Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Tangents: Saying Goodbye to a Favorite Bookstore & Today's Reasons to Smile

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My husband and I were driving by the used bookstore I occasionally visit last weekend and noticed that it was closing its doors. It was a cozy little place called Romantically Inclined. There was quite a big selection of romance novels as you might imagine from the store's name, but the shelves were also well stocked with mysteries and other fiction novels, including science fiction and fantasy. The owner was such a nice woman, and I was sad to discover that the store is closing because she's passed away. She knew just what books to recommend to the customers. and came to think of many of her customers as friends. On my most memorable visit to the store, she had a new puppy that she'd brought with her and we swapped stories about our pets. as we cooed over the little darling. Donalene Dillon touched many readers over the years, and I know she will be missed.

* * *
Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. ~Author Unknown
Random Moments That Made Me Smile This Week:

Coming home from work this evening and being greeted at the door by my two cats and dog. I always look forward to coming home because I know they'll be eager to see me.

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours.

A little boy. Anjin and I were enjoying lunch out on afternoon recently and a little boy kept standing on the seat of the booth behind ours. I was facing the other booth, my husband's back was to it. The boy ran his toy truck along the top of the bench, occasionally ducking down to hide, only to pop up seconds later. A game of peek-a-boo. His parents kept telling him to sit back down, which he would, jumping back up again soon after. At one point, he reached out and touched my husband's shoulder. The mother jumped up and grabbed her son, apologizing profusely. We told her it was okay. We couldn't help but smile.

Finding something I had lost and thought gone forever.

Seeing a stranger's face light up with a smile when I first smiled at her. There's something very rewarding in a moment like that.

Crawling into bed early with a good book. I so rarely do it, but when I do, it's a slice of Heaven. Add to that two cats and a dog and it's perfect.

What has made you smile this week?

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  1. I do love that song! David Sedaris is making me smile. My kitties make me smile. At our school's Grandparents Day yesterday, it was precious to see all the loving Grandmas and Grandpas with their little ones.

  2. Hate to be repetitious, but David Sedaris, our kittens, and our grandchildren make me smile, too. Bryce Eleanor was over on Saturday, and I did a lot of laughing at her.

    My reading nook makes me smile. My sewing and yoga room makes me smile.

    Having a stranger smile at YOU makes me smile. I'm so glad you included that; I love getting smiles from strangers!

    This post has left me smiling.

  3. That's too bad about the used bookstore. There's one by my parents house that sounds similar and I always visit when I go home.

    My dog and cat make me smile. And the fact that I get to spend the whole day in pajamas today. A little slice of heaven.

  4. I was so sad when my favorite used bookstore closed in San Francisco. Where I live now there isn't one in driving distance.

  5. I've never been able to properly appreciate used bookstores, but it's always tough to lose a favorite place.

    One thing that's made me smile - if a bit sadly - this week is the kindness my online friends have shown in responding to my posts about losing Gypsy. Thank you for that, Wendy :-). And give all your furkids an extra cuddle from me.

    My mother-in-law's best friend is Jason Mraz's neighbor, so she's met him a few times. I love that song too.

    Thanks for joining in on Tuesday Tangents!

  6. I love all your smiling moments... Today we had cake for breakfast as one of my co-workers celebrated a birthday. Can't help but smile when you are having cake :)

    So sorry to hear about the bookstore though. It's such a shame. I've seen so many little stores close up in the past few years it's sad. Love the big box stores but there's definitely something to be said for the little ones.

  7. Last night I was exhausted and out of the blue my five year old came over and kissed me on the cheek and then gave me a big hug. Then he walked back to where he'd been sitting and continued to watch tv.

  8. Your post made me smile!! I'm so sad to hear about another bookstore closing....makes me cry inside!!!

    Have a great week Wendy!

  9. Thanks for sharing some of those small moments that made you smile. We all have them but aren't always good at acknowledging them. It was a good reminder for me to stop, take a deep breath, and be grateful.

  10. I hate to see a bookstore close but over a death? Even sadder!

    I've been a real crab this week so far so let's see, what has made me smile?

    The insurance company ruled their driver was at fault in the fender/bender I had back in October so that means I get all of my deductible back as well as my rental fees. That made me smile.

    My daughter calls me her BIG love when I call her my LITTLE love. That always makes me smile.

    I am officially out of my reading slump as of today and that really made me smile.

  11. I love my kids, but what's making me smile right now is the knowledge that my husband are going away this weekend without them! We do it once a year - and I so look forward to it.

    Now I'm off to listen to that song, because I've never heard it before!

  12. It'd sadden me too if I hear my favourite bookstore has closed down for any reason.

    And your happy moments made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Wendy!

  13. I am so glad that you have so many things to smile about. :)

    That's sad about your bookstore, though. :(

  14. Great post today Wendy. It made me think of the things that made me smile today and also of the various strangers that have touched my life in some way. Thanks.

  15. Ooooh I love Jason Mraz's I'm Yours too. It's such a lovely song with a super nice tune. I hum to the tune very often.

    I'm sorry to hear about your favorite bookstore. The lady owner will be dearly missed...

  16. What a beautiful post Wendy! I loved your idea of writing about what made us smile... too often, we only think about and focus on the negative!

  17. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. My local bookstore recently closed too but it wasn't a indie.

  18. I'm sorry about the bookstore & its owner. That's too bad. What's making me smile today is my kitty! :-)

  19. I personally feel there's little better than being greeted by your pets when you come home. It's so nice to know they're happy when we come home, especially cats because it can be difficult to determine how they feel!
    Glad your cats and pup know they have a great Mom!

  20. What a lovely post! I am sorry about your local bookstore, though. We lost two near me in recent memory, and I miss them both! Ah well...

    As for smiles? You mean, besides the unexpected Superbowl win for the Saints? Well, the friends who came over to watch the game (women friends! So there for the stereotypes! Though my DH enjoyed it too) were actually greeted by my usually-scaredy-cat Musetta, who lay on her back and let one friend rub her belly! Jon and I were very proud of her (the cat, that is). Though I confess when we pulled ahead and started shrieking and clapping (well, Jon didn't shriek), she decided to leave the room.

  21. Loved your post about the bookstore! It sounds like a wonderful place.

    I smiled this week when my middle daughter came home just for Friday night. (She's in college.) We went out for a quick meal, then, she stayed home with us and watched "American President" on DVD. One of my favorite movies!

    I'm also smiling because I'm finally finding some books I'm enjoying. For anyone who likes thrillers and/or serial killers, check out (so to speak) They Never Die Quietly by DM Annechino. Simon redefines the depths of human evil -- very creepy! He's being pursued by a female homicide detective who wants to earn the respect of the men with whom she works. And even though the action and violence are front and center, I liked that there was still room for any underlying romance subplot.

    Happy Monday everyone. We're under a winter storm warning -- maybe up to 12 inches by Wednesday morning!

  22. Ah, I'm very sorry to hear about your 'used book store friend'. Nevertheless, this was a very lovely post.

  23. So very sad about the bookstore owner, and sorry no one will take it over. A new job for Wendy? :<) I loved reading all your words.

  24. I've had some good things to smile about this week too.

    - My new novel got a great review from Historical Novels Review Online. Yay! That made me so happy.

    - The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl! WHO DAT!

    - My sweet, gentle pet bunny rabbit, Junebug, who has been so patient about being stuck inside during bad winter weather

    - Chai latte.

    - Good books.

    - The Olympics starts Friday.

  25. That's so sad about the bookstore closing. We have one like that here and I love it.

  26. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


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