Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cows, Chickens & Bees: Karen E. Olson On Tour

When I began this blog at my husband's urging, I figured I would be lucky if anyone other than my husband would read anything I blogged about. I never expected that anyone would ever really take an interest in what I had to say, and yet here you are. I truly do appreciate you taking the time to stop in and visit, whether you do it regularly, once or twice now and then, or even just this once. I consider you to be a part of my blogging family.

I love to talk about and discuss books. And I most especially like to sing the praises of books and authors I enjoy, sharing them with other readers who might be interested. And so I was ecstatic when author Karen E. Olson first approached me about being a part of her virtual book tour. My first thought was she must be crazy. She couldn't really be asking me, could she? The person who stands behind her husband and encourages him to do all the talking when we come face to face with an author? The woman who stares dumbly and mumbles something unintelligible when asking for an autograph? Really? Once I got over my disbelief, I was thrilled. I walked down the aisles and halls at work grinning from ear to ear.

It was not just because any author asked me to be a part of her tour. It was Karen E. Olson. This is a woman who has impressed me on two levels, both professionally and personally. I thought her first book, Sacred Cows, was terrific and have been tooting its horn ever since. There was no doubt at all in my mind that I accept her invitation.

Karen will be a guest on my blog on November 7th, just a day after the release of her third Annie Seymour, crime reporter, mystery novel, Dead of the Day. I am very much looking forward to this event and hope you will stop in and say hello. I will be posting reviews of both Secondhand Smoke and Dead of the Day that week as well. Karen will be making several other appearances on her virtual tour between November 5th through the 11th. I hope you will join me in visiting her many stops along the way.


  1. How exciting! I think she picked the perfect blog.

    And, as far as your blog goes, you're one of my main suppliers for new titles and authors. Thank your husband for me, would ya?


  2. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!
    I have been looking for the book ever since you have posted the review of Sacred Cows but to-date I still couldn't find a copy of it, not even used ones! It must be very good!!! Nevertheless, I will still look out for it.

  3. This is exciting! I hope can't wait to read all about it.

  4. And by "I hope can't wait" I just mean "I can't wait."

    Tee hee

  5. How very cool!! And, for the record, I think your blog is fantastic!! Best reviews around!

  6. Hey Wendy! I have marked my calendar for this :D

  7. I'm so thrilled that you'll have me here! I have loved your blog ever since I discovered it several months ago. Your book reviews are great, there's always good discussion. Don't sell yourself short. You've produced a great blog. A perfect stop on my virtual tour!

  8. That's great! I always love checking it at your blog. And as long as I'm not in labor, I plan on stopping by when Karen Olson is here. :)

  9. What an honor! I've never read Karen Olson and I'll look forward to you hosting her and learning more about her books. You must be so excited!

  10. How exciting!!!

    And I love your blog, always, even if I don't comment all the time. I'm always here reading!

  11. CJ - Isn't it? I'm excited. :-) I passed along your thanks to my husband. He hasn't told me, "I told you so," but I know he wants to. Haha

    Melody - You are welcome. I just wish you could find a copy. :-(

    Niki - I can hardly wait either!

    Stephanie - Thank you so much! That's very kind of you to say. :-)

    Alice - Oh, good! It's definitely worth stopping by for. :-)

    Karen - Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

    Nyssaneala - Thanks! I really do like the series and hope that others will give it a try as well.

    Tara - I'm thrilled. :-)

    Andi - Thank you! I know what you mean as I don't always get to comment on all the blogs I visit either. It doesn't mean we aren't reading though. :-)

  12. I bought "Sacred Cows" based on your review and look forward to reading it next year. I'm excited that it's part of a series and also scared because I haven't been doing too well on reading series lately. Too much time in between books. I think Karen Olsen picked the perfect blog.

  13. Thanks! I hope you will enjoy it, Framed! I'm glad I'm not the only one saying "next year" when it comes to reading some books in my TBR collection. :-)

    And I do know what you mean about too much time in between books. That happens to me sometimes too.

  14. How exciting! I'll make sure to visit on the 7th. Your review of Sacred Cows made me go out and buy it. How can I go wrong? It is described (at least in part) as hard boiled and has a cow and a gun on the cover! Hubby is even interested in reading it.

  15. Terri - I'm trying hard to be patient! Haha I do hope you will enjoy it. :-)


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