Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reintroduction (Part 2: 25-50 of 100)

The post in which I reintroduce myself. Did you miss Part 1?

I kill bugs.

I kill plants too (but not on purpose).

My favorite way to drink milk is ice cold.

I like autumn best but winter, spring and summer are awesome seasons too.

I enjoy going to baseball games and musicals.

Reading is a passion of mine.

So is writing.

I wanted a maid like Amelia Bedelia when I was a child.

I worked as a maid one summer during my college years.

I wasn't very good at it.

Despite what everyone says, I would have made a terrible teacher.

Instead I became a social worker.

Early in my career, I investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect.

I then became a liaison between the agency I work for and the juvenile court system.

Somewhere along the way I decided to become a supervisor.

Sometimes I still wonder why.

I have been with the same agency for 14 years.

I have never tried illicit drugs.

I did get a contact high once at a Grateful Dead concert.

My mom and uncle were with me.

At the same concert, I found $20 lying on the ground.

I should have checked it for white residue.

Chocolate is my drug of choice.

I recently became addicted to the Home and Garden Television Network.

I could watch it all day.

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  1. You are making me laugh! Hey, do you want to come to my house and kill my bugs? They are elusive and very juicy.

  2. I like to clean so I'd probably be a good maid, but people who know me in real life don't know that.

    The contact high comment got a chuckle out of me. I did try some stuff in college and none of it had any effect on me. Just like when I had c-sections and no one could put me out. I guess I am immune to drugs.

  3. I am afraid to kill bugs, but can kill plants with ease. I also wouldn't make a good maid. Not detail oriented enough.

    I am loving these get to know you posts. They are so fun!

  4. I don't think I would have made a good teacher either. It's a good thing I found that out after a year of college (I had planned on teaching ESL and switched majors after that).

  5. Yeah, people have always told me I would make a good teacher, but I know otherwise...

  6. I adore this (and the 1st 25) Wendy! And I agree about chocolate. I recent went off nerve pills; I now take dark chocolate. :D

  7. We're in the same field! Sort of. I work for Staff Development providing support for Social Workers. But I never worked as a SW. Instead, I started on the "other side of the house" as a case manager for cash aid/food stamps/medical/foster care.

  8. One of the best things about having three boys is that I don't have to kill bugs myself anymore - they do it for me! LOL

    And I also have a brown thumb. The only plants I can keep alive are of the silk or plastic variety. :)

  9. I can't keep plants alive at all. I'm pretty sure that it bugs my Mom as she is always giving me tips but they just don't stay alive at my house. Maybe because I forget to water them... :)

  10. I'm with you on the plants! I've often thought social work would have been a good fit for me.

  11. Yay Part 2!

    Umm...when you say "I should have checked it for white residue" did something happen to you as a result of that $20 that thereby causes you to make this statement?! I hope nothing too bad!

    I have a little bit of envy re: your entire career path :o)

    HG TV is great!

  12. Haha that is cracking me up :) I like ice cold milk too.

  13. Honestly? I thought maybe you might be in editing. ;) I would imagine your job is both difficult at times but rewarding at times.

    Sadly I've been killing indoor plants lately as well. I blame the heat. The outdoor plants never had a chance in this weather and died too long ago. But my orchids? So sad. :( Ha!

    Love these posts Wendy!

  14. Sandy - Haha! Elusive I can do (it's like a game), not so sure about juicy. :-)

    Kathy - Maybe if I liked cleaning more . . . I do like having a clean house though so I manage. Just not as well as I probably could if I tried harder.

    Ti - I don't mind dusting and laundry, but I hate mopping. I love having a clean house--and having a clean house puts me in a good mood--so cleaning must be done. I just wish I was better at it sometimes. I think I am too easily distracted.

    Ouch. Not being able to be put out for a c-section would be not be fun. Do you have a high pain tolerance?

    Heather (Zibilee) - It's funny because if my husband is around, I make him kill the bugs. If I'm by myself, I have no problem doing it myself. Putting on dancing music does help the cleaning some, I've found. I start out with good intentions but by the end, I'm cutting corners just to get it done.

    Alyce - I am glad you figured it out early enough too. I worked at an after school program in college and that only cemented the idea that I wasn't cut out for teaching. I probably started realizing it earlier though, when I'd help my mom out in her classroom. I didn't mind correcting homework though. I keep being told by people I'd make a good teacher--maybe one on one, but definitely not an entire classroom full of kids.

    Kelly - Same here. Not sure where they get that idea . . .

    Heather - Chocolate really does have a medicinal effect when applied properly. :-)

    Jill (Softdrink) - Close enough. :-) We probably serve some of the same clients--or would if we worked in the same county.

    Carrie - It's worth taking advantage of if they'll do it for you. :-) I'm glad I'm not the only one with a brown thumb. Silk or plastic for us too!

    Samantha - I tend to over water plants--no one taught me that would kill them too. LOL My mother-in-law is great with plants. Early in my marriage, people would give us plants and she'd end up taking them home to revive them. We'd never see them again unless we were at her house. :-)

    Stacy - I really like social work in general--it's such a broad field.

    It's a good thing that my aunt was wrong about those who can't keep plants alive shouldn't have children, eh? :-)

    Amy - LOL Nothing too bad. We saw quite a few people snorting what I assumed as cocaine at the concert too. It was my first real experience being around people who were doing illegal drugs out in the open. I kept sneaking looks at my mom to see how she was reacting to it all. And to this day, I wonder what she would have done if I would have said yes when that pipe was being passed around and someone offered it to me. LOL Honestly though, I was never tempted.

    I like what I do although I don't always enjoy my job. I'm sure you can understand that as a former prosecutor.

    HGTV is terribly addicting. It's embarrassing how often I find myself watching it now. My husband referred to it as therapeutic.

    Amanda - Milk tastes best that way!

    Trish - Honestly? Sometimes I think I am an editor. Although you probably wouldn't know it from all the mistakes I make, evidently I'm the go to person in the office for grammar questions.

    Sometimes I think my job is short on reward and long on headaches. LOL This week has been tough because a really bad referral came in involving a child around Mouse's age. I'm usually able to compartmentalize, but this time around it got to me.

    The heat can definitely play havoc on plants. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause of your plants' demise.

    Kathleen - Thanks! :-)


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