Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Tangents on Wednesday

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I have lived with my cats for a number of years now, and I have yet to get the impression that they are arrogant. A little self-centered, yes.

Likewise, my dog is quite bright, even if he isn't the greatest multitasker.

With all the boxes piling up, my poor animals aren't sure what to think. No one seems the worse for wear, although all three have been a bit more clingy as of late.

I'm sure they're even more confused now that the bassinet is up and in place.

My husband and I switched sides of the bed since he had more room on his side--easy access to the bassinet and not so difficult for me to maneuver around in the middle of the night.

The sorting and packing of books is going quite well. I sometimes forget though that I'm in my 8th month of pregnant and maybe should leave the heavy lifting to my husband.

The stuff you find in drawers you rarely open is amazing.

In one drawer I found dozens of 3.5 disks. Some completely unused. Of course, I don't have a 3.5 drive anymore.

Oh, and I not only found those left handed scissors I thought I lost, but I found an extra pair as well.

I also looked through my stationary/notecard drawer and was reminded of how many beautiful and cute cards and stationary sets I have. It makes me want to write more letters.

I haven't been the best letter writer the past few years. There was a time when I was a voracious letter writer. I had pen pals all over the globe. Now I blog.

I miss getting letters in the mail. I miss writing letters.

A coworker asked me the other day what it was about reading I love so much. I asked her if she had an hour or so to spare.

Enthusiasm for reading can be infectious. By the end of our conversation, she was ready to pick up a book and start reading.

I desperately need to update my series lists here on my blog. I'm trying to decide if I should take out the ones I'm no longer reading or just create a separate section for them.

I took something like eleven bags of books to work yesterday. I'm determined to turn the break room into a library.

Any reluctance I had in letting those books go was washed away by the excitement in a few of my coworkers' eyes. The couldn't believe I was giving away so many books and once they were assured I didn't want them back, they eagerly dove into the bags.

And why is it everyone knew the books were mine without my saying anything? I guess my obsession with books and reading is more well known than I realized.

I bought myself an iPod. Finally, I know. I have gone back and forth about wanting one for years now and decided it was time to take the plunge. Now I can take my music with me and give those darn audiobooks another try.

If you haven't already, do check out Trish's post on the process of reading over at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity. Both Trish's comments and especially Kay's (who left the first comment) explain perfectly why audiobooks and I seem to have such an uphill battle.

Maybe this is the time to listen to the Harry Potter books! I hear they're awesome in audio format.

My first audiobook download on my iPod is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Jill over at Fizzy Thoughts gave me the idea since I can't seem to motivate myself to actually read the book.

My intention was to start listening to it last week during my lunch break walk, but, well, I was more interested in finishing up the print book I was reading.

I am taking audiobook recommendations, if you have any.

I find the fuss about e-books interesting. I wonder if audiobooks received a similar reception when they came on scene.

Frankly, I don't care how a person experiences a book. If you prefer paper books, wonderful. If you'd rather read an e-book, great. If you like audiobooks, terrific. Rather mix it up and use two or three formats? Awesome. We all have our personal preferences and there's nothing wrong with sharing yours. But let's let everyone else have theirs please.

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  1. Cats are the world's biggest narcissists, all take and maybe a little bit of give if you are worthy!

    I don't even know where to start with the audiobooks! Harry Potter is excellent for sure. I do better with the chunksters on audio since I have a hard time just sitting and reading. When you listen to audios, don't sit down. Listen while you are cleaning, walking, driving or cooking.

  2. I've been wondering what the fuss about e-books is, too. I love my e-reader and only use it now, but if people would rather continue with print, that's fine. There are different modes of reading for a reason - we can all do whatever we choose.

    Another argument I've seen lately is Nook vs. Kindle. I can understand comparing before you buy (I did), but I've seen where some are getting downright angry defending their brand. I don't understand this. If one person gets a Sony TV and another gets a Panasonic, I don't think anyone fights over it.

