Thursday, December 28, 2017

Book Bingo 2018 X 2

I have long wanted to participate in a Book Bingo challenge and suddenly I came across two year long ones (thanks to Lark for pointing out the second on to me!). Challenges like this particularly appeal to me because they allow me the freedom to read according to my mood, but might help me when I am struggling to decide what to read next (which happens more than I care to admit--too many choices . . .). I couldn't decide between the two, and so I will be joining both. In the interest of fairness, I will not be reading the same book if any of the categories match.

The first Book Bingo challenge I stumbled on is hosted by Suzanne of The Grand World of Books Reviews. The rules are fairly laid back:
It’s up to you as the reader whether you want to try for just one bingo or to black out the board…or something in between. Or…just chose your favorite spaces and read for fun with the board as a guide. This is not meant to be stressful, but to be a fun game to enhance your reading.
Here is the Book Bingo 2018's board: 

The Categories: 
A Library Book
A Graphic Novel
A Book That Is Becoming a Movie in 2018
A Popular Author's First Book
A Brand New Book
Read An Own-Voice Book
A Book Over 500 Pages Long
A Book With a One-Word Title
A Book About Mental Illness
A Book About Another Culture
A Book Set In a Different Country
A Book That Brought You Joy
[Free Space]
A Book Set In a Different World
A Nonfiction book of Your Choice
The Oldest Book on Your TBR List
A Book You Heard About on YouTube
A Book That Was Translated into English
A Used Book
A Book That Made you Cry
A Book That Made You Angry
A Classic
A Book Published in 2018
A Book a Friend Recommends
A Book of Short Stories

While I would like to get a blackout, I will be happy just to get to as many of these categories as I can. They all seem very doable. I think the hardest one for me will be a book I heard about on YouTube, since I rarely watch YouTube. And figuring out which book has been on my TBR pile the longest will probably be impossible. Can we settle for my best guess or at least close to it?

Thanks to Suzanne for hosting the Book Bingo 2018!


The second Book Bingo challenge, which is on its fourth year, came recommended by Lark of Lark Writes on Books and Life and is hosted by Stacey of Unruly Reader. The rules for this one are:
  • Read a book that fits the category. Each book can qualify for only one category.
  • Complete just one row or column, or go for blackout by reading a book in every category.
  • All books must be finished in 2018. Books started in 2017 but finished in 2018 count.
  • We’ve provided some definitions, but you can free-style it if you like—as long as you can make a case that the book fits the category.
  • All categories can be fiction or nonfiction (your choice), unless otherwise specified.


About the Categories Reserved – Although you may reserve a book at the library and anticipate its arrival, a book can also be reserved in its tone and theme.

#ownvoices – a book written by a member of a marginalized community that it depicts

Epic – A generational saga or transformational journey

Upgrade Your Life – Take things to the next level — mentally, physically, or spiritually

Been There, Read That – A book set in a place you’ve lived or visited

Psychological – A book that messes with your mind or heals your mind

Fashion(able) – A book about fashion, a book about trends, or a book that is trending

Read the Movie – There’s a movie based on this book

Judge a Book By Its Cover – You love or hate the cover

The Help – A book about those who serve others. Or a self-help book.

Timeless Classic – A book that’s stood the test of time

I Bought It – A book you bought, or a book whose premise you bought into

Rock – Earth, a gemstone, music — however you want to define it

Time Travel – A character travels forward or backward in time

Cocktails – Alcohol is an ingredient in the book

Glamour – A book that portrays a glamorous life

Wealth – A book about finance, money, or life’s riches

Urban – A book set in a city, or a book about a city

Lost Generation – A book by or about the generation that came of age during WWI (born 1883-1900; e.g., Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Babe Ruth, Harry Truman)

My People – You identify with the characters based on your roots or sense of identity

Audie Award – Listen to or read an Audie Award winner or finalist

True Crime – Nonfiction book about a crime

South of the Equator – A book set south of the Equator, or written by an author from a country south of the Equator

Outsider – The protagonist is alienated from her/his surroundings. Or, a stranger comes to town…

No More Waiting – It’s been on your TBR, on your nightstand, on your mind. Read it already.

This one might be a bit more challenging for me based on the definitions of some of the categories. I may have to get creative. Wealth in particular. Would a novel about wealthy people count? Or a crime fiction novel about money laundering?  The challenge sounds like a lot of fune, and I am eager to give it a try. Like with the other Book Bingo challenge, I will aim for a row or a column--or both.

Thanks to Stacey for hosting the Book Bingo!

Is anyone else planning to play Book Bingo this coming year? What category do you think you would most struggle with? Are there any YouTube book blogs you follow you think I might enjoy--and where I might get some good book recommendations?

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  1. I don't usually participate in challenges because I'm over them by the 3rd month. But this ... I'm seriously considering.

    1. Christy - I figured this looked fun and thought I would at least give it a try. Hopefully my interest will last through the year. Or it could be I read what I want and try to fit the books into the categories after the fact--I've done that before with other challenges. Haha. I'm so bad.

  2. Book Bingo is ALWAYS fun, and that looks like a really good one. Stacey at always does one, too. I like how you can choose your own book to fill a category. Happy reading with this one! :D

    1. Lark - Thanks for the head's up. I added the Unruly Reader Book Bingo too. :-)

  3. Such creative ideas people come up with :D

  4. That looks like a lot of fun, I am tempted to join in.

    1. Ellen - I think so too! If you do join in, we can cheer each other on. :-)

  5. So happy you’re doing our Unruly Reader Book Bingo challenge! Can’t wait to see what you read...

    1. Stacey - I'm excited about it too! I love the idea of a Bingo Challenge. :-) Thank you for hosting!

  6. Have fun with Book Bingo! I don't follow any YouTube book blogs, I think I'd get totally sucked into my phone that way and no one will hear from me again if I started that lolol.

    1. Naida - Thank you! I can't really watch You Tube on my phone much with out my headphones, and I can rarely find them. LOL

  7. I didn't know about either of these! I joined Full House for year-long BINGO, but I'll keep these in mind for next year.

    1. Charlie - I wasn't familiar with Full House. I probably should not join that one too, but it's tempting. LOL


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