Sunday, May 27, 2007

Serial Offender: Guilty As Charged, Part Two

When it gets right down to it, life is short. There are days and weeks that may seem endless, but as each year comes to a close, I marvel at just how fast time does pass. My TBR collection is enormous and there are many more books out there I want to read that are either on my wishlist, that I am considering, or that I have no idea about yet. There isn't enough time to get to them all and yet I keep trying.

Series books have been a particular favorite of mine for many years. Below is a list of the series and trilogy books that I have yet to read, but for which I have at least one or two of the books already on my shelves. In some cases, I have all of the books in the series, or close to it (sometimes I get overtaken by an overzealousness I blame on poor impulse control when it comes to collecting books).

For anyone who manages to get through my entire list, I am curious to know your thoughts on the ones you've read or tried. I can't say when I will get to any of these, although the upcoming Summer Mystery Reading Challenge will have me reading at least six new-to-me mystery authors. Some may come straight from this list.

Series I Have Not Yet Started (but have some books on hand to begin)

  • Abercrombie, Joe - First Law Fantasy Series

  • Alt, Madelyn – Bewitching Mystery Series

  • Armentrout, Jennifer - Blood Ties Series

  • Armstrong, Lori G. – Julie Collins Series

  • Arthur, Keri – Guardian Series

  • Balducci, David - The Camel Club, four men investigating political conspiracies, in Washington, DC

  • Barnes, Linda – Charlotte Carlyle (Cab driving ex-cop P.I.) Mysteries

  • Bass, Jefferson – Body Farm Series

  • Berenson, Laurien - Melanie Travis (Amateur Detective) Mystery Series

  • Berry, Steve – Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Black, Cara – Aimee Leduc Investigations

  • Borchardt, Alice – Shapeshifting Series

  • Born, James O. - Bill Tasker, an agent of the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida Mystery Series

  • Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Mystery Series (Amateur Detective)

  • Brennan, Marie - Paranormal Series

  • Briggs, Patricia - Mercedes Thompson, VW Mechanic and Shapechanger Paranormal Series

  • Brookmyre, Christopher - Jack Parlabane, a journalist in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Buchanan, Edna – Britt Montero (Crime Reporter) Mystery Series

  • Buchanan, Edna – Cold Case Squad Mystery Series

  • Burcell, Robin – Kate Gillespie,a homicide inspector in San Francisco, California Mystery Series

  • Burke, Jan - Irene Kelly, a newspaper reporter in southern California Mystery Series

  • Butcher, Jim – Codex Alera Series (Fantasy)

  • Byerrum, Ellen - Lacey Smithsonian, the “Crime of Fashion” columnist, in Washington, DC Mystery Series

  • Caine, Rachel – Weather Warden Series

  • Canavan, Trudi- Age of the Five (Fantasy)

  • Cannell, Stephen J. - Shane Scully, a police sergeant in Los Angeles, California

  • Chandler, Raymond – Phillip Marlowe (P.I.) Mystery Series

  • Child, Lee – Jack Reacher (ex-military policeman) Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Clegg, Douglas - The Vampyricon Trilogy

  • Coben, Harlan – Myron Bolitar Mystery Series

  • Cohen, Mark - Pepper Keane, a former federal prosecutor, now a private investigator, in Colorado

  • Compton, Jodi - Sarah Pribek, a missing persons detective in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Connelly, Michael – Terry McCaleb Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Connolly, John - Charlie "Bird" Parker, an ex-NYPD detective turned private investigator

  • Coulter, Catherine – FBI Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Crais, Robert – Carol Starkey Bomb Squad Series

  • Crombie, Deborah - Duncan Kincaid, a Scotland Yard superintendent and Gemma James, a sergeant in London, England Mystery Series

  • Damsgaard, Shirley – Ophelia Jensen, Witch and Librarian Series

  • Daniels, Casey - A Pepper Martin Mystery

  • Deaver, Jeffery – Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Dibdin, Michael - Aurelio Zen, Italian police inspector in Rome, Italy

  • Doss, James D. - Charlie Moon, Ute police officer in Grant Creek, Colorado

  • Dreyer, Eileen - Molly Burke, nurse and death investigator in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Dunning, John - Cliff Janeway, cop and rare book expert in Denver, Colorado

