Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Meme of Four

Melanie over at The Indextrious Reader tagged me for this gem of a meme. It's a great way to get to know each other a little better.

Four jobs I have had or currently have in my life:

1. I worked in a printing plant on the factory floor. I stapled, collated, shrink wrapped, and boxed manuals and the like. I learned to hate Paula Abdul's Rush, Rush and Stevie Wonder's Jungle Fever because I heard it three or four times every day during the time I worked at the plant.

2. I was a maid for a short while for a housecleaning service and would be assigned to clean houses and offices.

3. I was a recreational aide for the city's after school and summer program. In other words, a glorified babysitter. I held this job during the summers of my college years. I was assigned to the kindergarten aged children (about 7 to 15 children depending on the day) and would come up with arts and crafts, sports and other activities to keep the children occupied all day.

4. During my college years, I also worked as a circulation desk assistant at the university library and later was a circulation desk supervisor.

Four countries I have been to:

I'm afraid I can't list four as I've only been to two outside of my own country. I have been to several different states within the United States, however and so am not completely homebound.

1. Canada

2. Mexico

Four places I’d rather be right now:

Being as I'm home at this moment, I cannot list that one . . .

1. A mountain cabin overlooking a lake.

2. Sitting on the porch at a beach house overlooking the ocean.

3. At a baseball game.

4. At the movie theater watching the latest Bourne movie.

Four foods I like to eat:

1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza

2. Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream

3. Cheese Enchiladas

4. Bananas

If you haven't done this one already, consider yourself tagged!


  1. I'd love to be in a mountain cabin overlooking a lake right now too!

  2. It'd be the beach for me...

    Why is it I'm at work instead? Oh, yeah. Bills.


  3. The printing factory job sounds utterly deadening! And yes, I think I'd like to be in the mountains or at the ocean - anywhere overlooking water. It always feels like a holiday when there's a body of water nearby :)

  4. Mmmm, cheese enchiladas and the mountains. Yes, please. :)

  5. "Sitting on the porch at a beach house overlooking the ocean" would be perfect right now. It's too hot and I spent the day driving back from Liverpool to London (just under 300 miles).

  6. Oooo, the beach! That's one place I never tire of. I did the circulation desk thing in college, too and was amazed by how little I had to work--not much checking out of books. In other words, the library was more of a place to socialize than to read. I never understood it...

  7. I'd like to be in Paris right now. But I will be in Quebec soon, and they speak French there, so it's as close as I'm going to get for the time being.

    I can commiserate with Kelly. I, too, worked in my college library, although a long time ago, before everything was on computers. I used to type the numbers on the side of the book. Until that job, I thought maybe I'd become a librarian, but I also found that I couldn't read if I was working...

  8. Tanabata - Doesn't being in the mountains right on the lake sound so peaceful? Perfect place to read. :-)

    CJ - As long as I'm not sitting directly under the sun. LOL

    Melanie - That job was mind numbing. I was so bored and very glad I didn't have to do that for very long. I'm just not cut out for work like that. I have a lot of admiration for those who can do it and stick to it for so long.

    Andi - I wonder what's for dinner tonight . . .

    Rhinoa - That's a long drive! As I was driving to work this morning I thought it would be much better if I could turn my car around and just drive to the beach. I'm not sure my boss would have appreciated that though. Haha

    Kelly - When I wasn't behind the desk, I was supposed to be out shelving/straigtening books (funny how that never left me--I still do it now and then when browsing in the bookstore) or walking the perimeter. I did get a lot of studying done during the quiet moments.

    Karen - The days of card catalogs. :-) Sometimes now I wish I had become a librarian. Back then, I wasn't interested.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Quebec. Paris would be nice too.

  9. We saw The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend. It's good. Hope you get to go see it soon. Loved reading your answers.

  10. I love this meme, I think I've answered it at some point as well...

    Loved reading your answers. I really want to see Bourne as well...

  11. Good answers! I want to see the Bourne movie, too!

  12. Hopefully your current job is better than the ones you listed!

    On the porch at the beach house with a barbeque chicken pizza sounds glorious.

    I want to see Bourne as well. Not so much that I have yet, but....want.

  13. Iliana - That is good to hear! I am really looking forward to seeing it. Those movies are so much fun.

    Karina & Gentle Reader - I hope you both will be able to see it soon!

    Carrie - I'd like to think I moved up the work chain pretty well, but depending on the day, sometimes I wonder.

  14. Interesting jobs! But they don't sound like a lot of fun. :)

  15. Zandria - I did like the library job very much. The others I'd rather forget. Haha


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