Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Reading Thing 2007

MizB from Literary Cache asked the question that I most wanted to ask regarding Katrina's Spring Reading Thing 2007. I was curious about whether or not crossover books from one challenge to another were allowed. I can only read so many books after all. And do I really need to participate in another challenge? Probably not. Will that stop me? No, but I am going to get a little creative to make this work for me.

Like MizB, I am participating in MizB's 2007 TBR Challenge. There's also Bookfool's Chunkster Challenge for which I hope to start on my final book early next month. And then there is the New York Times (NYT) Notable Book Challenge, which fortunately has such loose rules and requirements that I could read one or two books and meet that goal. I have signed up for Joy's Nonfiction Five Challenge which begins in May and am very much looking forward to that.

I saw mention of a fantasy challenge on Carl V.'s blog, Stainless Steel Droppings, which peaked my interest (I'll have to wait and see what the criteria are before making a decision about that one).

Nessie and M over at Biblio Files are hosting a challenge of their own, M & N's Summer 7 Challenge, which involves reading a complete series (of 7 books) from start to finish (visit her blog to see the choices available--and don't be afraid to ask if what you want to read is something not yet mentioned as Nessie is open to suggestions!). This is one I will be forgoing because I do not think reading seven books in the Banned and the Banished Fantasy series (James Rollins), Inspector Monk mystery (Anne Perry), Jack Reacher (ex-military policeman) series (Lee Child), or Rosato & Associates series (Lisa Scottoline) for example quite meet the requirements. All of these being among of the gazillion series I want to get to. Someday.

These reading challenges will be my downfall yet, I tell you.

The Spring Reading Thing 2007 sounds like the perfect excuse to do a little spring cleaning, setting myself a plan to not only continue on with the task of clearing off someof that TBR shelf space, but also getting to a couple of the books in the NYT Challenge that I have been considering reading but have not yet committed to. If you are curious about the Spring Reading Thing Challenge, hop on over to Callapidder Days for details. The challenge will begin March 21st and go through until June 21st with the start of summer. There is no set number of books you are required to read during the designated time frame (always a plus!).

What I have come up with so far:

1. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (NYT Notable Book Challenge) [read]
2. The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason [read]
3. The Inhabited World by David Long (NYT Notable Book Challenge) [read]
4. The Angel of Forgetfulness by Steve Stern [read]

Most likely I will be reading the following during the course of the Spring Reading Thing Challenge also. I am listing these separetly because I have committed to reading them for other challenges.

5. April Witch by Majgull Axelsson (TBR Challenge) [read]
6. The Nazi Officer's Wife by Edith Hahn Beer (Nonfiction Challenge) [read]
7. I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb (Chunkster Challenge) [read]
8. Atonement Ian McEwan (TBR Challenge) [read]

I guess I won't have to wonder what I am going to read next for a long while!


  1. Have fun doing the reading challenges. You've got 8 books listed there, but I haven't read any of them. If you say they're good, then maybe I'll read them in the future. Thanks! You might like the Book & Reading Forums.

  2. You're not doing the 15 decades/15 books? lol! I think I'm overchallenged, but I've just decided to read what I read and hopefully they'll fall under one of the challenges.

  3. I joined the Spring Reading Thing and the Decades Challenge yesterday. These challenges are definitely a love/hate thing, aren't they? Thankfully, so far I'm on target. I really want to leave some room open for the occasional spontaneous book. I did, however, make the Spring challenge cover only 3 books (one per month) that I've been wanting to read for awhile. That way...for sure they get read. :)

    BTW ~ I love, love, love the kitty paws.

    Happy Reading!

  4. Thank you for stopping in, Scott! I'll stop by the forum and check it out a little later. :-)

    Carrie K - Surprising, isn't it? LOL I think there's an around the world one too, which I almost joined in on.

    Joy - I noticed you had joined the Spring Reading Thing. We are gluttons for punishment, aren't we?

  5. FYI: Amy at The Sleepy Reader indicated in her post that we were to read 5 books, so I went back and sure's there. I don't know if that was added on after I/we signed up or what, but 5 it is. So, I've added 2 more onto my list. As you know, that is not a difficult task! :)

  6. You are a woman that likes Challenges, aren't you??? Scary, isn't it. I saw the Spring Reading Thing yesterday. Throw the word challenge into a post, and it seems like I'm there!!

    I had 4 books for review this montn on top of all the challenges. I seem to be drowning in books! I guess there would be worse ways to die!

  7. For those who don't yet know, the number of books is at to your discretion.

    Joy - Glad we got that clarified. :-)

    Stephanie - It's the novelty. Next year I think I'll be less ambitious. :-) They are addicting though!

    We'll have to help each other stay above the water! Haha

  8. Yay...we are all straighted out regarding the amount of books we have to read for this challenge. There is no required amount!

    We were typing at the same time again. I noticed when I did preview. :)

    I think you mentioned on the Decades Challenge something about spending more time on making our lists than reading...ain't that the truth! Also, playing around in the blog world!!! It's all good though, no complaints here. :)

  9. Funny how it is all the same, obsessed people signing up for these challenges! LOL! This one seemed pretty easy for me to squeeze in *grin* By the way, I love your new look here, WendyCat (and I agree that the cat's paw is delightful!)

  10. Joy - You are right--no complaints here! I am enjoying taking part in the challenges and visiting blogs. LOL

    Wendy - Yes, the same names seem to pop up again and again.

    Thanks! I think I'm finally getting used to the new look. I like the paws too. :-) I was worried they wouldn't take.

  11. LF-Love the new look and THANKS a lot!! *GRIN* I forgot that I bought "The Rest Falls Away." Now I have to add that to my Spring Reading Thing!

    This is fun. :)

  12. Amy - Sorry! LOL The Rest Falls Away seems like a good spring read, don't you think? We'll have to compare notes. :-)

  13. I really enjoyed ATONEMENT. I am not a Wally Lamb fan, though. I'll be interested to read your reviews of both books.

  14. I am looking forward to reading Atonement and am glad to know you enjoyed reading it, Malady. I've been shy about reading it--partly why I put it on my challenge lists this year. :-)

    I read She's Come Undone years ago and liked it, and so I am fairly confident I will enjoy I Know This Much Is True. At least I hope so!

  15. You got it right! Anything goes with me. ESPECIALLY FANTASY! Did you see the Erickson I listed?

    Good luck with the challenges. I am posting my lists for the other challenge soon!

  16. I did see Erickson listed and I am embarrassed to say I'd never heard of him before you mentioned him on your blog. He's now on my wish list of authors to try. :-)

    Good luck to you too! Even though I'm not taking part in your challenge, I am interested in seeing how everyone does! It's a great idea.

  17. You're challenge-crazy, Wendy! LOL I really enjoyed The Nazi Officer's Wife and The Rest Falls Away.

  18. Nancy - Hopefully I'll learn my lesson this year and cut back in the next one. :-)


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