  • Elrod, P.N. - The Vampire Files

  • Ephron, G.H. – Dr. Zak Mystery Series

  • Fallon, Jennifer – Second Sons Trilogy

  • Galenorn, Yasmine – Emerald O’Brien Mystery

  • Gardner, Lisa - The ensemble cast of Rainie Conner, a cop; Pierce Quincy, an FBI profiler and/or FBI rookie Kimberly Quincy

  • Gaylin, Alison - Samantha Leiffer, a preschool teacher in New York City Mystery Series

  • George, Anne - Patricia Anne "Mouse" Hollowell, housewife and Mary Alice "Sister" Crane, country-western bar owner in Alabama

  • George, Elizabeth – Thomas Lynley, Scotland Yard Inspector in London, Mystery Series

  • Gerritsen, Tess - Jane Rizzoli, a detective in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Graves, Sarah - Jacobia Triptree, onetime financial advisor to the Mob, now living in Eastport, Maine, is featured in the Home Repair

  • Hamilton, Denise - Eve Diamond, a reporter for the LA Times, in Los Angeles, California

  • Hamilton, Laurell K. – Merry Gentry Fantasy Series

  • Handeland, Lori - Night Creatures Novels

  • Harris, Charlaine - Harper Connelly Series

  • Harrison, Kim – Witch/Vampire Series

  • Harvey, John - Frank Elder an ex-cop from Nottingham, now retired and relocated to Cornwall, England

  • Hayder, Mo - Jack Caffery, a troubled police detective in London, England

  • Hendee Barb & JC – The Black Magician Trilogies

  • Henry, Sue – Jessie Arnold and Sergeant Alex Jensen in Alaska Mystery Series

  • Hillerman, Tony – Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, Navajo tribal police officers

  • Hobb, Robin – Farseer Trilogy

  • Hoffman, Jilliane - C.J. Townsend, an Assistant State Attorney in Miami, Florida
  • Hooper, Kay – Shadows Trilogy (Paranormal Thriller)

  • Huff, Tanya - Victoria Neslon, Blood Series

  • James, P.D. – Cordelia Gray (P.I.) Mystery Series

  • Johansen, Iris – Eve Duncan (Forensic Sculptor) Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Kane, Stephanie – Jackie Flowers, Defense Attorney Series

  • Kava, Alex – Nick Morrelli, a sheriff in Platte City, NE and Maggie O’Dell, FBI Profiler

  • Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Dark Hunter Series

  • Kijewski, Karen – Kat Colorado Mystery Series

  • King, Stephen – Dark Tower Fantasy Series

  • Knight, Angela – Mageverse Series

  • Kozak, Harley Jane - Wollie Shelley, a greeting-card artist in Los Angeles, California

  • Krieg, Joyce – Shauna J. Bogart, serious readio talk show host in Sacramento, California

  • Lackey, Mercedes –- Joust Series (Fantasy)

  • Lange, Kelly - Maxi Poole, a reporter for a large television station in Los Angeles, California

  • Lashner, William - Victor Carl, a down-on-his-luck, money-hungry lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Laurie, Victoria - Abby Cooper, a “Psychic Eye”

  • Lehane, Dennis – Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Leon, Donna – Guido Brunetti (Police Commissario) Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Lescroart, John – Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky Mystery Series

  • Levine, Laura - Jaine Austin, a freelance writer in Los Angeles, California

  • Levine, Paul - Squabbling law partners Steve Solomon, a Coconut Beach bum, and Victoria Lord, a Miami blue blood, in Florida

  • Lindskold, Jane – Firekeeper Saga

  • Lutz, John – Night Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Margolin, Phillip - Amanda Jaffe, an attorney in Portland, Oregon

  • Maron, Margaret – Deborah Knott, Distric Judge in North Carolina Mystery Series

  • Martin, Nancy – Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series

  • McBain, Ed – Matthew Hope, Attorney in Florida

  • McGarrity, Michael – Kevin Kerney, ex-chief of detectives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Mina, Denise - Maureen O’Donnell, an unlikely crime solver who is disheveled, mumbling to herself, and drunk by noon, in Glasgow, Scotland

