Saturday, January 03, 2009

Support Group For Reading Challenge Obsessed Individuals

I decided to sign up for one more challenge this month. It is only a challenge in name. It really is more of a support group for people who struggle with challenges, either by being slackers, or, well, addicts.

Challenge participants may join one of two categories:

The Slackers
(Aka "I will finish the Canadian Reading Challenge, I swear.")

Join The Slackers if there are a couple particular challenges you are having trouble completing or you know you'll have trouble completing due to your track record. (Only count ongoing challenges that have deadlines of more than 3 months away, you are waaaaaay behind and you are particularly lazy. There's no shame in admitting it.)

The 12 Steppers
(Aka "I can stop whenever I want.")

There's a challenge. You see it. Your palms start to sweat. Mr Linky mocks you. You try to stop yourself but it's too late. You've committed yourself to Books That Start With Q Challenge and you know you'll do it again when the next challenge comes along. The only thing is, how are you ever going to complete them all? Sound like you? Then you are a 12 Stepper. No program is going to help you though; you're addicted.

Join The 12 Steppers if you've signed up for more reading challenges than you can handle.
Host: Chris from Book-a-rama
Goal: To work toward successful completion of challenges for which one signed up and to provide monthly progress reports. Offer support and encouragement to other 12 Steppers and Slackers.
Deadline: January 1, 2009 to July 1, 2009

I am not really addicted, and I can stop whenever I want to. Really. I just choose not to. Not yet anyway. I guess that makes me a 12 Stepper, doesn't it? At least I am in good company.

2009 Challenges I am participating in currently:
1st in a Series Challenge
2nds Challenge
ARC Challenge
Buy One Book and Read It Challenge
Chunkster Challenge 2009
New Authors Challenge
TBR Challenge
Themed Challenge
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War Through the Generations: WWII Challenge
What's In a Name? Challenge


  1. Nice! This is the reason I haven't joined any challenges: I'm a combination of both types. My reading for 2008 was pathetic, so I'd probably never finish any challenges, but I can tell I would still sign up for any that were available!

  2. This is hilarious! I'm definitely of the "I suck at challenges" group!

  3. Definitely a slacker, here...

    I suppose there is also the element of wanting to follow the crowd, but not wanting to follow the rules (or read all the books).

  4. Hah! What an excellent challenge. I don't join too many challenges, but I'm usually behind from the time I sign up. I guess that makes me a slacker? Or is the signing up for 4 or 5 of them even though I know I probably won't succeed (because I rarely do) indicative of a 12 stepper? I'm going to have to go think about this now.... I know I suck at challenges, I'm just not quite sure in what way! =P

  5. I love the idea of this challenge, but since I just joined my first and only (so far!) reading challenge, I don't qualify for either category - yet. There are a couple of others out there that interest me, but I'm thinking about following them without officially signing up. If anyone starts the "I WOULD Suck at Challenges So I Avoid Them" group, that's the one for me :-).

    Good luck with all those challenges, Wendy!

  6. Hmmm--"I am not really addicted, and I can stop whenever I want to." sounds like denial to me. :P

    If I had any 2009 challenges yet, I would definitely sign up for this one--that button is way too funny. :) I'm thinking this is a challenge/support group I'll need near the end of the year.

  7. I think there needs to be a catagory "I reign myself in because I know myself too well". I have only signed up for three, but one doesn't count because I just have to review what I read. I want to sign up for more but I don't, because I am an obnoxious over-achiever. I would finish every challenge I took (even though nobody will punish me if I don't), but to the detriment of my family, friends, home and hearth.

  8. Lexi - Sign up for most of them is ongoing, so I'm sure there's still time if you want to give any a try! ;-)

    Sarah - Chris came up with a good idea here. I couldn't resist joining in.

    Jenclair - Haha! Yes, there is that. :-)

    Megan - That's a good question! You really do fall into both. I wonder if you get double the support if you list both as options. ;-)

    Florinda - I was thinking that too, that there should be an challenge avoidance group. Haha!

    Trish - Yes, that's me. Mrs. Denial. LOL

    It is a great button, isn't it? I couldn't resist joining this challenge.

  9. Sandy - I know what you mean. I've always been an overachiever too, sometimes to my detriment. I've learned over the years though that sometimes I can't achieve everything I set out to do for whatever reason. I have to accept my limitations and not let myself get worked up when I can't meet those goals. Sometimes I still do let it get to me, but when it comes to something like reading challenges--I don't. It's not something that matters in the greater scheme of things. It's just something I do for fun.

  10. lol-I love those descriptions! I'm signed up for 20 challenges, but I've also restrained myself from joining a few that looked like fun, so I don't think I'm an actual

  11. I salute you, Wendy. Nuff said. LOL

  12. Eva - I was thinking the same thing! LOL

    Alice - Thanks! :-)

  13. I'm a total slacker, for sure. Still thinking about this one, though. I've already made a resolution to finish the Canadian but not kill myself if I don't. :)

  14. Nancy - Haha! Sometimes I think I'm more of a slacker too.

  15. I just read about this "challenge" and think it is a great idea ;o) Being relatively new to challenges and somewhat still able to contain myself, I hope I am not either a slacker or a 12-stepper. But lets see what I say in a year ;o)

  16. lol-I like this challenge. Hmmmm, I'm thinking I may end up falling into both categories as I've been eyeing up a few more challenges the last few days and slapping my hands to keep from joining them.

  17. Bogsider - I hope you continue to avoid both of these categories too! LOL

    Dar - I know what you mean. I think sometimes I fall into both too. Haha!

  18. I love your challenges! My only challenge will be to make a dent in my TBR pile - a very sad challenge really!!

  19. Myckyee - I don't think clearing some of those books out of the TBR pile is a sad challenge at all! I am always working on that goal. I just have a habit of filling the empty spots a little too quickly. ;-)


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