Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reintroduction (Part 3: 50-75 of 100)

The post in which I reintroduce myself. Did you miss Part 1 and Part 2?

My bell collection started with a bell I received for Christmas one year when I was a child.

My first bell was of a girl in a white gown, my name printed across her skirt.

My second, which I got the same Christmas, was of a mother cat in a long skirt, holding her baby kittens.

I still have both bells, along with many others.

I haven't yet unpacked them.

I also collect miniature clocks.

I love clocks.

My house would be filled with them if my husband would only let me.

My dream is to one day have a grandfather clock. It'd be perfect in the library living room.

I live near an Air Reserve Base. It used to be an Air Force Base.

My dad was a career United States Marine before he retired to civilian life.

When he retired, we moved to a city with two nearby Air Force Bases.

Only one is still there. The other was closed several years ago.

I loved going to the air shows.

I can't wait to take my daughter to one.

Seeing the F-16 Fighter Jets was my favorite part.

I used to daydream about flying one someday.

Now I dream of flying a helicopter.

My mother was a school teacher before she retired.

She ran a daycare for a number of years when I was growing up.

I had a crush on the boy across the street.

My first crush came earlier though.

I was six. He was thirteen.

I met my husband my first year of college.

We got married seven and a half years later.

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  1. I don't have any collections going on other than books, and perhaps shoes, but I have always wanted a specific nick-knack collection to call my own. At one point it was going to be tea cups, but I kept knocking them off surfaces and breaking them, so I had to reconsider!

  2. The things that I collected were always kind of odd little things. I collected Fenton Cats for a while. I still have them. I also collected Beatrix Potter figurines. I had a lot of pieces but when The Boy was 3 he broke nearly all of them when he thought they were action figures.

    Now I collect turtles. Wooden ones, homemade clay ones that The Girl makes, glass...whatever. For some reason they make me happy!

  3. I'm not a collector (other than books), but my mom is - and she has several miniature clocks! She also has what seems like hundreds of bird figurines.

    I've never been to an air show, but always have wanted to go - I think my boys would love it!

  4. I know what you mean about air shows. We live by Davis Monthan Air Force Base, and it seems like almost every day we get a little mini air show, with A-10s and F-16s and these huge C-130s flying all around. There is a golf course by the base, and you can see tons there, so sometimes I go with my husband and he plays and I just look UP! :--)

  5. Not much of a collector of things (except books - ha!) but I do love clocks. We have them in every room.

  6. Heather - Be glad you don't have a nick-knack collection. Four letters: D-U-S-T. ;-) I am seriously debating whether to even unpack my bell and mini clock collections. Ever since the move, I'm in anti-clutter mode. It's bad enough with all the baby stuff lying around. LOL

    There are some really nice tea cup sets out there so I don't blame you for being tempted to collect them. My books are definitely my biggest collection. Now that they're almost all shelved (still working on the paperbacks), my collection doesn't seem so large--and yet anyone walking in my house is amazed at how many I have. :-) I'm sure many book bloggers are in the same boat.

    Ti - I'm glad I'm not the only one whose collections have changed over the years. Turtles are so cute--I've considered collecting them off and on. I have one sitting on my desk at work right now. A tiny souvenir one a coworker gave me, but it's still cute.

    Carrie - Did you have to dust her collections? Is that one of the reasons you don't collect anything other than books? ;-)

    If you get the chance, do take the boys to an air show. It's so much fun, especially if there are airplanes they are allowed to get close up and personal with. If you lived closer, I'd say you could all come to the next one we have near our house!

  7. You know what made me smile? Thinking of how long it would take to change the time on all of those clocks for Daylight Savings time. :) We only own one clock that's not electric, and I love it. We inherited it from my great-uncle when he passed away. It's a myrtlewood wall clock.

  8. I love air shows, too! I always wanted to be a pilot...

  9. Alyce - Haha! Yes, it can take awhile. :-) Your great-uncle's myrtlewood clock sounds beautiful.

    Kelly - Me too!

  10. I love going to air shows as well! I haven't yet taken my kids but I'm hoping to next year when everyone is a bit older :O)

  11. I love miniature clocks too! You must have a wonderful collection.

  12. Samantha - Definitely something to look forward to!

    Kathleen - It's still relatively small as far as collections go as I only started collecting them about 6 or 7 years ago. They're so much fun!

  13. I would love to see some of your bells, Wendy! When I was 10 my parents urged us to pick out something in the Alamo gift shop in San Antonio. I picked a bell and have been collecting them since. Don't know what to do with them and now I'm wishing I had picked something much smaller like a thumble. ;)

  14. I really like the last two sentences of this post!


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