  • Mosley, Walter - Easy Rawlins, a black WWII veteran living in 1940s–1950s Los Angeles, California

  • Muller, Marcia – Sharon McCone Mystery Series

  • O’Shaughnessy, Perri – Nina Reilly (Attorney) Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Parker, Jefferson T. - Merci Rayborn, a sheriff’s deputy in Orange County, California

  • Patterson, James – Women’s Murder Club Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Patterson, James – Frannie and Kit

  • Pearson, Ridley – Lou Boldt and Daphne Matthews Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Perry, Anne – Inspector Monk Mystery Series

  • Pratchett, Terry – Discworld Series

  • Rankin, Ian – John Rebus, Detective Sergeant in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Rawn, Melanie – Dragon Prince Series (Fantasy)

  • Rawn, Melanie – Dragon Star Series (Fantasy)

  • Rawn, Melanie – - Exiles Series (Fantasy)

  • Rawn, Melanie – - Collaboration Series (Fantasy)

  • Reichs, Kathy – Temperance Brennan (forensic anthropologist) Mystery Series

  • Richardson, Kat - Greywalker Fantasy Series

  • Robotham, Michael - Joseph O’Loughlin, a psychologist, and Vincent Ruiz, a detective inspector, in London, England

  • Rollins, James – Earth Science Fiction Series

  • Russe, Savannah - Darkwing Chronicles

  • Sanford, John – Lucas Davenport Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Scoppettone, Sandra – Faye Quick, a PI in 1943 in New York, New York

  • Scoppettone, Sandra - Laurano, a lesbian PI in Manhattan, New York

  • Scottoline, Lisa – Rosato & Associates, an all-women law firm in Philadelphia, PA

  • See, Lisa - Liu Hulan, a Chinese police inspector, and David Stark, an American attorney, combining talents to solve mysteries in China

  • Shelby, Jeff - P.I. Noah Braddock in San Diego Mystery Series

  • Silva, Daniel – Michael Osbourne Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Slaughter, Karin - Dr. Sara Linton, a pediatrician and coroner in Grant County, Georgia

  • Smiley, Patricia - Tucker Sinclair, a 30-something divorcee and financial adviser, in Los Angeles, California Mystery Series

  • Spencer-Fleming, Julia – Clare Fergusson, newly ordained Episcopal Priest and Russ Van Alystyne, Chief of Police, in Millers Kill, New York

  • Stabenow, Dana – Kate Shugak, a native Alaskan ex-DA investigator Mystery Series

  • Strohmeyer, Sarah – Bubbles Yablonsky, a Hairdresser/Journalist in Lehigh, PA

  • Tey, Josephine - Alan Grant, a Scotland Yard Inspector

  • Thurlo, Aimee and David – Ella Clah, a former FBI agent now with Navaho police in NM

  • Thurlo, Aimee and David – Lee Nez, a nightwalker (vampire) police officer

  • Trigiani, Adriana - The Big Gap Series

  • Van Gieson Judith - Claire Reynier, buyer of rare books for the University of New Mexico library in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Viets, Elaine - Dead End Job mysteries

  • Warren, Christine - Others Series

  • Webb, Betty - Lena Jones of Desert Investigations in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Whitcomb, Christopher – FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team, Agent Waller Suspense Series

  • White, Stephen – Alan Gregory and Lauren Crowder Suspense/Thriller Series

  • Woods, Stuart – Will Lee, Senator Aide/President Mystery Series

  • Woods, Stuart – Stone Barrington Series

  • Woods, Stuart – Holly Barker Series

  • Woodworth, Stephen – Violet Eyes Science Fiction/Crime Series

  • York, Rebecca – Killing Moon Series (Fantasy)

(updated 12/01/2007)


  1. My word! You do like series. I don't read many but I do love Jeffery Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels and Anne George's Southern Sisters.

    Once you start a Lincoln Rhyme mystery it is impossible to put down. I don't care for traditional mysteries, but these are action packed and fraught with danger and suspense.

    The Southern sisters are just fun. They are like people you would like to hang out with (even though whenever they are around someone dies).

