Monday, July 23, 2012

Musing Monday: Magazines

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Question of the Day:
Do you read magazines? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

Magazines and I have a hit and miss relationship.  Mostly miss.  More often than not, I will pick up a book to read before a magazine.  And I have so many books to read . . .

I like the idea of reading magazines--great for those reading slumps or for quick perusal when I am short on time--but I rarely take the time.  I cannot tell you the number of times I set a magazine aside to read later.  Only, later rarely comes.  Blame Sudoku and CrossMe (I am addicted, I tell you.  Addicted.). 

And yet, I recently subscribed to This Old House.  A coworker was passing around a booklet, fundraising for her son.  Although my house is not what anyone would call "old", I figure the magazine might have some worthy ideas to offer up.  Not to mention I like looking at pictures of remodeled rooms and nicely laid out gardens.

Then there are the two parenting magazines I subscribed to right after Mouse was born.  Parenting and Parents.  I'm lucky if I make time to quickly flip through the pages.  I do occasionally find worthwhile articles in both magazines, mostly ones I tell myself I'll have to refer back to when Mouse is older (like that will happen--imagine me three years from now stopping everything just to find the July 2012 issue of Parenting so I can try out that nifty discipline technique I read about way back when).  Truth be told, I often can't tell the ads from the articles.  Seriously.

Oh! Bookmarks.  I subscribe to Bookmarks.  I cracked open my issue recently because fellow blogger Wendy of Caribousmom was featured in the book recommendation section, but even those issues are collecting dust in recent months.  Sacrilege, I know!  I really need to make more time to read Bookmarks because of all the magazines I've ever subscribed it, it's by far my favorite and one I've always gotten the most use out of.

I don't know why I bother with subscriptions.  One day I'll smarten up and just buy an issue of a magazine when I have the time to read it rather than let them pile up.  For now I've got myself convinced Mouse will appreciate having so many available for her future art projects.

What about you?

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  1. I don't have any subscriptions though I used to get Bookmarks!! I usually catch up on my magazines when I'm at the dentist, eye dr, or doctor's office!!

    1. Staci - I usually just pull out my book or e-reader if I'm waiting in an office for an appointment. Although sometimes my wait is so short it seems pointless. Now that I think about it, my doctor's office doesn't have magazines lying around . . .

  2. Personally. I find magazines too think in general. It's not worth paying the money (which could be used to buy a book) to get something I'll finish in 20 minutes. But I do like Monocle magazine because it's so thick (but it's also quite expensive. Oh well, win some lost some)


    1. Eustacia - Sometimes the price of magazines does seem a bit much for so little content. Especially when a magazine is so full of ads! I'd rather spend my money on books too. :-)

  3. I don't really read magazines that much, but have heard quite a few good things about the Bookmarks magazine. I am not one to subscribe to them though, and I tend to agree with the above poster. I think they are kind of a waste of money, when you can buy a book for a little more.


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