Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogger Appreciation & Another Giveaway

When I first began my little blog, I was very reluctant about putting myself out there, being as shy as I am about my life and my writing. Besides, what would I have to say? And would it matter to anyone but me? My husband encouraged me though, and so I gave in. I could give blogging a chance for a few months, I thought. It has been over a year and a half now and I have made so many wonderful blogging friends. Your openness and insightful comments have both encouraged and inspired me.

I subscribe to a large number of blogs and visit regularly, if not every day, through Google Reader (what a useful tool, let me tell you!). My blog roll on the sidebar doesn't come close the number of blogs I follow throughout the week, much less represent all of the blogs I have come to appreciate. Visiting each of your blogs is like visiting a friend and I would not have it any other way. You all have enriched my life in a variety of ways. I feel better informed and more open minded. You have let me glimpse into your lives, share in your joys and sorrows, as well as entertained me.

I just want to extent a heartfelt thank you for all you have given and shown me. Thank you for making the blogging community such a welcoming and enlightening place.

It is that time again! Join me for another couple of giveaways?

The rules:
  • Please leave a comment with the title of the book you are interested in winning. You may request both books but will only be able to win one.
  • Entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 18, 2008 (PDT).
  • Drawing will be held on Saturday, April 19, 2008 at which time the winners will be announced.
This week's giveaway straight off my shelves (both books have been read once):

Be prepared for a fast paced ride with this medical thriller, The Society by Michael Palmer. This is a book club edition.

Step back in time and visit France at the height of the fashion industry with Gioia Diliberto's The Collection.

Good luck and be sure and come back for next week's giveaways!


  1. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day back at you! You know that everything you said about other bloggers applies to you too! I'm always happy to see a new post by you show up in my Google Reader (it really is useful- I can't imagine blogging without it now!).

    For this week's draw, could you please throw my name in the hat for 'Society'? Thanks.

  2. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you too! I use Bloglines but know what you mean about following soooo many sites (still need to add you to my blogroll, lol). Please put my name in for The Collection, thanks!
    amateurdelivre at gmail dot com

  3. I for one really enjoy your blog, and you have led me to some interesting books I may not have read otherwise, so thanks!

    Once again, I think I would enjoy either book, though the medical thriller has me intrigued.

    Oh, I do love contests! ;-)

  4. I'm not entering the contest, but I just wanted to let you know that you're appreciated too! Have a great day, Wendy!

  5. Happy Blogger Apreciation Day to you too!

    You too are on my Google Reader!

    Please do enter me for thye second book. As I did not win anything in the BAFAB week, I might as well try my luck again!


  6. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day, Wendy! I'll echo tanabata: everything you said about other bloggers could be said about you :)

  7. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day! This is a delightful place and thanks for this great giveaway. The Society looks interesting.

  8. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to You! Many thanks for this special blog and your giveaways. Society looks appealing.

  9. Beautifully spoken! I think many of us can relate and agree with the thoughts you have expressed.

  10. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you, Wendy! You're one of the best blogger friends I know in blogosphere, and I treasure our friendship! :)

    More giveaways!! I'd love to win a copy of The Collection please. Thanks! :)

  11. Tanabata - Thank you so much! You're one of the guilty ones who always makes my wish list grow with your excellent reviews.

    Gotcha down for Society!

    Amateurdelivre - I use Google Reader, but I think any of the subscription services are a wonderful invention, Bloglines included. I sometimes miss Bloglines because it has especially useful features that Google Reader doesn't.

    Got you down for The Collection!

    Bridget - Thank you! I really enjoy your blog too and who can resist your adorable cat photos?

    I've got you down for both for the contest!

    Florinda - Thanks! I hope you have a great day too. :-)

    Gautami - Thank you! Isn't Google Reader great? It's nice to have the subscriptions all in one place.

    I've got you down for The Collection!

    Nymeth - Thank you! You all are so sweet to say so.

    Jenna - Thanks! I am so glad you stopped by. I've got you down for Society.

    Ellie - Thank you! And thank you too for stopping by. Gotcha down for Society.

    Trish - Thanks! I think I was feeling especially sentimental this morning. :-)

    Melody - Thank you so much, Melody! I feel the same way about you. :-)

    I have you down for The Collection!

  12. Happy BAD to you, too! Someone on the DorothyL mystery list was asking about good book review blogs, so I've passed your URL along. Look for even more readers soon... : )

  13. I'd love to read The Collection.


  14. Clea - Thanks! It makes for a fun acronym, doesn't it? Haha

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on the DorothyL mystery list. That was really nice of you!

    Dolls - I have you down for The Collection! Thanks for entering.

  15. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day, Wendy! I hv you on my Google reader too! :) I love Google reader!

  16. Happy late Blogger Appreciation day! I appreciate you so I'd like to present you with an award.

  17. Happy late blogger appreciation day from me too! I love visiting your blog and find a slew of wonderful new recommendations every time I pop in. :)

    As for the drawing, yay! I would adore checking out The Collection. I enjoyed Diliberto's novel, I Am Madame X.

  18. Bunny - Thank you! Google Reader keeps me organized, that's for sure. :-)

    Jen - Ah, thank you so much!

    Andi - Thank you! You do such a good job with Estella's Revenge and also on your blog.

    I've got you down for The Collection!

  19. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day back at you, Wendy!

    YAHOO! Another book giveaway. That's very generous of you. I hope to win The Society. (Please, please let me win... LOL)

  20. I didn't even know there was a Blogger Appreciation day!! For the record, we appreciate you too!!

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

  21. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you too! If a little late.

  22. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you! Late but still enjoy perusing your wonderful books. The Society would be great. Thanks.

  23. That is so sweet! Happy Blogger Appreciation day to you too! Please put me in for The Society.

  24. Wendy! Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you as well! You're always appreciated by ME! You know what else I didn't know? And have no idea how I couldn't know? That you're an LT Early Reviewer as well! I can't believe I didn't know! (Oh, and when you come by the blog( You will notice that I finally figured out how to make a blog roll and that you Wendy are included in the list "Attending the Ball"! So, I can come back much the "CLICK" of your name!

    Thank you for doing this little contest and I have some on my blog as well...I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion so I would have to pick "The Collection".

    Hope you're having a great week!


  25. Happy blogger appreciation day!

    I would love to be entered for The Collection.

  26. Alice - Thanks! I've been feeling generous with my books lately. :-) I've got you down for Society.

    Stephanie - Thank you! I think someone made the day up, but it's a nice sentiment, isn't it? I added you in for both books!

    Carrie K - It's never too late--not even for birthday wishes! Thanks!

    Anne - Thank you! I've got you down for Society.

    Jaimie - Thanks so much! Michael Palmer is popular, I see! I've got you down for Society.

    Amy - Thank you! That's so sweet of you!

    I've got you down for The Collection.

    Marg - Thanks! I added you in for The Collection. :-)


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