Friday, April 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Vocabulary & Friday Fill Ins

Suggested by Nithin:

I’ve always wondered what other people do when they come across a word/phrase that they’ve never heard before. I mean, do they jot it down on paper so they can look it up later, or do they stop reading to look it up on the dictionary/google it or do they just continue reading and forget about the word?

Some days I am more lazy than others. If I can figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word from the context it is used, I am less likely to pursue looking any further. If I have the computer or a dictionary handy when I am reading, I will look up any words I am uncertain about and cannot figure out on my own. Sometimes I just ask my husband who I have come to think of as a walking dictionary among other things. When stuck without any of those resources and no one else I would willingly bug, I continue reading. If I remember to look it up later, great. If not, it is because I have completely forgotten about it and moved on to other things.

1. The last time I lost my temper I caused an entire star system to fall into the void!
2. Right now, a countless number of things is what I'm fed up with!
3. The next book I'd like to read is somewhere in this stack of books sitting on my desk.
4. A big hug from my husband is what I'm looking forward to.
5. If you can't get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, leave the door open, and they will eventually find their way out.
6. The best things I got in the mail recently were five books, four of which were completely unexpected.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward going to my friend's memorial service; tomorrow my plans include adjusting to my new hair cut; and Sunday, I want to lose myself in a book and maybe start watching one of the TV series I have on DVD.


  1. Where is time to look up the phrases in between reading? Most of us are too immersed!

    Here is my BTT post!

  2. Most of the times, I just skip through the unknown words because I hate to ruin my reading pleasure. However, I'll check them out next time if I still remember them...

    And I like your answer for #5. :)

  3. Wow, you get books through mail. That's nice and wasn't even expected. Really great surprise.

    Week #68


  4. I forget later too.

    Sorry that you have to go to a friend's memorial tonight. Enjoy your weekend reading.

  5. I had to laugh at your answers to #s 1 & 5...but I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for playing...and here's a hug (((Wendy)))

  6. So do you like your new haircut? I love your answer to #5. Hope you got your hug!

  7. Hi :)

    I am sorry you have lost a friend.

    I need a haircut, my hair is down my back, I see all those cute haircuts around me but am afraid to cut mine....we'll see.

  8. It actually depends on how good the book is before I'll drop it to look up a word :) I'm trying to get caught up on my TV seasons too.

  9. I love your answer to #5 too. Again, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend :(

    Enjoy that hug from your husband!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Wendy.

    From what I've seen, most people have had similar answers to the "vocabulary" question.

    I loved your answer to #1, and #5 was quite creative too! I hope that after tonight, the rest of your weekend goes well.

  11. I'm sorry for you lose and I hope the weekend is better.


  12. Sorry to hear about your friend, Wendy...

    You've answered the question for me. What you wrote is exactly what I did. Thanks for that! :D

  13. Wow, you must really have a major bad temper, haha. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  14. Whoof. Puppy love to you. It's hard to loose a friend.

  15. Gautami - It's more of a distraction for me if I have no idea what a word means and can't figure it out on my own. Besides, I keep a reading journal and am used to little interruptions in my reading now and then to jot thoughts down.

    Melody - I tend to forget if I don't look them up right away--plus it kind of loses significance because I've already moved on by the time later rolls around.

    Serena - It was a nice surprise! I love getting books in the mail (especially ones I don't have to pay for!).

    Chris - Thank you. I really do need to devote some quality time to reading this weekend. I recently started a new book and I feel like I'm neglecting it.

    Janet - Thank you so much for the hug and the condolences.

    I enjoyed the categories this week! They were fun to play with. :-)

    Tanabata - I do like my new hair cut! It's much shorter and so I imagine it will take some getting used to just the same. I did get my hug. Hubby even came home early tonight from work so he could go to the memorial service with me.

    Sylvie - Thank you. She was a very special person and she's greatly missed.

    I went back and forth over whether to cut my hair short after all this time and finally decided to take the plunge. I now have a cute bob cut--cute today, anyway. We'll see how it looks when I have to style it on my own! The hairstylist always does such a good job.

    Jen - That makes sense. :-)

    We have quite a few shows to watch. I wonder what we will pick next . . .

    Nymeth - Thanks! I have a wonderful husband. :-)

    Florinda - Thank you. We just got home not too long ago from the memorial service. It was really nice.

    CJ - Thanks. I am looking forward to the weekend and some time to unwind.

    Alice T. - Thank you! :-)

    Sally - I had such a hard time thinking of what to say for that one too. :-)

    Alice (Born2Cree8) - LOL I actually couldn't remember the last time I lost my temper and so I took liberties with my answer.

    Reba - Thank you so much. Woof and meow back at you!

  16. If I don't know the word and can't figure it out through the context then I usually make up my own meaning. :)
    Sorry about your friend.
    Love your FFI #1 - made me smile.

  17. Oh now I doubt your temper is THAT bad, lol!!

  18. Julie - Thanks. The memorial service went very well. It was a great tribute to her life.

    I bet you come close to being accurate most of the time too even when you make up your own meanings. :-)

    April - It's really not, no, but it would be funny (or really scary) if it was. LOL


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