Monday, July 31, 2006

Summary of July's Adventures

I was determined to see the world through literature during the month of July and so I began my journey . . .

I began my journey in St. Louis, Missouri, entertaining vampires, mermaids and all sorts of lycanthropes. My next stop was Italy where I was taken back into history during a time of great art and beauty as well as religious turmoil and persecution. Similarly in Southern France, I found myself in the midst of a crusade as violence and terror swept through the area in the name of God and Christ. Great secrets needed to be protected both then and in present time. I lived on the streets in London, hoping to uncover the motive and identity of a murderer who was preying on the helpless. From there I rose to the the station of courtier, where I spent time in King Henry VIII's court amongst the ladies in waiting. My journey next found me in Russia with a royal family held in captivity during their final days. My heart heavy from that experience, I next traveled to Spain where I met up with a shepherd on a mission to find a treasure near the great Pyramids of Egypt. My heart was lightened.

I found my way to Shanghai where I spent my time learning to survive in a civilian internment camp run by the Japanese. My travels led me to Israel and Palestine, where I hoped to gain some insight into the violence and hate that lives in that part of the world. I next settled down to spend some time in Bombay among the neighbors of Wadi Baug, reminiscing and sharing in their stories of love and regret. I traveled into Germany and through Eastern Europe, and to Brooklyn, New York in the U.S., sharing memories of a war and terrible atrocities. I visited Haiti for a brief time, enjoying the beauty of the land while seeing a mother and daughter struggle with their own personal demons. I spent time in Washington D.C. among the local lycanthrope community, seeing the sights, visiting with the vampire mistress, and attending Senate hearings. I next headed north into Canada, spending time in a suburb of Saskatoon, learning the ins and outs of being a veterinary technician while unraveling a mystery involving a doting mother and her sickly daughter. On my way home, I decided to spend a little time along the coast in Pine Cove, California. It seemed I wasn't the only one traveling through town. I met up with an unpopular demon who liked to eat people.

As much as I enjoyed my travels, I have to admit I'm happy to see July coming to an end. I haven't a clue what August has in store for me, but I have a feeling I'll be visitng with some old friends, helping them solve crimes. It just feels like it's going to be that kind of month . . .

Happy Reading everyone!

(Reviews for all books described above can be found on this blog.)

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