    As for my cats, I don't find them arrogant. Yes, very self-centered though. LOL

  3. Holy cow, eleven bags of books! Gosh, I wish I could let go like that!

    I can't wait to hear how all the pets respond to the new occupant of the bassinet!!!

  4. I love that you are inspiring your coworkers to read. It is very cool that you are bringing them books and trying to get them on the bandwagon! Good luck with that, and also, stop lifting those heavy boxes!

  5. Cleaning out drawers is always a surprise--trash and treasure stored out of sight, out of mind.

    I love the idea of your turning the break room into a library! Sharing your books this way may have lasting consequences, very positive consequences.

    Wouldn't it be interesting to do a study about what happens in the brain when reading a print book vs listening to an audio book? And what about what goes on in the brain when you read aloud? What areas light up in each circumstance?

    I may get an iPod just to listen to audio books, something I never do, but am interested in. Listening intently has to be a good thing.

  6. It is amazing what you can find when you clean, organize or look for something else! I have a box of floppy disks that are full and wonder why I keep them. I have nothing to put them into if I had the notion to do so!

    I agree with Sandy about listening to audiobooks. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of listening and now I can't be without an audiobook.

    To Kill A Mockingbird read by Sissy Spacek is wonderful. I started listening with a familiar book and that helped tremendously.

  7. Sandy - I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call my cats narcissists. No more than most humans I know anyway.:-)

    I think walking while listening might work. Driving and cleaning not so much. Maybe if it was a very long car ride . . .

    Yvonne - I like my e-reader too, Yvonne. I don't use it exclusively, but I do enjoy reading off of it. Ah yes--the nook versus Kindle debate. I don't see why it becomes so personal either. Your example of no one getting upset over a TV brand was perfect.

    I do love my cats. :-)

    Jill (Rhapsody) - My parents are getting a few more than that from us as well. Hubby and I decided to get ruthless what with the move and baby coming. We still have lots and lots of books though.

    I'll be curious how everyone will get along once the baby is here too. It'll be an adjustment, but I'm feeling positive about it.

    Heather (Zibilee) - I'm lucky enough to work with quite a few readers. It's been fun seeing which books people are taking--I feel like I'm getting to knwo them better through their choices.

    I was good and let my husband carry the books to the car and had a coworker help me get them up to the breakroom--I felt a bit lazy, but I wouldn't have heard the end of it if I had done it all myself.

    Jenclair - We ended up throwing a lot away in those drawers. I must not have needed it that much if I didn't even know it was there, right?

    Thanks to my contribution the breakroom now has a wide variety of books and not just the handful of mysteries and popular fiction. :-)

    I think a study about how the brain reacts to reading and listening would be fascinating. I'm sure there's a difference, given we use different senses for both. I just wonder to what degree.

    I really want to develop my ability to listen intently more. I do it at work all the time--but it's not quite the same thing, you know?

    'Nise - So many hidden treasures to discover--and things I don't remember ever having. LOL

    I have tried audiobooks before; I really am more of a visual learner than I am an audiotory one so it takes a lot more work for me to get something out of listening than it does reading. I'm determined to work on it though! We'll see how it goes.

    I'll have to look for To Kill a Mockingbird on audio. That'd be a good way to revisit the book!

  8. I have just one arrogant cat and they are all self-centered to some extent or other but I don't have to walk them or anything just feed them!

    Packing sounds like quite an experience! How nice of you to give your books to co-workers! And a great idea!

    I love writing letters and receiving them. Nobody else seems to anymore. I think letter writing is a lost art!

    I agree with you that however someone wants to enjoy books is fine. I have a feeling your Ipod will come in handy in a few short months! Lolita is a very good but very disturbing book.

    I hope you are feeling well! Please leave the heavy lifting to your husband!