    I think once you get around to reading those you'll like them.

  2. I LOVE Harlan Coben and the Myron Bolitar series.

    Lee Child and Jack Reacher are also my favorite type of mystery hero - smart mouthed and irreverent.

    Philip Margolin - although he's a fellow Portlander, not as good as the others.

    Karin Slaughter: brutal and graphic violence, but good thrillers.

    Julia Spencer-Fleming: Excellent - highly recommended.

    If you haven't read them yet, I also highly recommend the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. Start with Open and Shut.

  3. Wow. What a list! No wonder you're having trouble deciding what to choose for the Mystery challenge. I don't read many mysteries, though I used to read my Mom's discarded Patricia Cornwell/Kay Scarpetta novels. I suspect you've read those as they're not on your list. I can only wish you luck with all these.

  4. You've got some great books on your list, and I'm thrilled to see that Lori Armstrong is on it, since she's a good friend and an amazing writer and her series is super.

    Linda Barnes is one of my all time favorite mystery writers.

    I just came back from a mystery conference in Omaha called Mayhem in the Midlands and have to recommend Craig Johnson's books. His are set in Wyoming with a sheriff character. I started his first one while I was at the conference after meeting him. I'm already halfway through it, and it really is a great book and he's up to No. 3, which is always exciting to find that there are more books!

    Of course this gives you another one to add to the list...

  5. Oh my! What a great list, Wendy! :D

    I have the following series from your list:
    1) Jennifer Armintrout
    2) Patricia Briggs
    3) Laurell K Hamilton - Not Merry Gentry but Anita Blake's series
    4) Kim Harrison
    5) Mo Hayder

    Ah, if only I am able to read (full-time) and don't have to worry about work, hehe!! :P

  6. Kookie - I get a little crazy over series sometimes. I've heard Deaver's Rhyme series is excellent. I saw The Bone Collector years ago and decided I had to read the books. I just haven't mananged to do that yet. And Anne George's series I put off getting for a long while, but decided it might be a fun read. I used to only like the hard boiled stuff, but as time goes by, I find myself drawn to the lighter mysteries as well.

    SuziQ - I've read one Harlan Coben stand alone and fell in love with Coben. It wasn't until I met the author last year that I decided that I should give his series a try. I was worried it would be too sports oriented for me, but he convinced me otherwise.

    Lee Child is definitely one of my must try authors. I've heard nothing but good things about him. Same with Julia Spencer-Fleming.

    I've read one book by Philip Margolin and thought the book was good, but not as good as others I've read. And Karin Slaughter, I've heard that she can be brutal and graphic. I only have one of her books, but she's got me curious.

    David Rosenfelt is on my wishlist. I want to try and read some of the series I have already before collecting anymore, but when has that ever stopped me, eh?

    Tara - The mystery challenge will be a breeze if I can figure out where to start. LOL

    I have read Patricia Cornwell's books up to a point. The Kay Scarpetta series and I had a bit of a falling out, and I am not reading it anymore. The earlier books were very good and she was among my favorite thriller writers for a long while.

    Karen - I've had poor Linda Barnes' book on my shelf for a long time now. Lori Armstrong's a fairly new addition to my TBR stacks, but her series sounds like it will be a good one and I'm looking forward to reading her books.

    I'm a sucker for a good mystery. I'll check out Craig Johnson's books. I used to work with someone with that same name, but they are definitely two different people. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Melody - Ah, someone who likes the paranormal books! I have read all of the Anita Blake books. I admit I have shied away from trying her Merry Gentry series for specific reasons, but it's one I definitely do want to read one of these days. I read The Devil of Nanking not too long ago and loved it.

    I agree, Melody, if only we could read full-time and didn't have to spend so much time at work. Haha

  7. Ooh, I love the new look, Wendy! I wish I know coding...and I'm too chicken to do anything for fear I will mess up everything!!! LOL.

    I enjoyed reading The Devil of Nanking, I think that book is a little dark, but not as dark as Pig Island. Have you read it?

  8. Wow that's a lot of reading you have planned! I must do these lists at some point, but I doubt they will be as long as yours :)

    Out of interest do you have any idea of roughly how many books you own?

