Thursday, March 01, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: But, Whose Counting?

Booking Through Thursday

1. How many books would you say you read in an average month?
2. In a year?
3. Over the last five years?
4. The last 10?

Last year was a fluke for me reading-wise. I never dreamed I would be reading as much as I was able to. This year I seem to be falling back into my old pattern, which is to read 5 to 6 books on average per month. Last year I read 115 books total. That won't happen again this year. I say that not because I am aiming lower, but simply because it is not realistic for me. Since I began keeping track of the books I read in November of 2003, I have read 308 books. I could not even begin to tell you how many I have read in 10 years. My total each year fluctuates, and so I'm not even sure multiplying any of my yearly totals by 10 would necessarily come out right. Give me another few years and I'll have a better sample to draw from.


  1. Hi, I'm still impressed with the number of books you read...even though you say you read more in the past! I used to read a lot before I was married, and after having a daughter (who's now 3 yr-old), it's getting quite challenging for me! I usually read while travelling to and from work now... Happy reading and Happy BTT!

  2. There are some people out there who always amaze me with the amount they can read. You are blessed with a daughter--something I don't have, and so I'm sure that makes a difference. :-)

    Ultimately though, it's all about the quality of our reading experience, that we get out of our reading what we need and want to as opposed to how many books we read. As long as you are enjoying and getting from reading what you want, that's all that matters, right?

  3. Well said, and I agree with you! :) Have a great Friday!

  4. There is no way I'll be reading as many books as I did last year, either. But that's because I no longer have a 1.5 hour one-way commute to work, so I'm fine with it. I think I'll end up listening to a lot more audiobooks than I did last year, though. I'm addicted to them now. :)

  5. Keeping track sounds like an interesting exercise. I love books and reading but there was a time, during medical training and early parenthood when I hardly had the energy to read a trashy mystery, much less something slightly serious. I'm much happier now that I have a little more leisure to read.

  6. Zandria - I haven't tried audio books at all--they just don't fit in with my life at this point. If we ever replace our broken stationary bike, I may give it a try if the replacement isn't conducive to holding a book while riding. :-)

    Sarala - When I was in graduate school I rarely took time out to read for pleasure. It's so much easier now--no kids, no school, a job that doesn't require me to spend my own time catching up, and a husband who doesn't mind . . .


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