Thursday, July 26, 2012

From the Archives: The Black Ice by Michael Connelly

I began keeping a reading journal several years before I began blogging. I find it interesting to sift through my thoughts of books that I read back then. My reviews were often brief and contained little substance, but I thought it'd be fun to document them here on my blog as well as share them with you. Here is one from September of 2005: 

The Black Ice by Michael Connelly
Vision, 1993
Crime Fiction, 427 pgs

The Black Ice is the second book in the LAPD Detective Harry Bosch mystery series by Michael Connelly. The death of a narcotics officer raises a lot of questions for Harry, including a possible connection with a current investigation he is conducting. He is determined to find the answers regardless of the obstacles. 

I hesitated before trying another of the Harry Bosch novels after reading the first in the series. Although I had liked the first book in the series, I was not convinced the series was for me. I had read The Poet by this author and loved it, however. With the coming out of The Narrows, toted as a crossover book between the Harry Bosch series and a sequel to The Poet, I decided to give Harry Bosch one more try. I am glad I did. This was an entertaining and suspenseful reading experience that has left me wanting to read more. Harry is a complex character that is hard not to like despite some of his not so admirable qualities. 

Source: I own the book.

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  1. I am not familiar with this series, but it does sound interesting and gritty, which are two things I like in this genre of books. I am glad that this is one that you remember pretty fondly, and should look into this series. They might make for great audios.

    1. Heather - I've really come to like and respect Michael Connelly. Many of the newer authors take their cue from him and I can see why.


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