Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Location, Location

Where do you do most of your reading? Do you have a favorite spot?

I can read just about anywhere: in bed, sitting/lying on the couch, in a chair, waiting for the doctor, standing in line, sitting in my car at a drive thru, riding in the car on a long trip, in the park, and the list goes one. The majority of my reading time is well divided between various parts of my house, and it's hard to pinpoint which gets more use than another. I like to stretch out on the couch on a rainy or sunny day with the blinds in the sun room opened. I like to lay in bed, lying any which way, sometimes snuggled deep under the covers. And I enjoy curling up in the home office armchair or even in the chair in front of my computer. I have even been known to pick a spot on the floor and read from there (I just have to be careful that my dog is in a napping mood or else he will want to play, which means a book won't long be in my hand).

At the office, I have a favorite armchair that I like to sit and read in during my lunch break (when I get one) that is sort of hidden behind the breakroom door. There are times when I prefer going to sit in my car to read, especially if the weather is nice or if it's raining out.

My absolute favorite reading spot is one from my childhood . . . my family used to go camping in the mountains every summer, sometimes even several times during the summer holidays. My mom, dad, and I would load up the library books and spend our days at the picnic table or lying in lounge chairs reading (my brother was more apt to be out exploring the wilderness). I loved being surrounded by forests of trees and in the fresh mountain air. On rainy days, we would all huddle in the tent and read with the thunder roaring around us. It was heaven. I sometimes think about planning a similar vacation, maybe renting a cabin in the mountains by a lake and plan to do nothing but read . . .


  1. Great childhood memory! I loved it.

    Mine ishere. Happy booking!

  2. I definitely think you should plan that sounds delightful!
    Happy Thursday...and happy reading!

  3. Sounds like a perfect vacation.

    Happy BBT!

  4. We camp often during the summer and my favorite part of vacation is stretched out in a lawn chair with a good book while dad and the kids are enjoying summer recreational activities! Your post made me look forward to our first camping trip of the season!

  5. It must be a wonderful childhood memories. Thanks for sharing that with us :) And I think you should plan another vacation like this one

    Happy BTT ! Hope you have good day!

  6. Those are all great places to read. Your vacation sounds heavenly!

  7. My favorite reading spot now if just curled up on our couch in front of a roaring fireplace (winter months of course!) When I was little I used to go outside and sit under our big old oak tree on a blanket. That was always my favorite!

  8. Ooh I like that picture. I used to have a great little couch that was perfect for reading but it got old and fell apart practically. Now I do most of my reading in bed. I need to find another great couch!

  9. I love to read during thunderstorms, especially horror novels. I wish on our mountain vacations there was more time for reading. The guys prefer actually doing stuff and refuse to leave me behind. The air up there clears my head.

  10. That vacation reading spot sounds heavenly. It reminded me that I used to do that myself on our camping vacations as a kid, and not spend the week in a tent while it poured outside. On my birthday. (Which is how I remind my parents of it, lol. Decades later.)

    That sleeping kitty background you have is so. darling! I probably say this every time.

  11. The thunderstorm is a nice touch - curling up in a chair when it's raining out is lovely, too.
    thanks for visiting me!


  12. Marianne - Thanks for stopping in on this lovely Booking Through Thursday. I wasn't too fond of a lot of things about camping, but I sure did enjoy the days reading. :-)

    Debi & Chris - It sure does sound nice, doesn't it? I could use a vacation too!

    Amy - It is so relaxing--no worries at all. I hope you enjoy your camping trip! I am glad you are able to do that with your family. :-)

    Julia - Yes, I could use something similar. Only this time I want a more convenient bathroom and shower! Haha

    Barbara - Thanks for stopping in to visit! I can read just about anywhere really. Just give me a book and set me free!

    Stephanie - Curling up on the couch in front of a fire or sitting under an oal tree sounds wonderful.

    Iliana - We need a new couch. Desperately. But ours is still fit enough to read in at least! I like to read it bed too--it allows for all sorts of reading positions!

    Kookie - I love a good thunderstorm. Rainy days always put me in the mood to read. Of course, I'm generally in a reading mood, aren't I? I'd be worried my husband would suffer from computer withdrawals if we really did go to a mountain getaway! He would probably do okay otherwise. :-)

    Carrie K - I am glad you like the background (I do too!). :-) I remember having to make sure all of our bags and the sleeping bags were pulled away from the sides of the tend during a rainstorm so that the water wouldn't somehow seep through.

    Melanie - I really am a rainy day person. :-) Thanks for visiting!

  13. I love to read wherever as well. Usually though I do it on the train or in bed before going to sleep. I read walking home from the train station which my husband can't understand! I get car sick if I read in the car as a passenger though.

    My favourite place to read is in a nice comfy armchair with a hot chocolate next to me and a cat or ten curled up at my feet. Bliss :)

  14. Hi, I'm back! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing, you have such a wonderful childhood memories! And I love the pic too! Have a great day! :)

  15. Rhinoa - Sometimes I wish I had a nice commute to spend the time reading, or since I drive, listening to an audio book. My drive is too short though and I'd probably miss my morning news otherwise.

    Hot chocolate sounds nice right now!

    Joy - I wish it could be tomorrow morning first thing . . .

    Melody - Thanks, Melody. I do have some good memories fortunately. If only they could all be that way, eh?

  16. I read in different places depending on my mood, too. :)

  17. I loved the childhood reminded me of my own summer vacations at the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and the reading my cousins and I would do by the pool.

    Right now my favorite reading spot is my balcony, as soon as spring arrives, just being outside with a book, and sometimes a glass of wine. But alas, it's still snowing outside here, so I'll have to wait a few more weeks, I think!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! ;-)

  18. What a wonderful childhood memory. No one in my family enjoys reading but me, who knows where I got it from lol.


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