    ~ Amy

  9. Our two dogs are constantly entertaining to watch.

    I don't have an ereader yet, can't decide which i like. I have downloaded some ebooks to computer using adobe digital editions. My local library participates with an online system also.

    I think Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter books is what made them so great. Listening to audio books reminds me of when my mom used to read books to me. I do think some books work better in audio and some in print. Or both. I get something from doing it both ways.

    I enjoyed the Twilight books in audio.

  10. My husband and I switched sides of the bed 3 and a half years ago and he's still whining about it. I recommend just about any David Sedaris book on audio!

  11. Wendy, you absolutely need to listen to the Harry Potter books on audio. They are fabulous and a big bonus is that you already know the storyline. There's that whole, if your mind wanders, it won't matter scenario! LOL

  12. I love cats too, and am down to one from seven!

    I suggest Major Pettigrews Last Stand on audio. I love listening to a British accent.

    Racing in the Rain is also good, the dog Enzo tells the story!

  13. Your post tickled me pink!! I loved reading all of your random thoughts. I would love you big time if you were my coworker coming in with bags of books!!!

    Both of my boys listened to the Harry Potter books...they wore out the cassettes..(thank goodness for CDs) and listened to them over and over!!

  14. I have yet to take the plunge into audiobooks either, and I have both an iPod (which I can hook up to my car stereo via USB) and a long commute, so you'd think I'd be an ideal candidate for them. But I process information differently aurally vs. visually, and what I read sticks better than what I hear, so there's my excuse :-D.

    If the pets think they're confused now...wait till they see what you bring home in a few weeks!

    I'd try distributing books at work, but I'm afraid they'd get trashed - or else one of residents would pick up a rather inappropriate one. Sounds like you're making headway, though. Thanks for sharing your Tangents, Wendy!

  15. Well maybe instead of doing rambling posts on my own on any given day I should join Florina's meme. I love the way you've set this up and how each idea flows into the next. Sounds like a conversation in my head--I'll say the last part outloud and my husband will want to know how I got there...then I retrace the steps for him. All of them. :)

    YA works very well for me on audio. As do non-fiction books of the more information based type (Freakanomics was a fascinating listen).'s a struggle. I've changed my mind this week and instead of processing audiobooks like a movie I think I process them like a TV series--by the end of the season I can hardly remember what happened during episode 1. Overarching themes are lost on me.

    Huh. Don't mean to ramble here, too--love these posts, though--and there's always just too much to comment on. ;)

  16. good luck with the library-making! :-) and with everything else. sounds like you have a lot going on! :-)

  17. Wendy,

    Your list of ramblings cracked me up. I was amazed at the stuff I found while cleaning bedroom drawers last month. More pens and sticky notes than I'll ever use.

    I can't believe you only have another month to go before the baby arrives....exciting.

  18. Audio suggestions? I'm like Sandy - where do I start?! The Harry Potter series are amazing - my son and I have been listening our way through - we're on Order of the Phoenix.

    You haven't read Outlander yet, have you? That series is AMAZING on audio.

    And good for you for getting rid of some of your books - I'm making an effort to do that this year, too - and it is nice to know we're spreading the love. :)

  19. I know Sandy has been totally recommending Harry Potter on audio so I think I'm going to succumb. I love my Kindle. I love my hard copies.

  20. I still struggle with audiobooks, but I can vouch for Jim Dale narrating Harry Potter --- he is wonderful! In fact, I think I am going to start listening to them again (and hopefully I will incorporate that workout routine too).

    I am currently reading Little Women on my Kindle. I find that I use that device for the public domain classics. That way I do not have to give up the hard copy books that I love to hold so much.

  21. Yay for Lolita! Well, really yay for Jeremy Irons. It's like the book was written for him to narrate. I finished listening to it this was a much better experience than reading it. I can now appreciate Nabokov's skill as a writer.

