reading series too :)
    Ok, I'm adding this one to the list because I do like a good vampire store.

  4. I'm a little fried on vampires but this does sound intriguing.

  5. Thanks for the great review, Wendy! This book has piqued my curiosity the moment I found it listed on an online bookstore. I'll have to check out this book! :)

  6. I'm definitely checking this out, Wendy. I love vampire stories and this is definitely one of them. Into the wish list it goes! :D

  7. Amy - Oh, no! I hope it is just stuck in the mail somewhere and you get it soon.

    Jen - It's really an interesting gift she has considering she's a vampire, I agree. I think you might like this one.

    Iliana - There's something comforting about reading a series, especially when you already know the characters and are going back for another visit but for a new adventure. :-)

    Carrie K - Burn out does happen when you read too much of something. And the market is saturated with vampire novels right now, which is both a good and a bad thing. Everything can start sounding the same after awhile.

    Melody - You're welcome! I enjoyed the story, especially once I got into it. I hope you will like it too if you decide to read it.

    Alice - I like vampire stories too. :-) I don't read very many of them anymore, but that's not for lack of wanting to!

  8. Great review...although so far my take of the book is different. Mira annoys me to know end. She is very repetitive...for example, reminding the reader at least once every chapter that she's 600 years old. Yeah, got that the first dozen times you mentioned it.

    IDK...I was about 1/2 way through before it got packed and while slightly intrigued to see how it all turns out I am not crushed that its currently MIA.

  9. Mira grew on me after awhile and I came away from the book with a different impression of her than the one I had initially. That's just me though.

    I did notice that her age was brought up a few times, but it didn't really phase me all that much as I was reading.

    I liked the book overall and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I know not everyone will agree though. :-) I say, don't waste your time if you aren't enjoying what you are reading.

  10. I enjoy a good vampire story now and then. Thanks for the review!

  11. Great review! I linked it to The ARC Reading Challenge page on my blog.

  12. Jenclair - I like a vampire story now and then too. And I like it when other supernatural creatures are added in to the mix as well.

    Teddy - Thank you! I need to go and add a link to the other review I posted this week. I nearly forgot!

  13. Sounds good. I need some more urban fantasy and vampires in my life at the moment, it seems like ages since I read any! Sounds like a good new novel, will look out for it coming out.

  14. It was nice to step back into the world of vampires and urban fantasy for awhile. I don't do that often enough!


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