Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday At the Movies: Taking Chance

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(Disclosure: I rented the movie through Netflix.)

Taking Chance
(Drama, War - 2009; directed by Ross Katz; written by Ross Katz and Michael Strobl)

Synopsis from Netflix:
Based on an article by Marine Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, this HBO original film tells the story of Strobl's emotional experience traveling across America as a volunteer escort officer for the body of fallen 19-year-old marine Chance Phelps. Along the 2004 journey to Phelps' hometown in Wyoming, Strobl (portrayed by Emmy nominee Kevin Bacon) witnesses -- and is moved by -- acts of respect by everyday Americans.
It was because of Carrie from Books and Movies that I added Taking Chance to my Netflix queue. I probably would have never heard of the movie otherwise. It was not one that was in the theaters but aired directly on HBO.

This is an emotional movie about an officer who escorts the body of a fallen soldier home. And it is even more than that. I never really considered the process the U.S. military takes when returning their fallen soldiers home, all of the people involved in ensuring that the soldier is given all the respect he or she is due. I confess that I had tears in my eyes at the kindness and honor bestowed to the soldier, Chance Phelps, and to Lt. Colonel Stobl along the way. I got to know what a great person Chance Phelps was through the stories of his friends and family, and yet the connection I felt with him began long before I met them, from that first moment his body was put on the airplane to return to the United States.

As a daughter of a retired war veteran, this movie warmed my heart and made me feel proud. It is sad, yes, terribly sad that young men and women like Chance Phelps have lost their lives. I mourn for all the soldiers lost, and for their families and friends left behind.

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  1. I was just thinking about you Wendy. Hope everything is going well with your baby kitty.

    I had never heard of this movie. I am surprised it didn't come out on the big screen, but you know, HBO has some really great films. When they come out on DVD, I am always kind of shocked because they usually don't get much press.

  2. I'm just not sure I could watch this right now because a good friend of my son's has just deployed to Afghanistan and it's weighing heavily on my heart.

  3. I have this in my queue also. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  4. This was a great movie. The Hub borrowed it from his brother and while it was on, I chose to read my book in the other room but I kept walking over to see what was going on. I swear, I watched the entire movie standing up. I never did go back to the book.

  5. Sounds like a worthwhile movie! Thanks for reviewing it Wendy!

  6. I'm glad this film impacted you as much as it did me. :)

  7. Sandy - Anya's doing much better, Sandy. Thanks for thinking of her.

    I've been really impressed with quite a few movies that HBO has come out with. I'm sure quite a few have slipped by my radar because they haven't gotten much attention.

    Kathy - I can understand you not wanting to watch this right now under the circumstances. I'll keep your son's friend in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nicole - I hope you like it when you do see it, Nicole.

    Ti - It's that kind of movie, isn't it? It just draws you in and you can't help but keep watching.

    Staci - It really was a moving film. I'm glad I watched it.

    Carrie - Thank you for the recommendation!

  8. this movie is on my must watch list. Thanks for the review

  9. Serena - I hope you will like it when you see it. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy!

  10. I'm way behind in visiting blogger and comments -- but I want to say that this movie have been in my Netflix queues for a few months now. I have not put it on the top list yet, but pretty soon I well. I'm glad you enjoy the movie :)

  11. Julia - I'm behind too, so don't feel badly. :-) My Netflix list is so long!

  12. Hi Wendy! I'm sorry I took so long to visit you. I'm finally settling down and getting some time to visit all my favorite blogs.

    I will try to get hold of this movie AND a box of tissue as advised!

    I'm currently hunting for a copy of THE HURT LOCKER.

  13. Alice - No apologies necessary. You may have noticed I'm a bit behind with my visits as well. I hope you enjoy this one if you do get a chance to see it!

    I also hope you like The Hurt Locker. I got to see that last weekend.


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