  22. Amy - Thank goodness the cats don't mind walking themselves. :-)

    I had a line of people yesterday wanting me to pick books out for them to read. It was a lot of fun. :-)

    The art of letter writing has definitely gone by the wayside, hasn't it? It's so sad.

    I was thinking the same thing about my iPod--one of the reasons I decided to get one after all. :-)

    Carla - I love watching the animals. They never fail to make me smile. :-)

    It's tough deciding between e-readers. It's great that your library has e-books. That will come in handy if you do decide to get an e-reader.

    I imagine a lot depends on the narrator--whether an audio book is good or not. I definitely want to listen to Jim Dale's Harry Potter.

    Kathy - Haha! It definitely is different, sleeping on the other side of the bed.

    I'll have to add David Sedaris to my list of books on audio to try.

    Kay - That's so true! It probably would help to start with a story I already know. :-)

    Elisabeth - Seven is a lot! I'm sorry you're down to one now. They're such great animals, aren't they?

    I'll have to look into Major Pettigrew's Last Stand on audio. I love a British accent too. :-)

    Staci - I was surprised at how excited everyone was about the books. Several people came over to thank me, which I thought was nice. Anything to promote reading. :-)

    Florinda - I'm the same way when it comes to processing information. I'm determined to keep trying to make it work though. We'll see how long my attempt last this time.

    It will be quite an adjustment for all of us, I'm sure, once the baby comes. :-)

    My office is closed to the public and so there's no worry about clients picking up the books. Hopefully no one will trash any of the books. I think most of the coworkers who read plan to put the books back into the breakroom when they are done so someone else can enjoy them, which would be nice--just as long as I don't have to bring them home again. LOL

  23. Trish - I did ramble on a bit too much, I'm afraid. I couldn't stop once I started.

    I do the same thing with my husband--he'll wonder where in the world I came up with something I said and I'll retrace my train of thought to explain it to him. It makes perfect sense to me. :-)

    I'm not sure nonfiction would work with me unless I take notes. I don't remember things so well unless they're written down.

    Your analogy of audio books and a TV series makes sense. I think that's partly why I've come to appreciate TV shows on DVD more than watching TV live--less time between episodes so it's easier to follow the overarching themes.

    Marie - Anything I can do to encourage reading. :-) I was glad to see so much interest in the non-mysteries and non-romances. That's pretty much all I ever see in the breakroom. Not that there's anything wrong with those types of books (I do love mysteries!), but it's good to have variety, I think.

    Diane - Oh my, yes! I couldn't tell you how many pens and sticky notes I found. LOL And paperclips!

    The baby will be here before we know it! Eek!

    Carrie - I can't wait to listen to the Harry Potter books!

    I haven't read the Outlander series, no. I admit I haven't really wanted to. Maybe some day I'll have the desire to.

    It's such a great feeling sharing books, especially knowing others are enjoying them. :-)

    Alice - I love all kinds of books too, Alice--paper copies, e-books and hopefully one day audio books too. :-)

    Molly - Listening to an audiobook while working out does seem ideal to me!

    I figure if I really love a book I read on my e-reader, I can always go out and buy a paper copy to add to my permanent collection. I love those public domain books! There are some really good ones available.

    Jill - I'm looking forward to listening to Lolita. I'm glad you mentioned it on your blog and so glad you enjoyed the audio!

  24. You are eight months already? Time flies! Well, probably not for you! I don't get all the weirdness out there with e-books either. I mean who cares?
    Have fun with your new iPod!

  25. Jaimie - Thanks! Time is flying. I'm sure the labor part will drag though. LOL

  26. Sounds like you are in full blown spring cleaning and nesting mode in preparation for your baby! I hope the next month will go quickly so you can welcome your daughter!

  27. I had my hubby take everything out of the garage to clean it and reorganize at the beginning of my 8th month :) Needless to say he wouldn't let me lift anything over 5 pounds so I ended up being the 'supervisor', LOL. Enjoy it while it lasts! Motherhood is all heavy lifting!!


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