  9. James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series are pretty good. I'm not sure I'm going to read the latest one though - 6th Target. I love series. A lot of these I haven't heard of.

  10. Wow. That's a list and a half there and it's for series? How long are you planning on living? And you do realize that they'll be writing more in the series ;)

  11. Thanks, Melody. My husband gave me a helping hand. He's the html expert. I haven't yet read Pig Island, but I hope to. I like dark books. :-)

    Rhinoa - I have a pretty good idea of how many books I own, thanks to Library Thing that has a running total. I even know how many books are in my TBR room. It's shameful just how many.

    Debi - I've heard the Women's Murder Club is a great series. Any reason you won't be reading the 6th book or is it because you are waiting for the paperback version?

    Karen - Thanks! I like change now and then. Maybe too much.

    Carrie K - I do wish these authors would slow down so I have time to catch up. Their continuing to write just puts me behind further. ;-)

  12.'s so good that your hubby is the html expert! So you can always change the look you want!!! ;)

    I hope you will pick up Pig Island soon. I think this will be one of my picks for my 'Book of the Year' this year, hehe.

  13. I had a look at your librarything and it made me feel better. I have just under 1500 and just over 800 TBR so similar stats to you. It surprised me we only share 116 books though. Why I keep buying books when I have so many to read I don't know! (addicted moi???)

  14. Wow! And I thought I had lots of mystery series waiting for me on my shelves!! :)

  15. Melody - Yes, I'm lucky my husband is so handy with a computer! I definitely must read Pig Island if you liked it so much. :-)

    Rhinoa - I wish I knew the answer to your question. I really need to stop bringing in new books . . . Read the ones I have. LOL

    Danielle - I went a little crazy there with the series. I'm trying not to collect too many new ones until I get the ones I have read. I'm not always successful though.

  16. I know quite a few of the series on your list...
    I loved the following:
    Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who
    Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar
    Shirley Damsgaard's Abby & Ophelia Jensen
    Jeffery Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme & Amelia Sachs
    Tess Gerritsen's Jane Rizzoli
    Jilliane Hoffman's C.J. Townsend
    Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter
    Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper
    Donna Leon's Guido Brunetti
    Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak

    I already read Sarah Strohmeyer's Bubbles Yablonsky up to #3 or 4, but it started getting bad, so I quit.

    I tried the following - though didn't like it:
    Lee Child's Jack Reacher (don't know, was somehow not my cuppa)

    I tried the following authors, but different books - didn't like them either:
    Mo Hayder
    Barb & JC Hendee

    And then I have 12 series that are on my shelves waiting for me as well...

  17. Kathrin - Series books can be so addicting, can't they? I noticed you posted your list of series books. I'm on my way to take a closer look. :-)

  18. If I don't read the 6th Target, it's mostly because of too many other books calling out for my attention. I most likely will wait for it to come out in paperback and get it through booksfree. Sometimes I get burned out on series though - I did with Cornwell's Scarpetta series.

  19. Thanks, Debi. I do that too, wait for the paperback versions to come out on some of the series I read while others I can't wait to get in hardback (some I don't read until the paperback version is out in stores and then don't I feel like an idiot! Haha). I burnt out on Kay Scarpetta too and don't read that series anymore.

  20. You have a lot of series there! I highly recommend the blood series from Tanya Huff, once you start you'll keep flying through the books. The last angered me so much I couldn't finish it though.

  21. Hi, Erin! Yes, I go overboard when it comes to series. LOL I need to update my lists because I've started a couple of these and need to switch them over to the other series' list. I haven't been in much of a vampire mood lately, but I'm sure it will come back. I'm looking forward to reading the blood series. I loved her Summoner books.

  22. I'm personally a big fan of the Steve Berry and James Rollins collections. Rollins' novels were a lot more sci-fi in the beginning than they are now (now they're more artifact/religious conspiracy) but they're still great to read if you want something escapist. I only got as far as the 3rd James Patterson Women's Murder Club books when I had to stop. There was something about the writing I couldn't stand, something about his female characters voices seemed unrealistic, but I haven't read his other works. Have fun!


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